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    Django Stars

    10 Lessons after 13 Years of Being CEO

    After 13 years of being CEO, Roman Gaponov shares his thoughts on what he learned and how it became possible to grow from a small business to a top Python & Django development company.

    ISO: meaning and why does it matter?

    Django Stars have earned and proved the ISO certifications in 3 categories. What is each one of these ISO? What does it prove about us? What are the benefits for you as our client? This article explains the details.

    How to Work Remotely, Travel & Stay Productive. Lived Experience from the Django Stars Team

    For some people, “work and travel” sounds like an echo from their student years or a sugar-coated trend. Yet, so many others discover the world as a part of their...

    A Decade of Django Stars

    This year, we’ve celebrated 10 years of Django Stars. For all this time, we’ve been growing, earning experience, and simply doing what we love. Here, we share our views on...

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