Logistics and Transportation Software Development

We are a technical partner for logistics businesses to seamlessly build, modernize, and maintain their software products.
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Django Stars came highly recommended from people in my network that I trust
David Falck
David Falck
Vice President, US Foods

Mid-sized and large logistics enterprises engage us to build, modernize, and maintain their software solutions.


With our logistics software development company, businesses cover the entire process of product development — from the ideation and discovery phase to maintenance and scaling.

Logistics businesses choose us for our engineering expertise — for more than 15 years we’ve been building software exclusively with Python, and our approaches empower them to design flawless solutions and ensure durability, scalability, and security from the planning stage.

We offer uncompromised engineering expertise, a deep understanding of product structures and logistics-specific software components, and all-around service sets to build, modernize, and scale your logistics software.
Arthur Bachinskiy
Arthur Bachinskiy
Chief Operations Officer and Сo-Founder

Boost your logistics business with our expertise

Enhance visibility on
a business owner level

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Get real-time data insights and ease decision-making
  • Analyze your short- and long-term data better
  • Enhance long-terms forecasting

Optimize planning on
a C-management level

  • See and manage resources better
  • Set up seamless integration between departments
  • Understand and meet customer demands better
  • Enhance long- and mid-term forecasting

Boost efficiency on
a department management level

  • Automate tasks to save time and money
  • Manage inventory and fleet more efficiently
  • Assess and utilize resources better
  • Enhance mid- and short-term forecasting

Maximize field
workforce productivity

  • Enable real-time communication and route optimization
  • Optimize delivery schedules, routs, and fuel consumption
  • Allocate tasks and manage inventory more efficiently
  • Reduce travel time

We are experts in creating logistics-specific software components

To build solutions tailored to our customers’ businesses and enable extra planning and development flexibility, we approach logistics software as a set of industry-specific components

User Management
  • Access control and permissions
  • User authentication and verification
  • Role-based user profiles
  • User activity tracking and logging
User Authentication
  • Secure login credentials
  • Multi-factor authentication options
  • Password encryption and hashing
  • User identity verification methods
Order Management
  • Order tracking and visibility
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Returns and exchange handling
  • Customer data management
  • Sales and lead tracking
  • Customer communication and engagement
  • Service and support management
Inventory Management
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Stock level monitoring
  • Reorder point management
  • Inventory optimization and analysis
Multi-currency support
  • Currency conversion and exchange rates
  • Pricing and invoicing flexibility
  • Financial reporting in multiple currencies
  • International transaction handling
Multi-language support
  • Language localization and translation
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Communication in multiple languages
  • Documentation and content adaptation
  • Real-time status updates
  • Event-triggered notifications
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Event-based automated notifications
Route Optimization
  • Optimal route planning algorithms
  • Traffic and distance optimization
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Delivery time window optimization
Onboarding flow
  • User registration and account setup
  • Guided setup and configuration
  • Data import and integration
  • User training and documentation management
Dispatch Management
  • Real-time job assignment
  • Driver and vehicle allocation
  • Dispatch scheduling and tracking
  • Communication with field personnel
GPS Tracking
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Fleet visibility and monitoring
  • Geofencing and boundary alerts
  • Historical route tracking data
Reporting and Analytics
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Performance metrics and KPIs
  • Trend analysis and forecasting
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
Real-Time Updates
  • Live status and tracking
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Dynamic route adjustments
  • Real-time inventory visibility
Real-Time Communication
  • Instant messaging and chat
  • Collaborative task management
  • Team coordination and updates
  • Document and information sharing
API Gateway
  • Integration with external systems
  • Secure access and authentication
  • Data transformation and routing
  • Service orchestration and management

More logistics software components we build

Order Tracking
Delivery Management
Fleet Management
Driver Management
Real-Time Data Analytics
Billing and Invoicing
Resource Allocation
Mobile App
Yard Management
Permission Management
Customer Support
In-app messaging
Delivery Scheduling
Automated Scheduling
Location-Based Services
Multi-Location Delivery
Vendor Management
Payment Processing
Equipment Tracking
Multi Tenancy
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Freight Management Systems

Logistics software solutions we build, modernize, and scale

Choose a solution relevant to you
Choose a solution relevant to you
Transportation Management Systems
Warehouse Management Systems
Supply Chain Management Systems
Fleet Management Systems
Delivery Management Platforms
Last-Mile Delivery Platforms
Logistics CRM
Supply Chain Management Systems
Route Planning and Optimization Systems
Inventory Optimization Platforms
Logistics Analytics Dashboards
Freight Payment and Audit Solutions
Carrier Management Solutions
E-commerce Fulfillment Platforms
Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions
Reverse Logistics Management Systems
Intermodal Transportation Management Systems
Trade Compliance Management Systems
Rail Freight Management Systems
Air Freight Management Systems
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What components do we typically include in Delivery Management Platforms?
What components do we typically include in Last-Mile Delivery Platforms?
What components do we typically include in Logistics CRM?
What components do we typically include in Supply Chain Management Systems?
What components do we typically include in Route Planning and Optimization Systems?
What components do we typically include in Inventory Optimization Platforms?
What components do we typically include in Logistics Analytics Dashboards?
What components do we typically include in Freight Payment and Audit Solutions?
What components do we typically include in Carrier Management Solutions?
What components do we typically include in E-commerce Fulfillment Platforms?
What components do we typically include in Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions?
What components do we typically include in Reverse Logistics Management Systems?
What components do we typically include in Intermodal Transportation Management Systems?
What components do we typically include in Trade Compliance Management Systems?
What components do we typically include in Rail Freight Management Systems?
What components do we typically include in Air Freight Management Systems?
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about solutions

We bring exceptional expertise in some selected logistics solutions development

Transportation Management Systems Development

From optimized dispatch and routing to real-time data capture and analytics, we design transportation management systems that equip businesses with advanced capabilities for cost reduction, better expenses management, and efficient routine automation.

Warehouse Management System Development

We create custom WMS solutions to empower businesses to reduce stockouts, optimize stock levels and labor utilization, eliminate shipping errors, and introduce additional inventory management efficiency across your warehouses.

Supply Chain Management System Development

Empowering businesses with software that provides data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and in-depth scenario planning capabilities, we help them bring their entire supply chains to the next level and improve efficiency.

Fleet Management System Development

With a well-shaped combo of route optimization, fuel management, driver performance monitoring, and compliance solutions, we empower logistics businesses to improve on-time performance and enhance productivity.

Delivery Management Platforms

Enable efficient order processing and consistent customer experience across multiple channels, integrate seamlessly with transportation and warehousing solutions, and ensure smooth data flow and synchronization, achieving better visibility and forecasting.
technical partner
technical partner

As a technical partner, we design robust logistics solutions from scratch and help large Fortune 500 enterprises enhance and align the software with their long-term business strategies.

Operating primarily in the US, UK, EU, and MENA markets, we bring extensive business expertise to help our clients build attractive, regulations-compliant, and technically flawless digital solutions.

We offer expertise across 100+ product development, an in-depth consultancy, and life-long maintenance services — and that’s what makes a difference for our clients’ businesses.

Django Stars came highly recommended from people in my network that I trust. The portal was very well received by the business and helped our salespeople discover leads and insights about their markets and territories. Their communication and consultation skills were top-notch. I'm looking for more opportunities to use Django Stars this year.
David Falck
David Falck
Vice President, US Foods
case study
case image
  • Team of 8 experts
  • 15+ months project duration
  • Fortune 500 company

Started working with a Fortune 500-owned food delivery company in February 2022, for less than in year we helped our partners to enhance their scaling capabilities, implemented the highest code quality standards, set up a permission management system, and refined several legacy solutions into modern, functional ones.

Our transportation and logistics software experts helped our partner enhance the product with new functionalities and set up optimized CI/CD and DevOps practices to ensure smooth future development. Today, the platform is an integral part of a Fortune 500 company and serves as a data hub for an entire enterprise.

Speaking the same language is an important thing— what do we value, what we bring to the table, and how do you look at solving problems together. That’s the huge thing we found being very aligned with Django Stars. We look forward to continuing working together.
John Jascovski
John Jascovski
Software Engineering Manager
case image
  • Team of 8 experts
  • Partnership in 2018-2019
  • 1M+ packages delivered every year

We’ve driven Azyan, a last-mile food delivery service, from pre-development discovery to a complete application build-out.

Azyan engaged one backend engineer from Django Stars at the start of our cooperation — and, once we synced on our approaches and vision, we scaled the team to 8 experts.

Our team designed web and mobile applications that connect clients, drivers, and restaurants into a seamless food delivery chain. Clients can check the restaurants available on the map and menus, configure and submit orders, track driver position and route in real-time, and get a notification when the order is about to arrive, while drivers get optimized routes and streamlined processes of package collection and delivery.

Today, Azyan serves McDonald’s and Carrefour and is one of the food delivery market leaders in Jordan.
technical partner

Choose from our modular service sets to maximize the cooperation efficiency


Access our transportation software development services to build or enhance your solution and set up a smooth maintenance process.
  • Product Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Support And Maintenance
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Software Reengineering

Software Consultancy

Engage our experts to build a comprehensive technology strategy, plan your digital transformation, or conduct a product discovery to help you ensure efficient development plan.
  • Technology Consulting
  • Digital Transformation
  • CTO As A Service
  • For Startups
  • Product Discovery Phase

Team Extension

Expand your team with our experts to accelerate your logistics software development, fill the gaps in technical expertise, and bring additional process efficiency.
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated Team
  • Python Development
  • Django Development
  • Node.Js Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • React Native Development
  • Vue.Js Development

ML & AI services

Enhance your transportation logistics software solutions with better data visibility and introduce additional efficiency with AI-based tools for automation, communication, and optimization.
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Virtual Assistants

We only take the projects we are sure to deliver flawlessly

We compose only teams with project-relevant expertise

Our development squads are always led by an expert who worked on projects with similar requirements, solutions, and components. In such a way, we ensure efficient cooperation between your business professionals and our development team.

We also assign only the designers who have experience creating solutions within your target market and kind of business.


We don’t do hardware and low-level engineering

We design web and mobile apps and can help you to build software for your hardware. We don’t have low-level engineering expertise — though, our team has proven to work extremely well in cooperation with hardware squads.

For Surfacide, one of our US-based clients, we’ve created an app to manage and monitor UV-C towers they manufacture — and worked just fine even during the Covid pandemic.


We integrate and set up AI & ML solutions, not develop them

Our expertise allows us to provide our clients with cost-efficient AI & ML solutions. We configure, modify, and set up AI-based generative chats, productivity, creativity, and more kinds of tools to empower businesses, but we don’t develop such software ourselves.

For Illumidesk, one of our largest edtech clients, we’ve integrated AI tools to enhance and speed up an assignment design, and now it significantly reduces the effort instructors put into the process.

Technology Stack
Technology Stack

We compose battle-tested technology stacks tailored to every project

Python is the only thing that hasn’t changed over the 100+ projects we’ve designed
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Frequently Asked Questions

We design applications and systems that streamline processes and optimize the entire logistics system — from high-level strategic decision-making to boosting workforce productivity. Logistics software solutions aim to manage tasks like route planning, fleet management, inventory control, and supply chain optimization, enabling businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall logistics operations.