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When your project is taken on, we commit to make it soar.

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We bring the financial industry closer to everyone.

Getting a mortgage via tablet or managing investments with a smartphone is no longer a dream we made it real.

For 9 years of work on Swiss, UK, US, and EU fintech markets we’ve built from scratch and launched 13 products. We watched our clients raise over $450 mln in funding and acquired by huge enterprises. And we’re still here to help them conquer new markets — our average partnership duration exceeds the 6-year mark.

And keeps counting.

Digitizing Financial Services

We embody innovations and transform financial products into secure and easy-to-use applications.

Online Mortgage
  • Online Mortgage
  • Lending Software
  • Investment Platforms
  • InsurTech
  • RegTech
  • Accounting & Tax Software
  • Mobile Banking Software
  • Payment and Money Transfer Solutions
  • Personal Finance Software
  • Credit Score & Analytics Software
  • Data Analysis Solutions
  • Fintech UX/UI Design

Online Mortgage Software

We help our transportation clients provide users with top-notch services.

  • Mortgage calculators
  • Automated advisory tools
  • Property evaluations interfaces
  • Renegotiation and loan affordability calculators
  • Legal maintenance tools
  • B2B CRM systems

Lending Software

  • Property valuation tools
  • Legal maintenance instruments
  • Lend management modules
  • Loan affordability calculators
  • Automated advisory tools
  • CRM systems

Investment Platforms

  • Portfolio proposal generators
  • Risk profile calculators
  • Asset management tools
  • Portfolio health check systems
  • Data-driven simulation systems
  • Market direction prediction tools


  • AI-based data sets processing
  • Identity verification patterns
  • Third-party services integrations
  • User claims processing tools


  • High-performance databases
  • Data migration mechanisms
  • Compliance obligations monitoring systems
  • Search engines

Accounting & Tax Software

  • Management and processes automation tools
  • Cloud-based data storages
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Reporting and analysis tools

Mobile Banking Software

  • Advanced payment processing
  • Multi-currency operations support
  • Fraud-prevention tools
  • Wide interfaces customization
  • Personalization tools
  • Cross-platform mobile applications

Payment and Money Transfer Solutions

  • Multiple payment options
  • Anti-money-laundering instruments
  • Compliance tools
  • Data analysis tools
  • Reporting instruments
  • Verification mechanisms

Personal Finance Software

  • Identity verification
  • Payments automation and scheduling
  • Budget planning tools
  • Income and spendings categorization
  • Analytics & reporting tools
  • Several bank accounts maintenance

Credit Score & Analytics Software

  • AI-based scoring tools
  • Several scorecards support
  • Personalization tools
  • Processes automation
  • Analytics instruments
  • Dashboard customization tools

Data Analysis Solutions

  • Big data analytics tools
  • Regulatory compliance instruments
  • Highest-level data security
  • Reporting instruments
  • Wide customization options
  • Third-party integrations

Fintech UX/UI Design

  • Information architecture
  • User flow optimization
  • Prototyping
  • Visual brand identity
  • Web and mobile design
  • Motion design

Our Fintech clients speak

Every fintech solution we create is different.
Though, founders, C-level executives and Product Owners appreciate the same.

Molo Finance
  • Molo Finance
  • Scoperty
  • Money Park
  • Clear Minds
They’re motivated and want to see us succeed, rather than acting purely as an outsourced developer doing daily tasks.
Amitabh Ghatak
It feels as though they are a part of our company, and their people are really engaged in delivering a good solution.
Sebastian Frenzel
CPO of Scoperty
I’m very happy with Django Stars. When we agree on something, they always hold up their end of the bargain.
Benjamin Tacquet
CTO of Money Park
Key aspect that we like about Django Stars is a team composition that we’ve been working with.
Patrik Hansson
Product owner of Clear Minds
  • Molo Finance
  • Scoperty
  • Money Park
  • Clear Minds

We have a bond with every product we create

With our focus on long-term partnerships and extensive experience we apply, it’s no surprise we feel deeply invested. Spending the whole journey — from local fintech market analysis to scaling — side by side with our partners, erases any lines between our teams. We act as one, improve products as one, and care about success as one too. And we believe that’s the only way outstanding solutions can be created.

We help our clients skyrocket the
Fintech industry. How?

Research and Сonsulting
We drive you through market and competitor analysis, define clear business goals, do user research, and then create documents — in a word, we help to shape your product concept and get you prepared for development.
Architecture & Solution Design
Financial solutions are extremely sensitive to questions of reliability, flexibility, product support and security. Our microservice architecture approach covers them all and allows us to replace huge ‘monthly’ deployments with real-time small ones.
Software Integration
We use ready-made APIs and design custom connectors to integrate third-party services (like payment gateways) into financial products. In this way we reduce development time, costs, speed up data exchange, and keep architecture clear and elegant.
Software Development
We apply a combo of client’s knowledge and our experience to create easily scalable and secure fintech apps tailored to business and operational needs. Thus, our partners gain full control over processes, make changes faster and expand on new markets easier.
Security and Compliance
Focusing on app and customer data security as a cornerstone, we comply with ISO standards, incorporate Security & IP protection, conduct regular security audits and vulnerability tests, and fulfil SLA guarantees. Yes, we know what security matters for fintech.

Technologies and Integrations

We pick a tech stack tailored to your business needs and help integrate with services that help financial products stand out.

Our Portfolio in Fintech

Take a look on what we’ve created and helped our clients achieve as fintech software developers.

United Kingdom
We’ve built a strong MVP in only 8 months together with our client Molo Finance. Molo raised £3.7m in funding and began disrupting the UK market from day one, and transformed into an important player on the British fintech market.

Rapid development, smooth integration with a number of third-party services, a decision engine, document generation tools and the ability to become the UK’s first digital mortgage lender - that’s what our partners got with our Python app development services.
We’ve developed 6 web and 2 mobile apps for our partner — Swiss fintech company Money Park. We’ve also created evaluation interfaces, tools for data analysis and several engines.

Python allows you to enhance product endlessly and be flexible with every new feature. Python libraries and open APIs helped us to develop powerful technology-based advisory platforms that can be seamlessly updated.
United States
Repositax is an advanced solution that enables investors and companies to document flow automation, data aggregation, and reporting. Repositax is a SaaS-platform that automates document and file exchange and creates investment reports based on taxation data (Tax Returns and K1). It covers most small- and mid-sized business forms, including LLC and Revocable Trust.
Clear Minds is a digital Swiss investment platform that handles advisory and investment processes. It’s focused on long-term investments, wide diversification, high discipline, avoidance of expensive market timing attempts, low costs, and profits instead of fees. Based on client risk tolerance and goals, Clear Minds provides portfolio proposals that can be further optimised and personalised for the user
Scoperty is a platform that allows to observe, filter, evaluate, purchase and sell property in Germany.

Scoperty’s unique feature is its ability to show dynamic valuations of properties that are not currently for sale. The platform makes price suggestions based on information from homeowners and data provided by Scoperty’s partner, Sprengnetter GmbH. Users can set their price, sell and buy property for free, and access more than 400 lenders through the Interhyp system.

Our partners in Fintech

Francesca Carlesi
CEO and Founder
at Molo
Dr. Stefan A. Heitmann
CEO and Founder
at MoneyPark
Jürg Steiger
CEO and Founder
at Clear Minds
Geir Langfeldt Olsen
CEO and Founder
at Molo
Michael McCarthy
CEO and Founder
at CFO and Repositax
Nick Stamos
CEO and Founder
at Sindeo
Patrik Hansson
CTO at Sanostro and
CTO & Managing
Partner at Clear Minds

We believe that durable partnership is a key to long-term prosperity for both our clients and us. With our fintech software development services, we help our customers build products, enter the markets, and transform into established businesses. We stay to help with support and scaling and go extra to see our partners succeed.

Yes, We do care.

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    Roman Gaponov
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    Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered.

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      We will contact you soon!
      Roman Gaponov
      CEO of Django Stars
      Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered.


      What are the types of Fintech Software?‌

      Fintech industry covers a wide range of products — there are mobile banking apps, advanced investment platforms, tax products, and more. They also often have integrations with third-party apps to receive and process data or payments, get location data, or validate identity.

      What are the services offered by your Fintech Software Development Company?‌

      Here at Django Stars, we’re able to cover whatever financial business may need — from the pre-development stage with analysis and ideas validation to product building and post-release phases.

      What technologies are used in fintech development?‌

      We apply our deep knowledge of Python and Django to build backend, React Angular and Vue.JS to create frontend, as well as React Native to design mobile applications. We also have broad experience in integrating our custom-built applications with multiple services.