What Is Django Stars’ Brown Friday?

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What Is Django Stars’ Brown Friday?

Django Stars

Editorial Team

Today we start a new tradition in our company. We call it Brown Friday, and that’s what it means…

Brown Friday will be held in our headquarter once in a month. In general, it will be a day when we don’t work on our clients’ projects but still come to our office and work as hard as usual. The only difference is that this day we do things we are not paid for: we improve our internal and external processes, we learn new things, we contribute to open source community, and we develop our own projects.

We strongly believe in the projects, and we develop and improve them continuously, but Brown Fridays will be specially devoted to the work of the kind.

We are grateful to our clients for their understanding and giving us the possibility to regularly have such Brown Fridays. We are sure that the initiative will positively affect their projects, too.

Soon we will tell you about our first Brown Friday more in detail. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to hear more about our own projects, about new knowledge we gained, and about new ideas we started to realize!

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