The US-leading service that provides individual meal delivery for businesses across the country.
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How we started

EatClub partnered with us after its acquisition by a Fortune 500 company Compass Group. As an independent service, EatClub provided individual meal delivery for businesses, allowing for broad control over orders — from menu and schedule planning to flexible expenses management — and deliberately grew.
Within the Compass Group system, EatClub got an opportunity to expand to new cities and scale rapidly. And that’s where our cooperation starts — in Feb 2022, we entered the project to fuel EatClub’s expansion.

We focused on 3 core objectives:
  • Contribute to project structure design
  • Reinforce EatClub backend development
  • Migrate Angular front-end app to React
raised in funding in 2017
Acquired by
Compass Group in 2020
Since 2022
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7 Engineers
Why EatClub chose us

When we started providing team extension services to EatClub, the project required a power-up for a future development team focused mainly on the backend. EatClub were looking for a combination of deep Python expertise and a cultural match in terms of problem-solving approaches and leadership.

We’ve already had an experience with the US food industry solutions backed by Fortune 500 businesses, and offered EatClub access to our expert engineers able to kickstart the project right away.


EatClub chose us for our technical expertise and matching values and approaches to software solution development.

Since the first time we met, we had that click, it felt like we had been working for a long time and that could be a great partnership going forward. If you look at the Django Stars and EatClub relationships, they are not just partners, they are part of our team.

John Jascovski

John Jascovski

Software Engineering Manager, EatClub

Fueling the transformation
We joined the EatClub team to transform a successful food delivery service into the US-leading one.

EatClub already had a working platform and a well-shaped team of technical experts, and our core goal was to provide them with the ability to move the development faster.

Our engineers cover both legacy solutions refinement and contribute to new solutions ideation and development, so we believe to help EatClub to bind its startup roots to today’s status of a Fortune 500 company innovation department.

Partners since Feb 2022
team Composition
team Leaders

What empowers EatClub to cement its market leadership.

Broad business scaling capabilities

After being acquired by Compass Group, EatClub experienced project restructuring — now, EatClub not only acts as a lunch delivery for businesses provider but equips local operators with the ability to use its platform.

No matter if clients order meals via EatClub or EatClub-powered companies, they get a seamless user experience: they can control the restaurants set, the sum they cover, plan meal delivery for 7 days ahead, and more.

We’ve helped EatClub combine high operational efficiency and the ability to expand to new cities seamlessly, and fueled their smooth integration into Compass Group to be its technology innovation branch.

Companies that EatClub serves today
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Highest code quality standards

We actively contribute to EatClub Labs — the internal laboratory that fuels innovation and keeps the company moving forward, — and leads the code quality department. We ensure the fact that the codebase meets the highest industry standards, provides and implements architectural improvements, refine legacy solutions, introduce automated quality assurance and advanced DevOps practices.

Constantly sharpening the software, we equip EatClub with the ability to scale efficiently and adapt to market changes faster than the competition.

We delve deeply into product architecture, redesign legacy solutions, and act as a part of EatClub product development team to design a US-leading foodservice
Alexander Bulanov

Alexander Bulanov

Senior Backend Developer

Flexible permission management

EatClub allows operators to use its platform to provide their customers with food delivery services and ensures a unified user experience across operators and cities. The more operators EatClub unifies, the more tiresome and costly the manual coordination and data transfer may be.

To empower EatClub to keep the system under control no matter how large it becomes, we designed a flexible permission management system that enables operators to manage their companies, clients, and configurations.

Our involvement
Architecture design and improvements
Backend and frontend solutions development
Legacy solutions refinement and maintenance
Contribution to EatClub technical innovation branch
Automation and analysis solutions implementation
Code quality standards implementation
Automated checks and QA practices implementation
CI/CD and other DevOps practices optimization
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Speaking the same language is an important thing— what do we value, what we bring to the table, and how do you look at solving problems together. That’s the huge thing we found being very aligned with Django Stars.

As well, our ability to be thought leaders, always improving how we do technology and thinking about the process and products.

We look forward to continue working together.