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Vue.JS Development Company

Applying technologies that suit your product best.

We focus on the bigger picture and think ahead — and that’s why we choose Vue.JS

At Django Stars, we never concentrate on the tech side only and strive to cover everything that might happen in the future. People won’t use your product if the page loads slowly or looks poorly, or you left several bugs that affect user experience, or the technology you chose just doesn't fit your product scale.

We consider such risks from the very development start and apply the technology stack that eliminates them.

We do not claim that some frameworks or libraries are better, but we know for sure that some may suit specific projects better than others. Our Vue development services are designed in a way that allows getting most out of the technology potential and empowering products with the strengths Vue.JS has. Here are some of them:

  • Flexibility
  • High Performance
  • Scalability
  • Faster Development
  • Compatibility

We help strong products happen

Great ideas are not transformed into great products by default, but with a proper tech stack and the right team they do can conquer any market.

  • Fintech
  • Transportation
  • Traveltech
  • Proptech
  • Helthcare & Fitness
Helthcare & Fitness


  • Lending Software
  • Digital Mortgage Products
  • Investment Platforms
  • Accounting Solutions
  • InsurTech
  • RegTech


  • Taxi Applications
  • Food Delivery Solutions
  • Logistics Software
  • Car-sharing Platforms
  • Route Optimization solutions
  • Transportation Management systems


  • Hospitality Software
  • Travel Marketplaces
  • Hotel Management Solutions
  • Airline Software
  • Travel APIs
  • Airline Software Development


  • Real Estate Marketplaces
  • Property Lending Solutions
  • Property Management Apps

Helthcare & Fitness

  • Professional Applications
  • Nutrition Software
  • Activity-tracking Solutions
  • Fitness Logbooks

Why use our Vue.JS services?

We’ve been building products in multiple industries and for multiple markets. Some of them we maintain for more than 8 years and have seen them transforming from start-ups into market-leading companies.

We know exactly what might happen and what our tech stack decisions may turn into. And when we choose Vue.JS, we are sure that the product needs its specific strengths.

  • Suits products of any size
    Vue. JS is flexible, lightweight and has a rich ecosystem with a large set of tools. It can be applied effectively both when designing complex solutions with lots of functionalities or when creating single-page applications.
  • Ensures high performance
    Vue.JS uses a virtual Document Object Model — in simple words, it doesn’t update and render the whole page information when the user interacts with it, but only renders the changes needed. It sufficiently improves performance and makes Vue.JS even faster than several major frameworks like React or Angular.
  • Speeds up the development
    Vue.JS has a simple structure and, what’s even more important, it allows to trace the blocks containing errors easily. Combined with code reusability, it significantly speeds up the development.

Partner with Us

Collaboration means everything
The clearer and easier collaboration is, the faster product can be created and enter the market. We establish easy yet quite efficient processes, where every team member knows role, functions, and can communicate directly with other team members.
For the greater product
We have broad experience in building digital solutions, and when we see a chance to improve the product, we never hesitate to express our thoughts, ideas, and opinion. If there’s a choice between being ‘nice’ and building a product you can be proud of, we definitely will choose the second.
Think of the future
We take the ideas we are ready to put our heart, soul and all brainpower into — and that means, we build them in a way they can easily handle scaling, adding features, entering new markets etc.
Your alliance
We work with our key partners for more than 7 years on average, and never lose motivation or inspiration to improve, scale, or transform products.

Our Portfolio

We love every product we’ve created and hope you will too.
United Kingdom
We’ve built a strong MVP in only 8 months together with our client Molo Finance. Molo raised £3.7m in funding and began disrupting the UK market from day one, and transformed into an important player on the British fintech market.

Rapid development, smooth integration with a number of third-party services, a decision engine, document generation tools and the ability to become the UK’s first digital mortgage lender - that’s what our partners got with our Python app development services.
We’ve developed 6 web and 2 mobile apps for our partner — Swiss fintech company Money Park. We’ve also created evaluation interfaces, tools for data analysis and several engines.

Python allows you to enhance product endlessly and be flexible with every new feature. Python libraries and open APIs helped us to develop powerful technology-based advisory platforms that can be seamlessly updated.
Together with our client PADI Travel, we’ve created a world’s #1 booking platform for scuba diving that handles over 250k+ visitors every day. Being perfect to design high-load applications, Python allows adding new features easily and helps us develop and improve the product on a daily basis.

Diviac enjoys enormous popularity with divers around the globe, uniting over 200 000+ divers, 10 000+ dive operators with real-life ratings and reviews, 300+ liveaboards and 900+ destinations. Also, it allows merchants to list, promote, and sell their services.
Scoperty is a platform that allows to observe, filter, evaluate, purchase and sell property in Germany.

Scoperty’s unique feature is its ability to show dynamic valuations of properties that are not currently for sale. The platform makes price suggestions based on information from homeowners and data provided by Scoperty’s partner, Sprengnetter GmbH. Users can set their price, sell and buy property for free, and access more than 400 lenders through the Interhyp system.
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Account Executive, Django Stars
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    Anastasiia Yuvchyk
    Account Executive, Django Stars
    Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered

      To learn more about how we process your data, visit our Privacy Policy.
      Your request has been successfully sent.
      We will contact you soon!
      Anastasiia Yuvchyk
      Account Executive, Django Stars
      Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered


      What is Vue.JS technology?‌

      Vue. JS is a JavaScript framework that allows for creating highly interactive and well-performing user interfaces. As a Vue.JS software development company, we help our customers take advantage of its rich ecosystem and high scalability.

      What is Vue.js good for?‌

      When it comes to rich visualization and rapid development, Vue.JS is an obvious choice for most businesses. It suits both large and small projects and works well with mobile apps. Our Vue.JS services are focused on ensuring both visual attractiveness and high performance.

      How Vue.js is beneficial for business?‌

      Being extremely scalable and providing outstanding performance, Vue.JS also suits projects of any size. That means, with an experienced Vue.JS development agency you can build a well-shaped solution right away and easily implement changes when there’s a need for them.