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Practice makes perfection. Experience makes expertise. Add to it passion and sense of ownership and you’ll get an idea of our approach.
How to modernize booking software efficiently? When the goals are set, and industry specifics are taken into account, it remain
/ Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead
12 min read
/ 86
The most critical flaw in every website that collects ratings is typically a surmise in the independence and objectivity of the resource. Some review sites publish only positive reviews and 5-star rankings, which reflects poorly o
/ Content Lead
9 min read
/ 25685
“How much does it cost to develop a web application?” The answer to this question is what every client wants to hear from any development company – even before they describe what they want to receive in the end. “All the money t
/ Senior Business Analyst
16 min read
/ 49798
Choosing a web development framework is a big deal. There are quite a few frameworks on the market, each designed to address different project needs. For many companies and independent projects, the Django framework is an easy cho
/ Content Lead
8 min read
/ 105186
What is a Framework? Regardless of the sphere you work in, one of your most important tasks is to create a fast, good-looking website. Today, almost every business needs a website, which acts as a sort of business card for a comp
/ Content Lead
6 min read
/ 203707
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