Meet Django Stars Best Employee 2015!

This is our tradition: in the beginning of a year we select our best employee of the previous 12 month period. And this is how it goes.

The contest does not have certain criteria. We let everyone decide what means ‘best’ for them, be it the most active, useful, initiative — or the most loud or sleepy colleague.

The voting is anonymous. Anyone can give points to any candidate, including him- or herself. The quantity of points depends on how long the person works in Djnago Stars. The more points one has, the more he or she can give to all the participants. The system looks like this:


  • Those who work for less than 1 year have 1 point (white ballot);
  • 1-2 yaears — 2 points (yellow ballot);
  • 2-3 years — 3 points (green ballot);
  • 3-4 years — 4 points (blue ballot);
  • 4+ years — 5 points (red ballot).

This year the voting took two phases: semi final with 8 competitors, and final where two candidates — Team Lead / Python Developer Vadim Zakovinko and UI/UX Designer Dmitriy Puchkov — had to compete. As a result, Dmitriy won by miles and was announced as the best at a special event. We were happy to present him cool snowboarding equipment as a prize.


In addition to his popularity among colleagues, Dmitriy is also a valuable member of Django Stars team. He is responsible for UI/UX designs of most of our projects including but not limited by Diviac, Timedom, Taxofon etc.

We organize these ‘Best Employee’ contests in Django Stars for the third year in a row. In 2014th and 2013th the winners were our software engineer Vasyl Stanislavchuk and office manager Tatyana Khomenko.

Taking into account the fact that our team has been growing bigger and stronger, we are sure that the next contest for the Best Employee position will be even hotter. Stay with us for updates!

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