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    Technical Due Diligence: Meaning, Process and Checklist

    Many startups dream to skyrocket in the market and get incredible investments in a short period of time. But the path is too difficult for many companies. One of the dangers before getting an investment is technical due diligence. What is this procedure, and how can you successfully go through it? Learn about the key features and pitfalls of the due diligence process in our article.

    Travel as a Service: How to Develop a Travel Platform

    The travel industry has immense potential. It is dynamic, ever-changing, and it keeps engaging diverse audiences. There are different factors enhancing the role of travel – including the growing availability...

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      Digital Transformation in Banking and Finance: The How and Why

      Advances in technology and business are creating new needs and providing resources for the invention of novel solutions in finances and banking. More and more, economic operations are going cashless...

      How Python Can Help You Kickstart and Scale Your Startup

      What do you need most to launch a startup? Determination? An idea? An enthusiastic team? Or a solid roadmap? Well, preferably all of these things, but everyone starts wherever they...

      How to Write a High-Quality RFP for a Website Development Project (Template Included)

      Posting a request for proposal is a standard procedure when it comes to getting in touch with vendors for potential collaboration. A well-written RFP significantly raises your chances of scoring...

      The Best Data-Providing Services for Fintech Products

      For many industries, data is the key to delivering better services and solutions. This is especially true in the fintech sector, where data is used in every field of application....

      How to Launch a Digital Product and Win in a Crisis

      Be it economic crises, or uncontrollable epidemics, they influence the world and bring about new rules that challenge communities and businesses to sink or swim. Within only recent years we’ve...

      How to Survive In Crisis, Or Why You Need Business Automation

      In these rough times, most companies remain in a sort of limbo. They’re trying to figure out how to keep their business afloat. One solution that is working for many...

      How to Develop a Real Estate App That Stands Out

      Standing out isn’t just a problem for apps – it’s something every product struggles with. But, like mortgage or financial applications, an app that deals with real estate needs to...

      How to Write an Investment Proposal: Step-by-Step Guide with Templates and Examples

      Writing an investment proposal is crucial to help your startup get financial support to survive. But if you haven't done it before, you probably have many questions, the answers to which you will find in this guide.

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