Our Top-7 Favorites From CES 2016

Do you love gadgets as we do? We weren't in Las Vegas this year but we eagerly followed the event. And here are our favorites from the show!

  • Ehang 184 — not just another drone but a real flying car! The octorotor aircraft is designed to ferry a passenger around town at altitudes of 300 meters or more. We cannot wait to see it available. With traffic jams in the city center near our headquarter we need it ASAP!
  • Garmin Varia Vision — smart glass for cyclists. Because of the above mentioned traffic jams, some of us get to work by bicycle. And others like to ride it for recreation. So many of us already want the gadget that is able to show lots of data on the go. Just imagine: you can monitor your speed, power, and even approaching cars from the Varia Radar, without stopping. Good news is that Garmin Varia Vision should be available nearest time for reasonable $399.

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  • LG Display is something futuristic! The screen is just 1 mm thin and flexible. You can toll up the 18-inch OLED display with 1200x810 pixels resolution like a newspaper. With curvature radius of 30R it may be turned into a 3 cm tube. Although the "rollable" display is just a prototype, it's impressive to see how far flexible display technology has advanced.
  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is not just a kitchen appliance — it's a real first smart fridge! With a 21.5-inch, 1080p touch screen built into the right door, you can leave notes for your family, set calendar reminders, and display artwork, just like a regular fridge. But there are also connected cameras inside that can show you what's in the fridge while you're at the grocery store, so you don't overbuy or forget something important. And if you don't have time for the store, you can order what you need right from the refrigerator itself. Should be available already this spring. The price starts at $5k.


  • There were tons of wearables at CES 2016, but we choose Mio Slice as the best health monitoring device exhibited at the show. Actually, we liked many others, too: all those smart running shoes, smart clothes and stuff. But Mio Slice managed to distinguish: instead of stimulating you to make 10k steps a day or pursue other general goals, Slice focuses on your PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score, an algorithm based on the comprehensive Hunt Study that found links between heart rate and cardiovascular health. Keep the score above 100, and you extend your lifespan and keep diseases at bay. This way Mio Slice makes health tracking exactly what it should be.


  • Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar ($49.99) is a fun gadget that teaches preschoolers the basics of learning to code. It comes with eight segments that feature a movement command icon on its surface (left, right, spin, make a noise, etc.) Once the segments are connected and the start button is pressed, the Code-a-Pillar will take the programmed route. While there isn't any actual computer programming taking place, it reinforces skills associated with writing code. Cool toy, heh?


  • Even shower can be smart! Hydrao Smart Shower is a solution to wasteful water consumption in the tub. The Bluetooth LE device connects to an iPhone or iPad app where you can set three alert intervals — for example, 30 liters, 50 liters and 100 liters. At each amount, the built-in LED lights will light up in three different colors to remind you how much water you’re using. In lieu of batteries, a tiny turbine uses the water to generate enough energy to power the lights and the Bluetooth connectivity.


And what gadgets from CES 2016 impressed you?