Django Stars gets 20th Review on Clutch

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Django Stars gets 20th Review on Clutch

Alexander Shaporda

PR Manager

Dear potential customers and partners, this short article is intended to those who are looking for references, feedback, and simply reject the idea of the blind choices.

We are glad to attract your attention and receive your constant reference requests. Those are being a great tool for getting the firsthand info. However we are being bombarded with the reference requests every day, and we fill a bit embarrassed to provide every requester with direct contacts of our clients. All of them are business people (CEOs, CTOs, VP of Product/Engineering) hardworking on the growth of their businesses. This also affects the customer’s response time. But we do also care of our potential clients, and we understand how important is the feedback from a real person.

That’s where comes into play. is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on the technology, marketing, and digital industries. It provides independent, quantitative, and qualitative analysis on leading services firms, interviews customers directly, gathers the results and organizes them.

clutch review djangostars

You may find references from 20 of our past and current clients by visiting Django Stars overview page. Things you are able to find there:

  • Project background. It will give you a short overview of the project/organization itself, the position of the interviewed person, and some more insights
  • Challenges. What were the ideas, tasks, and goals?
  • Solutions. The scope of company’s involvement, solutions chosen, general estimates provided
  • Results. The time spent to complete the project. Statistics and metrics. The benefits of cooperation and customer’s feedback on possible improvements. Project management aspects and many other useful info
  • Rating. 4 main categories here are the cost, quality, scheduling and customer`s willing to refer

All the things listed above are described in details in form of an interview. We’ve received our 20th review a few days ago. We think that 20 is the number that allows you get a more detailed picture of our success and possible fails. However, that number is constantly growing. Keep monitoring our profile page to get more and more feedback. We are proud of what we do, and we will gladly share the results with you.

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