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Our Python development agency is here to help you with literally anything you can do with Python & Django.
End-to-end development
Software modernization
Web app migration
Cloud migration
MVP development
API development
Security assessment
Performance optimization
Web Development

Software Architecture

Design a business-tailored software architecture and amplify the efficiency of your operations by implementing changes to your existing solution — we’ll guide you through the process.

As a Python web development company, we dive into your business specifics and develop an architecture solution that meets your goals seamlessly. We provide comprehensive documentation and either advise you through the implementation of the changes or do the engineering by ourselves.

Our services include
  • End-to-end architecture development
  • Existing architecture assessment
  • Requirements and gaps analysis
  • Modernization strategy
  • Tools and practices setup
Translate your business goals into architecture requirements and implement them seamlessly
Get the architecture solution that your business needs: monolithic, microservice, or other
Bring your business closer to the existing and potential customers’ expectations
Ensure a room for smooth new features implementation and easy scaling with our Python agency expertise.
Web Development

Python Software Development

Access our expertise to design a highly performant, secure, and scalable digital product. As a Python software development company, we guide you through the entire product development, set up analytics and maintenance, and support you through product growth.

We introduce a combo of technology and domain expertise and help you design products that fulfill your business needs — be it microservice architecture, a high-load solution, or something else.
Python software solutions we build and transform
Video streaming platforms
Geo Based Apps
CRM and ERP Systems
Enterprise and Intranet Solutions
High-Load Applications
E-commerce Solutions
The structure and format of the code is very good. The developers are consistent and are using dev tools to ensure adherence to a standard. The project, and applications, are clear and simple to understand and maintain. The data model is fairly flat and avoids nesting, making it easy to manage. We believe that great efforts were made to future-proof the project with scale and iteration in mind.
PullRequest review was conducted for our client Repositax
May 15, 2020
case image

As a Python development company, we bring extensive experience across every technical detail. Our fintech client Repositax, an advanced solution for investors and companies for tax and document management, chose our Python development agency exactly because of our Python expertise.

We designed advanced systems for analysis and error-tracking, automated documentation filling out, integrated OCR and payment systems, and set up Repositax for long-term success.

Their focus on Python is very apparent in their efficiency and interactions with me. There are no distractions, and they’re very focused on what I need.
Michael McCarthy
CEO and Founder, Repositax
Frameworks we introduce
Web Development

Software Reengineering

Whether your business is lagging because of obsolete software or you are just about to make a leap and your web app limits you, we are here to help. Our Python app development services include gathering business requirements and translating them into actionable points, a comprehensive assessment of your software, designing a reengineering strategy and turning it into a well-shaped, modern product.

Our services include
  • Reverse engineering
  • Codebase refinement
  • User experience redesign
  • Software capabilities enhancement
  • Platform and database migration
  • Ready-made solutions implementation
  • Software documentation coverage
What you get with our services
Clear vision of your current software, risks, and pitfalls
Detailed reengineering strategy, that includes tools, technologies, timelines, and resources
Tailored integrations set that allows for efficient operations, reduced human work, and lower maintenance costs
Fast, performant digital solution ready for scaling and expansion to new markets

Once the web application was completed our customers were able to utilize the benefits immediately. Our new website provides real-time prices for thousands of dynamic packaged services.

By working together as a team, we’ve achieved exceptional results.

Annett Raue,
CDO of Boa Lingua
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Data Science

Python AI & ML Services

With our Python software development firm you can enhance your operational efficiency, provide a better user experience, and trim down costs with our AI and ML solutions.

Our Python development firm guides you through the entire process of analysis, setting objectives, implementing, and maintaining your AI & ML solutions.

What’s in our services?
From mobile travel apps to enterprise e-commerce solutions, we bring advanced recommendation systems to personalize user experience and boost your conversion rate.
Our ML development process
Datasets research
Our Python development firm’s experts dive into your business specifics, define what datasets are applicable to your case, and test different ML models.
Proof of concept
We make final decisions on datasets, and model parameters, and prepare models to run simulations with the data chosen.
Integration and ML model optimization
Our Python software development agency makes your ML model live and tune it both with model changes and new datasets in order to ensure optimal performance.
Support and maintenance
Our experts monitor the performance and implement minor changes to get your ML solution running efficiently.
Data Science

Python Data Science

Boost sales, improve business efficiency and operations and manage risks wisely with our comprehensive Data Science services.

From smart antifraud solutions to advanced analytics, our Python development company professionals help you define objectives clearly, align your toolsets with business strategy, and support you through your growth.

What our expertise includes
  • Sales process optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Operational intelligence
  • Risk management solutions
  • Route optimization systems
Industries we empower with Data Science
  • Risk analysis
  • Robo-advisory
  • Fraud prevention
  • Insurance assessments
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  • Route optimization
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Demand forecasting
  • Delivery time estimation
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  • Personalization engines
  • Travel advisory solutions
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time analytics
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  • Smart product recommendations
  • Insights processing and analytics
  • Shopping cart optimization
  • Dynamic price optimization
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  • Student behavior analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Assignments assessment
  • Instructor performance assessment
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  • Automated valuations
  • Market forecasting
  • Cluster analysis
  • GIS solutions
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  • Accelerated data structuring
  • Medical image analysis
  • Diseases predictive analysis
  • Drug research tools
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What our Python Data Science process looks like
Objectives and goals establishment

Our Python development team gathers data, analyzes your current solutions, helps you set goals, and aligns your business objectives with tech strategy.

Getting the data prepared

We meticulously analyze data sources, prioritize them, collect and clean the information, and prepare everything for ML model development.

ML models design and tuning

Our ML-dedicated offshore Python developers identify ML methodology, set metrics and criteria, and train Machine Learning models in short iterations.

Formatting the delivery

We transform the data obtained into a format we agreed on at the project preparation stage and provide you with recommendations on its utilization.

Team training and optional services

From ongoing support and tuning of your Data Science Python software solutions to analytics team training, we equip you with everything you may need.

Data Science

Python Computer Vision

Take your business to the next level with our Python development services and computer vision solutions. We analyze your existing software, identify solutions for visual content analysis, build ML models, implement changes and maintain your system.

From advanced face recognition to spatial analysis, our Python software developers cover most tasks your business has and provide turnkey analysis, implementation, and support.

Image Classification

Automate your image classification to detect objects properly, identify and process text, and analyze visual content.

Content Indexing

Organize your video, audio, or written content properly, enhance analytics and real-time processing, and reduce human error.

Object Detection

Identify and localize multiple types of objects on the images across your visual digital content.

Optical Character Recognition

Process large amounts of written content — from personal notes to documents, — and take advantage of well-tuned OCR.

What our expertise includes
  • Landmarking
  • Bounding box
  • 3D cuboids
  • Polylines
  • Masking
  • Transcription
  • Polygons
What’s in our Computer Vision services for your business
  • Fast, cost-effective content segmentation
  • Automated content analysis
  • Reduced human error and accelerated processes
  • Enhanced customer analytics
  • Improved content moderation

Choose the power-up that suits your situation

Dedicated Team

Access a team of Python professionals to build, transform, scale, and support your digital product.

Team Extension

Extend your development squad with our Python engineers, fill the gaps in your expertise, and get the work done faster.

Advisory Services

Build your tech strategy, audit your existing solution, compose efficient integration sets, and take your business to the next level with our advisory services.

case study
case image

Our Python app development company started to work on the Money Park startup back in 2012, and over the years our combined efforts resulted in a sharp, all-around platform for mortgage investment and insurance.

Our team designed the Money Park backend entirely with Python programming language and Django framework, and we keep going together as partners.

  • #1 mortgage broker in the Swiss market
  • CHF 3.4 annual mortgage volume
case image

We reinforced Numerade efforts on their way to a highly-performant video streaming platform for students and educators.

Today, Numerade is one of the most prominent US companies to provide such services, trusted by over 80 million students from world-class universities.

  • 3M+ videos uploaded
‘Django Stars not only delivers top-notch performance in programming but are also a most valuable business partner for us.’
The main testament of the great work done by Django Stars is the fact that a global leader like PADI acquired it. In addition, PADI has not only kept the Django Stars team after the acquisition, they have now declared it a strategic partner
Since the first time we met, we had that click, it felt like we had been working for a long time and that could be a great partnership going forward. If you look at the Django Stars and EatClub relationships, they are not just partners, they are part of our team.
‘They’re motivated and want to see us succeed, rather than acting purely as an outsourced developer.’
Our new website provides real-time prices for thousands of dynamic packaged services. You find over 2.000 customer ratings and the best snapshots from our customers. By working together as a team, we've achieved exceptional results.
I`ll definitely recommend DS, especially for companies that need a creative and unique way of solving the problem from the architecture perspective. It will help companies reduce costs, it will help them become more scalable
DjangoStars led the build-out of this project end to end for us. They provided a lot of expertise on the right architecture and technology to use
They were clearly very knowledgeable. Everything is extremely well-organized. They’re very professional and easy to get along with.
I would recommend Django Stars for two reasons, they both have to do with professionalism. Professionalism one is from the aspect of the company as a whole. They are very, very professional. The second one is that they are very professional in the technologies they take on.
Django Stars has done a great job in putting a team that is knowledgeable, that has looked into our requirements and fully wants to understand our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We see our partners as a part of our development teams — hence, you can follow the work of our Python developers, communicate with them directly or through the project manager, and always have the latest information about your project.