Vue.JS Development Services

Django Stars is a leading Vue.js development agency specializing in creating powerful software solutions for businesses, regardless of size or complexity. Use our development services and Vue.js consulting to create an individual solution for your business needs.
We believe that the technology by itself cannot make a significant difference — but the experience with this technology, the cross-domain knowledge of our Vue.js developers, and our approach certainly can. We enter projects as a fully-fledged Vue.js consulting partner and guide our clients through research, development, scaling, and expansion to new markets.
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We empower your business to take advantage with Vue.js capabilities

Vue.js is extremely lightweight and fast even when compared to React. The core feature of Vue.js is incremental page updates — you don’t need to update and render the whole page when the user interacts with it, but only render the changes needed. So, your users get exactly what they require in milliseconds.
Rapid development
Vue.JS has a simple structure and allows developers to trace the blocks containing errors easily. Combined with code reusability, it significantly speeds up the development and reduces the effort required to build a performant, attractive web application.
Flexibility over time
Due to the rich ecosystem of a large set of tools, the ability to adopt React components, and the overall modular approach to feature development, Vue.js suits both complex software solutions and lightweight applications and enables outstanding flexibility across the entire product lifecycle.
Extra scalability
With advanced versatility and rich libraries, Vue.js allows for adding extra blocks in a fast, secure manner, and introduces multiple features like asynchronous components loading to enable better scalability. To ensure effortless product scaling in the future, our Vue.js development agency also employs project-tailored practices.

What solutions do we recommend using Vue.js for

From social media and microblogging platforms to content management systems, Vue.js introduces control over the entire page, data updates and navigation with no need to reload the page. In such a way, Vue.js software development enables deep sessions, rich interactivity, and outstanding performance — features that are essential for single-page applications.
What makes Vue.js an outstanding choice for SPAs?
  • Client-side router
  • Browser dev tools
  • A fast-build toolchain
  • TypeScript integrations
What SPA solutions Vue.js is good for?
  • Streaming platforms
  • Booking solutions
  • Map applications
Vue.js is extremely lightweight and allows for advanced optimization. Combined with a rich tools ecosystem, it allows developers to design fast, low-latency real-time solutions that empower transportation, food delivery, analytics, and more software solutions.
What makes Vue.js a strong choice for real-time apps?
  • A virtual document object model
  • Modular feature development
  • Advanced flexibility
What real-time solutions Vue.js is good for?
  • Messaging apps
  • Transportation solutions
  • Real-time finance analytics apps
Vue.js is tiny, lightning fast, and introduces advanced customizability, which suits progressive web applications’ needs exceptionally well. Vue.js also allows turning native mobile solutions into PWAs effortlessly, which brings additional benefits in terms of SEO, security, and performance.
What makes Vue.js great for PWAs?
  • Vue CLI has a PWA plugin
  • Small size
  • Rapid development
What PWA solutions Vue.js is good for?
  • Social media and blogs
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Booking platforms

Shape winning solutions with our all-around Vue.js expertise

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We cover everything about Vue.js product development

Custom app development

We bring an all-around product development expertise and guidance from pre-development research to maintenance and scaling. As a Vue.js development firm, we compose tailored technology and integration sets and enable your business to get the maximum value from your software product.

What’s in it for you?
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Outstanding performance
  • Decent flexibility and scalability
Migration to Vue.js

From seamless TypeScript compatibility to enhanced security and better library performance, we equip your solutions with the latest Vue.js version to ensure an outstanding user experience. Our Vue.js consultants and experts conduct an all-around analysis of your solution, identify pain points and whether you actually need to upgrade, conduct migration, and cover our work with comprehensive documentation.

What’s in it for you?
  • Mitigate performance issues
  • Ensure optimization efficiency
  • Better TypeScript compatibility
Turning an app into a PWA

Whether you have an obsolete application or consider saving your development costs, employing Vue.js to build a PWA would be extremely beneficial. As a Vue.js development company, we guide you through the pre-development analysis, identify the most efficient solution, and cover the implementation.

What’s in it for you?
  • Leverage offline access features
  • Enhance SEO-friendliness
  • Improve security
Vue.JS Consultancy and advisory

Whether we enter the project at the pre-development stage or you engage our Vue.js development agency to optimize existing solutions, we provide comprehensive recommendations to bring your tech and business together.

What’s in it for you?
  • All-around software assessment
  • Integrations and tech stack composition
  • Advisory across the entire product lifecycle

We turn Vue.js benefits into your business advantage

01 /
Faster time-to-market
02 /
Advanced product flexibility
03 /
High performance
04 /
Enhanced user experience
05 /
Effortless updates and maintenance
06 /
High QA and unit test efficiency
07 /
Cost efficiency for cross-platform solutions
08 /
Easy team extension due Vue.js simplicity

case study

case image

We’ve helped Numerade design a visually pleasing, easy-to-navigate video streaming platform for online education to enable effortless, cost-efficient learning for students across the globe.

  • 2.000.000+ video lessons uploaded
case image

Together with Billion To One we’ve built a platform that elevates genetic testing accuracy and accelerates the process of getting the test results while keeping the highest security standards. We’ve been HIPAA certified to work with Billion To One.

  • Y-Combinator-funded company
  • $87.5M raised in funding
case image

From a logbook startup into the market leader, we’ve been there for PADI Travel as a technical partner. Together, we’ve created an advanced platform to search and book resorts and liveaboards and designed a mobile app with location-based recommendations.

  • #1 booking platform for scuba divers in the world
  • 5M+ products listed


Among the VueJS development services that our team offers are: custom app development, migration to Vue.js, turning a mobile app into a progressive web app, and professional consultancy in VueJS development.