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Learn how we bring businesses to the next level from our Python & Django case studies.
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Money Park Case Study – Mortgage Service Development | DjangoStars
Fintech / Switzerland
The Switzerland-largest mortgage broker that provides personalized advice, helps clients find the best deals, and introduces broad capabilities for B2B partners.
PADi Travel Case Study – Travel Booking Service Development | DjangoStars
Travel / United States
The US-based world’s #1 booking platform for scuba divers and diving businesses.
Molo Case Study – Online Mortgage Web Platform Development | DjangoStars
Fintech / United Kingdom
The UK’s first digital mortgage lender aims to bring lending 100% online and introduce rapid application and decision-making with advanced automation.
EatClub Case Study | DjangoStars
Logistics / United States
The US-leading service that provides individual meal delivery for businesses across the country.
Joel Perrenoud
Chief Product & Digital Officer, PADI Travel
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SAIB Case Study | DjangoStars
Fintech / Saudi Arabia
A Saudi Arabia bank that provides in-person and online services, and introduces advanced digitalization to a highly regulated, conservative market.
BillionToOne Case Study | DjangoStars
Healthcare / United States
A US-based healthcare company that provides genetic testing to detect and measure disease at the molecular level.
Boa Lingua Case Study | DjangoStars
Edtech / Switzerland
The largest platform for language travel in Switzerland offering a wide choice of destinations, schools, and courses across the world.
Illumidesk Case Study | DjangoStars
Edtech / United States
A US-based edtech platform to empower instructors and large educational institutions to deliver content and teach data-driven subjects more efficiently.
Repositax Platform Development Case Study – Django Stars
Fintech / United States
The US-based SaaS platform for tax professionals that accelerates the speed of tax return preparation, document flow, and entity management
WeCre8 Case Study | DjangoStars
E-commerce / Saudi Arabia
A Saudi Arabian e-commerce platform that connects local fashion designers, celebrities, and buyers, and allows them to list, promote, sell, buy, and earn through affiliate marketing capabilities.
Amitabh Ghatak
Chief Product Officer, Molo Finance
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Kogan Case Study | DjangoStars
E-commerce / Australia
Australia’s premier shopping destination that unites an e-commerce platform, travel, internet, insurance, and more solutions.
Multimedia Case Study | DjangoStars
Software / United States
The US-based provider of video streaming solutions that introduces high operational flexibility, live interaction, and rich platform customization.
Sanostro Case Study | DjangoStars
Fintech / Switzerland
A Swiss-German investment platform for small and mid-sized investment and pension funds and banks.
GetFood Case Study | DjangoStars
Logistics / United States
A US-leading foodservice data provider that empowers businesses with advanced data processing and analysis for better decision-making.
Azyan Case Study – Delivery Service App Development (Web & Mobile)
Logistics / Jordan
The Jordan food delivery service that orchestrates 20-minute delivery from restaurants and shops.
GlasFunds Case Study | DjangoStars
Fintech / United States
The US-based alternative investment platform that provides clients with direct access to exclusive private investment opportunities.
Surfacide Case Study | DjangoStars
Healthcare / United States
The US-based healthcare solution to reduce bacteria and viruses from hospitals, restaurants, and residential properties with UV-C systems.
Numerade Case Study | DjangoStars
E-commerce / United States
The US-based edtech platform that offers videos from expert tutors and introduces an AI-powered tutorship.
John Jascovski
Software Engineering Manager, EatClub
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Sindeo | DjangoStars
Fintech / United States
Clear Minds Case Study – Investment Platform Web Development
Fintech / Switzerland
A Swiss investment platform that guides clients through an investment process and provides all-around advisory with a combo of in-person and online methods.
Scoperty Proptech Website Development Case Study – Django Stars
Proptech / Germany
A German proptech platform for in-depth property search, valuation, sale, and purchase.
eSoft Planner Case Study – Web App Development for Sports
Software / United States
Kwikee Case Study
Proptech / United States
Lendage Mortgage Service Development Case Study – Django Stars
Fintech / United States
Mike Meszaros
President of eSoft Planner
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Diviac Case Study | DjangoStars
Travel / Switzerland
The Swiss cloud-based travel platform for scuba divers that allow them to log and track their diving
HowGood Case Study | DjangoStars
Software / United States
The US-based B2B SaaS platform that provides customers with comprehensive ingredient-level sustainability insights to empower them to develop more sustainable products.
Smile IT Case Study | DjangoStars
Software / Australia
An Australian cloud and cybersecurity service provider that helps companies prepare for CMMI audits and covers their day-to-day IT needs.
Nimans Case Study | DjangoStars
Software / United Kingdom
The UK-based specialist AV, UC & Security distributor that offers next-day delivery and helps its clients make informed decisions.
Soft Activity Case Study – Employee Monitoring Web Application Development
Software / Canada
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