Django Stars Supports Women in IT

We have extremely talented female members in our team, and we strongly support initiatives promoting more women in tech in general and web/mobile development in particular.

The times when it was considered that the best place for a woman is in kitchen are far behind. Today more and more female specialists do not just come in technology industry but take high positions in it.

Yes, in some countries or some companies there are still prejudices as to women' abilities in tech sector and certain obstacles for ‘the softer sex’ when it comes to advancement. But women keep proving that they can be as brilliant as men. Today their number in US IT sector is around 24 percent, and it’s successively growing. Women demonstrate their talents in such fields as cyber security, data analysis, network and server management, web design, programming etc.


Moreover, a recent research revealed that women may be better coders than men. The researchers used data taken from the Github program-sharing platform, and it turned out that a computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men — but only if their gender is not identifiable.

Github is an enormous developer community which does not request gender information from its 12 million users. However, the team was able to identify whether roughly 1.4 m were male or female — either because it was clear from the users' profiles or because their email addresses could be matched with the Google+ social network. They found that 78.6% of pull requests made by women were accepted compared with 74.6% of those by men.

Bad thing is that those whose profiles made clear that they were women had a much lower acceptance rate than those whose gender was not obvious. So, the gender bias still exists: women's acceptance rates drop to 62.5% when their gender is identifiable. There is a similar drop for men, but the effect is not as strong.


In Django Stars we are not biased — we welcome both males and females in our team if they show great skills. And we love and support DjangoGirls — a non-profit organization that inspires women to fall in love with programming. DjangoGirls organize free Python and Django workshops, create open sourced online tutorials and curate amazing first experiences with technology — and we really admire what they do!

We are sure that women can offer a fresh perspective on product design, ways of working, risk-taking and many other aspects of our business. We also believe that teams comprising of professionals with different attitudes, methods and backgrounds — and of different sexes — can deliver better results. That is why we invite female IT stars to join us and build great web and mobile applications with us!

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