Why We Started the Blog

We were going to do this for a long time understanding that for 8 years we had accumulated too much information, practices, cases and stories worth of sharing. That was just wrong — almost a crime — to hide this all from others. And so we decided to start the blog.

Here we are going to share our positive experience in software development, tell you what works well, and what doesn’t. We will also tell you about mistakes we used to make at different stages of our company growth, and about evolution of out technologies, tools and practices we use every day.

Many posts will be dedicated to Django Stars history and life. How we started, and where are we now. How it all works inside our company, and what events happen in our office and outside. And what events we take part in, like various professional conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

Yes, sometimes we will boast how good we are — but only when we really are, when we deserve it :)

We will also cover success stories of our valuable clients telling about their growth, their rounds of investments, and sharing other interesting and inspiring public information.

The blog will be also the place where everyone can ask a question and get an answer. Ask us whatever is interesting for you, from how we do this or that to what is the best tools for doing this or that in web or mobile apps development. We promise to be as open as possible and share all the useful information we possess.

First of all this includes our knowledge in development process, from creating a concept and prototyping to technical implementations and testing. We will tell you how to choose a correct methodology and optimal stack of technologies, how to use unit tests and so on. The stories will be illustrated by our own working projects, both made for clients or open source ones.

And yes, we’ll try to make the blog not only interesting but also as fun as possible. Subscribe to get regular updates!