Fintech is a million little details. We bring them all together in your product.

Django Stars empowers you on your journey from idea to product and beyond. We drive you through initial discovery to shape your fintech product concept and transform it into a secure and scalable product that complies with market regulations and provides post-release maintenance.

We establish a solid basis for customers to disrupt fintech markets in the US, UK, and Switzerland, and help them become uncompromised industry leaders.

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Online Mortgages
Online mortgages software

Since 2012, we’ve helped our customers develop fintech products that fuel their way to market leadership and disrupt the mortgage industry.

Online Mortgages
Lending Software
Lending Software Development

With our fintech services, we empower our clients to change the global financial landscape by introducing advanced data processing, enhanced risk management, and improved operational efficiencies.

Lending Software
Investment Platforms
Investment Platforms

We help clients enhance their asset analysis capabilities, improve portfolio management, and maximize the efficiency of their investment platforms with our custom software solutions.

Investment Platforms
InsurTech Software Development

We empower Insurtech businesses with advanced personalization, data analysis, and microservice architectures that ensure high flexibility and adaptability to market changes.


As a fintech software development company, we help our customers identify and assess risks faster, automate compliance procedures, and prevent fraud efficiently. In a word, we help Regtech happen.

Accounting & Tax Software
Accounting & Tax Software

We equip our clients with the latest automation, data processing and analysis solutions to reduce human error, increase productivity, and meet accounting & tax industry standards effortlessly.

Accounting & Tax Software
Personal Finance
Personal Finance

By building solutions and consulting, we help banks and businesses attract and retain users with deep personalization, conserve resources with routine automation, and comply with modern data processing and management standards.

Personal Finance
Credit Score & Analytics Software
Credit Score & Analytics Software

With fintech-custom software development, we empower our clients with enhanced data analysis, advanced scoring models, and highly secure third-party integrations for more accurate decision-making.

Credit Score & Analytics Software
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

We help established banks bring their services closer to customers through improved user experiences, enhanced fraud prevention, and special functionalities for small businesses.

Mobile Banking
Payment and Money Transfer Solutions
Payment and Money Transfer Solutions

Providing IT services for fintech companies, we dive into the specifics of their operations and create solutions that elevate money transfers, introduce state-of-the-art cybersecurity, and are strongly user-oriented.

Payment and Money Transfer Solutions

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We empower you to shape complete fintech products
Depending on business needs, a product may vary in terms of scale, complexity, or integrations. These factors define the product architecture that will ensure high reliability, flexibility, and easy support. Whether it’s monolithic or microservice architecture, we guarantee your product will be easily scalable, secure, and compliant with regulations from the get-go.
Data Analysis
By enabling fast and secure analysis of large data sets, we bring improved risk assessment, deeper service personalization, efficient decision making, and better business performance visibility to your product. With our fintech software development services, you make a leap forward.
API Integrations
We compose secure integration sets tailored to your business needs. Whether you need to retrieve banking data, verify your customers’ identities, get their credit scores or replace an expensive custom solution with more resource-efficient integration, we’ll cover your needs using handpicked APIs.
UX/UI Engineering
We focus on conveniently displaying large amounts of data (like reports and tables) on web and mobile apps, building a smooth and easy user flow, and developing colour schemes depending on the country and culture of your target audience.
Alexander Savchenko
Business Analyst
case studies

Switzerland’s leading mortgage broker

MoneyPark is the Switzerland-largest mortgage broker — started our cooperation in 2012, we’ve built a complex platform that combines online tools with an in-person advisory to empower its clients to find mortgages and insurance, and provides comprehensive B2B functionalities.
CHF 3.4B
an annual mortgage volume
Satisfied customers
B2B partners
case studies

The Saudi investment bank - Online mortgage finance

We’ve helped SAIB create the complete online mortgage solution structure, engineered UX/UI with Arabian and international layouts, and helped SAIB ensure the solution compliance with bank internal and Saudi Arabia legal requirements.
Saudi Arabia Best Bank
Saudi Arabia's best-performing bank
branches all over the KSA
case studies

The UK’s first fully digital mortgage lender

As the 1st digital mortgage lender in the UK, Molo Finance enables its clients to get mortgage approvals online instantly. Together with our fintech software development company, Molo designed a system that allows retrieving and processing of data rapidly, save users’ and underwriters’ time and effort, and avoid large banks.
mortgage applications submitted in 2021
over £270M
in investments
I’m very happy with Django Stars. When we agree on something, they always hold up their end of the bargain
They’re motivated and want to see us succeed, rather than acting purely as an outsourced developer doing daily tasks
I would recommend Django Stars for two reasons, they both have to do with professionalism. Professionalism one is from the aspect of the company as a whole. They are very, very professional. The second one is that they are very professional in the technologies they take on.
fintech ebook
Digital Transformation in Banking and Finance: The How and Why
Digitalization in finance is proving to have immense potential and is changing the traditional view of global banking and the management of personal finances. If you want to navigate this fast-growing realm and learn more about the fintech software development best practices and digital transformation, check out our guide.


To help you embrace the challenges of fintech and bring your financial services closer to customers rapidly, we compose dedicated teams with relevant expertise relevant in several weeks. Though, our ability to assemble the team depends on the exact expertise you require and the resources we have available.

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