Software Development Services

Guiding you through the entire process of product development, we build solutions that elevate your business and have a strong foundation for transformation and scaling.
<span> Software Development </span> Services
We set our partners up for their software's long-term growth, and invest a lot of resources into planning and architecting to ensure their business prosperity.

With 100+ software solutions behind our belts, we know precisely how to fulfil our client’s business goals with technology solutions.

Starting with ideas validation and pre-development discovery, we design and craft products that genuinely appeal to your customers.

Service overview

Custom Software

We guide you through full-cycle software development. We ideate, validate, and embody software solutions in a way that fulfills your business goals and allows for rapid scaling. Focusing on a product's long-term success, we never leave our partners halfway and support them through launch, expansion, and transformation.
Custom Software  <br>Development
Service overview


We empower our clients with various skill sets, accelerate development and make sure their software projects are delivered on time. Bringing exceptional tech and domain expertise combined with rapid scaling up or down, we help our customers elevate their businesses.
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IT Consulting
and Advisory

We conduct a thorough analysis of either your existing custom software or project idea, help you define goals and requirements correctly, and develop a solution that aligns your business processes, aims, and long-term vision.
IT Consulting<br> and Advisory
Service overview

ML and AI

We help businesses leverage AI and ML technologies to build genuinely efficient, future-ready digital software solutions able to ensure optimized user experiences and fulfill business needs in a long run. We identify needs, opportunities, and solutions and help to implement them both into existing and new products.
ML and AI<br> Services
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‘Django Stars not only delivers top-notch performance in programming but are also a most valuable business partner for us.’
‘It feels as though they are a part of our company, and their people are really engaged in delivering a good solution’.
‘I'm very positive about Django Stars, and I can recommend them without any problem.’
‘By working together as a team, we've achieved exceptional results’
Cooperation Models for Custom Software Development
Team Extension
  • Works well for both short- and long-term projects
  • You handle low-level management and daily routine
  • Rapid squad scaling up or down
Dedicated Team
  • Best choice for long-term projects
  • We handle low-level management and daily routine
  • Full transparency and predictability with no micromanagement
Time and Material
  • Suitable for both complex projects and MVPs
  • Flexible scope and development management
  • Full transparency and control under development
Partner with us
  • We provide comprehensive software solutions analysis, consult enterprises on technical strategy and implementation, and drive their digital transformation
  • Extending your team, we bring exceptional technical expertise to accelerate your development
  • With complex business automation, advanced analytics, ongoing optimization, and maintenance, we fuel enterprises to grow and scale
  • Modernize your existing software, scale and expand on new markets, or build your product from the ground up — we are here to take the technical worries off your shoulders
  • Providing end-to-end software development and covering day-to-day management, we act as your expert tech partner and deliver complete tech solutions
  • Extend your custom software development capabilities with our engineers that bring deep tech and domain expertise
  • With meticulous research, ideas validation, and all-round consultancy, we equip startups with everything they might need to bring their product to life
  • From pre-development discovery to MVP and fully-fledged products, we help startups build and scale their solutions as a complete development team
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and security standards in a long run
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Account Executive, Django Stars
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