Django Stars’ New Identity by Hooga

Lena Hagen

Marketing, PR and Social Media Manager

We entered the new year with new logos and other identity elements created by talented guys from Kyiv’s Hooga creative agency. And now we want to present you their work in details.

We decided to collaborate with this very agency because we found out that we had a lot in common and shared many features and values. That helped us to come to good understanding which led to perfect results.


What was important, Hooga managed to catch the most important things about our company — to understand that Django Stars is not just another developers company but a real team of passionate, easy-going and highly innovative geeks, ninjas and rockstars. We are very serious and conscious when it comes to work — and very fun loving and creative when the work is done.


That’s what Hooga’s creative director Dmytro Yarynych says about our collaboration: ‘We developed an approach to meet Django Stars’ standards and expectations in their task of communicating all of the above said to different channels — their potential clients, their potential employees and their colleagues and competitors on the market. We exchanged books, movies and thoughts we thought might be relevant to our vision of their company. And had some long conversations to get along on grand design.’

As a result, Hooga upgraded not only how we look, but how we feel. We think that the guys really managed to transfer our passion, energy and motivation through all the visual elements created by them.

Please, meet the outcome — edgy graphics, bright colors and custom typography created by Hooga specially for Django Stars! We really love their job.

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