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The word startup implies a new beginning, but what it doesn’t imply is how difficult, and even scary, it might be. Some people try to start their businesses based on very safe ideas and still fail. Meanwhile, some risk everything
/ Owner & Communications Consultant at Maru Consulting, ex-Director of Communications at Reface, Curator at Projector Institute
13 min read
/ 3943
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the new black of the IT industry. While discussions over safety of its development keep escalating, developers expand abilities and capacity of artificial intellect. Today
/ Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead
14 min read
/ 58091
Choosing the right programming language for your startup is not an easy decision, considering the huge variety of available options. And it's not enough to choose one just because it’s more popular, an experienced developer recomm
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
12 min read
/ 16558
Gamification has proven to be a great tool for engaging audiences in different areas, including healthcare and education. In more conservative industries, like banking, gamification has met with a great deal of skepticism. As it
/ Content Lead
10 min read
/ 14187
Every project has its specifications and demands. And when you’re building an application, it’s most important to choose the right technology to code it. In this article, we’ll look at Python vs. Node.js to learn about their benef
/ Creative Copywriter
11 min read
/ 11540
Just as many other technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence came to our lives from the pages of fairy tales and fiction books (think of the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz or Maria from Metropolis). People dreamt about mac
/ Creative Copywriter
10 min read
/ 16583
Over its almost 30 years of existence, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. But if most startups once used it because of its simplicity and low cost, modern giants like Instagram or Spotify use Python a
/ Marketing Manager
5 min read
/ 62988
Django is one of the top frameworks for web development, but why is it so popular among developers and business owners? Let’s review the reasons why so many applications and features are being developed with Django. Listen to "To
/ Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead
8 min read
/ 26276
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