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01 Overview
The mission at Azyan Delivery is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients.
Oct 2018 - Sep 2019
Full-cycle Web
Team size
02 Business

To build a delivery service app that would run on multiple mobile and web platforms and connect restaurants with food delivery service providers in Jordan. With a multilingual interface, the app will be capable of covering any kind of delivery in the future.

03 Solution
Delivery service software with multilingual (including an Arabic UX/UI layout) web application for users and cross-platform (react native) mobile applications for drivers.
Web application includes
1. Requests:
  • A Create Request option for adding new requests.
  • A live map to show the destination of drivers, hubs, delivery zones, drop offs, the number of orders and their statuses in real time.
  • Filters to allow users to filter according to specific criteria such as date, time, end-user name, restaurant name, etc…
  • A notifications dashboard to show administrative staff important events such as unpicked orders or delivery cancellations in real time.
  • A Request Results board that tracks the order status in the infinity list with the option to filter by restaurants with the color differentiation.
2. Configurations:
  • Hubs configure the radius of the order broadcast. Order broadcast is made in the form of waves, with the possibility to configure the wave’s enlargement distance and frequency.
  • Zones represent geographical zones for suitable filtration and statistics gathering.
  • Qualifier is a business logic construtor built for the detailed configuration of the interactions between delivery requests and service providers.
  • Labels combine drivers into groups for future group management.
3. Organizations:
  • Members manage users inside the system.
  • Admin Roles assign the proper roles to users inside the system.
  • Sub-organizations configure the structure of the organizations so the connections between drivers and restaurants can be easily managed.
4. The Service Providers tab facilitates new driver registration.
Mobile application for drivers
1. Shows drivers incoming offers, and gives the option to accept or deny them.
2. A map with pickup locations, route directions, and ETA.
3. Order shipping confirmation option.
04 Result
A web delivery platform software for end-users and a mobile application for drivers are both released.
05 Technologies
We used