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The Switzerland-largest mortgage online broker that provides personalized advice, helps clients find the best deals, and introduces broad capabilities for B2B partners.
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Mortgage broker in the Swiss market
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Acquired Money Park for CHF 107M
How we started

Money Park reached us in 2012 when they were in the process of designing an intermediary platform aimed to cover mortgage, investment, and retirement planning. The solution they had in mind was quite complex, and Money Park needed additional resources in order to maintain a steady development pace and build a sharp MVP for their fintech mortgage broker platform.

In the first stage of our cooperation, we focused on 3 core objectives:
  • Build a fully-functional MVP for the online mortgage broker
  • Empower Money Park to keep the development pace
  • Cover project testing and quality assurance
Functionalities added
In 2 months
At the start of our partnership
Since 2012
Team size
10-15 Engineers

Why Money Park chose us

When we started our cooperation, Money Park aimed to act as an intermediary consulting agency between customers and banks to help its clients find mortgages and insurance.

Money Park’s idea combined online and in-person approaches to provide fast, precise, and cost-efficient advisory services. To bring such a concept to life, Money Park needed a complex mortgage system able to cover advanced calculations, financial analysis, automated property valuations, and meet Swiss financial market specifics.

When starting our cooperation with Money Park, we already had experience designing complex mortgage broker solutions and introduced versatile technical knowledge — which, in combination with a sharp development process, worked for Money Park just fine.


Money Park chose us due to our deep expertise across mortgage software development, Python, and Django, and a perfect match of our processes and development cultures.

I had a good feeling even when I first contacted them, and I went to Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet with them in person. While I was there, they showcased a number of their projects and introduced me to their developers, the same ones that’d be working on our own work.  I felt very comfortable with their process and their approach, which ultimately led me to hiring them

Benjamin Tacquet

Benjamin Tacquet

CTO, Moneypark

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Long-term business objectives

Money Park online mortgage broker platform entered the Swiss fintech market with a smooth combo of in-person and online advising, and a stack of tools that allowed it to provide its clients with rapidly prepared, tailored offers.

Then, we aimed to cover the entire process —  from the search for a property, the financing, during the ownership phase, to the follow-up financing and sale, —  and design a transparent, data-driven, and truly independent solution operating across Switzerland.

To achieve it, we focused on several major goals:
  • Create an advanced platform to provide users with the most suitablemortgage and insurance offers
  • Become the #1 mortgage lender in Switzerland
  • Expand to the B2B market
Fueling the transformation
For more than a decade of partnership, we help Money Park provide customers with comprehensive and customized mortgage and real estate solutions and cement its leadership in the Swiss market.

As product and technical experts, we’ve been there to empower Money Park’s transformation across the years —  from acquiring competitors and being acquired by Helvetia Group to an annual mortgage volume of billions of CHF. And today we still work together.

Partners since 2012
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Technology Stack
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What makes Money Park the #1 mortgage broker in Switzerland.

All-around mortgage advisory

Money Park accompanies its clients from the idea of getting a mortgage to the sales process and beyond, empowers them to make more informed decisions, and provides a truly personal experience.

Together, we’ve designed a complex online mortgage broker platform that processes lots of data from individuals and institutions and takes into account every detail about properties — from noise levels and sightseeing to transport and infrastructure — to do precise valuations.

Money Park advisors are equipped with extensive tools for financial analysis, tax optimization, and cooperation with banks, agencies, and lenders, and use custom-built technologies at every step of guiding their clients through the mortgage process.

Combining an in-person approach and technologies, Money Park provides access to an exclusive properties database and a streamlined search process.
  • Property base of 14k+ homes
  • AI-driven property valuation
  • Personalized search
  • Instant calculations
Money Park helps customers find the most suitable property and mortgage options and covers every detail. Our combined team made it possible by designing a complex platform that not only handles operations and calculations but introduces a custom service that allows Money Park to integrate with dozens of partners — from banks to real estate agencies.
Dmytro Sichkar

Dmytro Sichkar

Senior Backend Developer

An efficiently designed B2B cooperation

Molo introduces a flexible, personalized approach that allows to provide customers with multiple product offers differentiated by interest rate, fees, and repayment amount.

To make this cooperation truly efficient, we’ve designed multiple interfaces for institutions, set up comprehensive planning and data transfer, and integrated with solutions like Logismata, Wuestpartner, and SwissLife. Combining these features with extensive functionalities for data validation, calculations, and automation, Money Park introduces a streamlined, time-effective cooperation process.

We also designed a platform called Finance Park, which grants Money Park partners access to all the technologies, developments, and data needed to provide advisory services as efficiently as Money Park does.

  • 150 B2B partners
  • 20 offline branches
  • Finance Park B2B platform
Mortgage calculators
To provide consumers with approximate results of the possible offers right away and save advisors’ time.
Complex CRM systems
To cover everything advisors may need from the first contact with customers to getting offers from banks and beyond.
Property valuation tools
To conduct precise property valuation by dozens of parameters rapidly and provide clients with personalized offers.
Location analysis tools
To match clients’ expectations better and calculate property prices even more precisely.
Interfaces for real estate agencies
To streamline the cooperation with agents, speed up the mortgage process, and help clients qualify for properties faster.
Financial analysis tools
To retrieve, process, and transfer financial data rapidly, which shortens the way between clients and mortgage offers.
Tax optimization tools
To bring additional transparency to the process and save up clients’ money.
Insurance products analysis tools
To save up advisors’ time and come up with personalized insurance offers faster.
Pension analysis mechanisms
To bring additional predictability to mortgage offers and provide clients with more suitable retirement plans.
Finance Park platform
To equip B2B partners with data, tools, and technologies to provide advisory services.
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