The Jordan food delivery service that orchestrates 20-minute delivery from restaurants and shops.
Packages delivered every year
Providing services to McDonald’s
Providing services to Carrefour
How we started

Azyan reached us to build their geo-based food delivery application from scratch in Sep 2018 — they had a well-described product concept and required a team able to transform those ideas into a working restaurant food delivery platform.

We started our cooperation by providing one expert to help Azyan during the pre-development stage and then scaled the team to 8 experts. Azyan decided to delegate every technical detail to our team while all the business expertise was concentrated on their side.
We focused on 3 core objectives:
Design web and mobile apps for end-clients, drivers, and administrators
Introduce advanced scalability and easy new restaurant onboarding
Ensure smooth user experience across Arabic and English-speaking audiences
2018 - 2019
Team size
8 Experts

Why Azyan chose us

Azyan was looking for a technical partner able to dive into the business specifics of the Jordan food delivery industry, analyze the project documentation, align them with long-term business vision, and embody this combo into an easy-to-use digital platform.

We’ve started our cooperation with Azyan providing them with one backend expert, and, once we synced on our approaches and vision, we scaled the team to 8 experts. Flexibility, business focus, technical expertise across web and mobile platforms, and the fact we’ve already had cases in the food delivery app business were the main reasons for Azyan to work with us.


Azyan chose us for our ability to bring together business vision and technology within web and mobile food delivery solutions and ensure advanced platform scalability.

Partners from Oct 2018 - Sep 2019
Team Composition
2 Backend engineers, 2 Frontend engineers, 2 QA engineers, 1 Product designer, 1 Project manager

What fuels Azyan to bring together clients, drivers, and restaurants efficiently, and ensure rapid food delivery in Amman.

Web interface for clients

The client interface of the food delivery application introduces a straightforward, easy flow that allows clients to check restaurants and dishes, order the food, and track the delivery status and driver location with minimal effort. Through the web interface, clients can order food, sweets, gifts, detergents, beauty products, pet supplies, and more.

The interface with a bilingual UX/UI design —  an Arabic right-to-left and an English left-to-right, —  allows paying in cash on delivery or with Visa/Mastercard-issued cards online. Via the web app, clients can:

  • Check the restaurants available on the map
  • Check the menu, configure and submit orders
  • Rate the delivery and stores
  • Track driver position and route in real-time
  • Get a notification when the order is about to arrive
One of the biggest challenges we faced when creating a food delivery app in Jordan, was not allowing users to add addresses, as Google Maps did not have address pins for Amman at that time. We had to find creative solutions and work with map coordinates to ensure that the user experience was not compromised.
Anastasiia Lien

Anastasiia Lien

UX/UI designer

Mobile application for drivers

For drivers, we’ve designed mobile applications for iOS and Android that support them through the entire process of accepting a suitable offer, picking up the order, routing, and delivery completion. Every delivery step is divided into stages, which makes the process more convenient and simplifies the onboarding of new drivers.

Through mobile applications, drivers can accept or deny orders, see optimized routes, and contact clients to clarify delivery details.

As Azyan operated only in Amman, Jordan at the time we developed the restaurant food delivery service solution, we put special effort into the testing process. For instance, we’ve had to emulate the driver’s location and simulate the delivery — one of our engineers actually completed the entire flow as a driver.

The restaurant mobile application also introduces:

  • Zone-based order distribution
  • Limited-time offers
  • Live map with dynamic route, hubs location, and delivery zones
  • Easy, step-by-step order completion flow
We were extremely meticulous at the testing stage. One of our engineers actually delivered us food several times to make sure everything worked as intended.
Vlad Treshcheyko

Vlad Treshcheyko

QA engineer

Scaling-friendly product architecture

When we started our cooperation, Azyan was focused on delivering food only from Mcdonald’s and ensuring the delivery in less than 20 minutes. Designing the product architecture, we’ve ensured an ability to add new restaurants easily and created a hierarchy that allows large chains and franchises to join and manage their entities easily as Azyan grows and expands beyond Amman.

Azyan also takes advantage of flexible permission management that allows setting access levels and granting permissions to add, modify, verify, and delete entities (stores), manage cancellations and complaints, and more.

Today, the Azyan platform allows ordering items from dozens of restaurants and stores and introduces a highly straightforward flow for any business that wants to join.

Among the feature that ensures high platform scalability:

  • Delivery zones filtration and analysis by multiple parameters
  • Driver labeling, grouping, and prioritization features
  • Wave-like drivers prioritization based on location, rating, transport, and more
  • Rapid restaurant onboarding flow
  • Easy-to-manage franchise and chain restaurants hierarchy
  • Advanced permission system for admins and restaurants
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We worked on the Azyan platform for over a year, and it resulted in a well-shaped combo of web and mobile apps, bringing together clients, drivers, and restaurants. Putting special efforts to ensure fast restaurant onboarding and a flexible hierarchy and permission system, we’ve ensured cost-efficient Azyan platform scaling.