Django Stars 2015 Results

Better late than never: we summed up our results quite long ago, now it’s time to share them with the world! Here is what we reached and fulfilled in 2015th.

  • We finally launched the updated We were too busy working for others, so for some time our own web site remained not that perfect. It’s still not ideal and right at the moment we’ve been working at another update. However, our Contact Us page works perfectly — do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions or a project to work on!

  • We started the blog — don’t forget to subscribe to it to be sure you don’t miss anything interesting.

  • We got 2 official representatives in San Francisco, US and in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany. If you are in one of the places, you can get more information about us first hand and hire us to build a great product!

  • We were named among Top Web Developers in Ukraine and Top Python/Django Developers worldwide. Read more about the ratings here.

  • We received new positive reviews from our clients traditionally giving us high grades at


  • We expanded our list of clients and continued to successfully collaborate and grow together with our favorite partners: MoneyPark, Diviac, Sindeo, MultiAd and many others

  • Our team grew by 18,5% and our expertise by unmeasured number. The level of attrition in our company is 13%, which is rather low for the industry. Today our team consists of 40 full time working specialists of various fields: front end and back end developers, quality assurance specialists, UI and UX designers, project managers etc.

  • We showed financial growth by 13,67% and average salary growth by 8,8%.

  • We welcomed a new valuable team member - Arthur Bachynskyi who joined us as COO. Arthur is a Harvard graduate, he worked for such companies as eBay, Magento, Luxoft & Crytek. He is also a certified Scrum master. We are happy to have him in our gang!

  • We attended and sponsored 8 professional conferences such as DjangoCon Europe 2015 and other Django community initiatives (Djangogirls, GeekGirlsCarrots etc.).


  • We improved our skills and expertise in our main business domains: Finance & Banking, Taxi & Transportation, Health Care & Fitness, Travel & Booking Engines. We as well started actively develop in the new fields such as Fantasy Sports, E-commerce & Retail, Online Social / Social Networking, Education & E-learning, etc.

  • We built a few cool mobile apps for such projects like Timedom, Taxofon, MoneyPark and others.

  • We chose our Best employee 2015 - our UI/UX Designer Dmitriy Puchkov (more info here).

  • We created a new QA department that helps us better measure and assure the quality of our products.

  • We began working on Django Stars rebranding/new identity.

  • We had numerous team building and fun events. Together we tried kayaking, paintball, carting and many other cool activities.

  • We won 17 of 26 amateur football matches we played in as Django Stars team.


We are not going to retire on the numbers — we have ambitious plans and goals for 2016th. We’re going to learn more and work harder, keep growing and creating products we can be proud of. Join us on the road!

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