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There’s a saying that goes “Go I know not whither and fetch I know not what” and usually, mostly ironically, this describes a poorly set task – something that we all know too well and had to suffer through more than once. But, aft
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
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In 2008, the world was very different. It marked the birth of Android, the release of Fallout 3 and the first-ever bitcoin registration. It was also the year this word was introduced. Our history dates from that year as well. Back
/ Content Lead
8 min read
/ 3627
Our experiences make us who we are. This guide is a set of personal findings and experiences the development team and I acquired while working on numerous projects. Like many other companies, we work in Scrum. But Scrum just gives
/ Operations Manager
11 min read
/ 6316
A good team isn’t something that happens on its own. But why do we need one at all? Don’t good professionals form a good team by default? The thing is, it’s not enough to lock them in a room and give them a deadline. An efficient
/ Operations Manager
19 min read
/ 40355
An approach? A tool? A role? Few questions in the world have such a variety of answers, and “What is DevOps?” is one of them. Let’s finally answer the question and also learn why using DevOps will lead to faster product delivery a
/ Content Lead
12 min read
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