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We help startups design a product architecture, build a proper tech strategy, and manage their teams through the entire product lifecycle. Our CTO consulting services will help you take your startup to a whole new level.
We empower you to achieve technical excellence that helps your product attract investment, and sets it up for effortless growth and scaling.

As your virtual CTO, we help you build a development culture, shape the technology strategy, comply with regulatory requirements, and tech and business-related mitigate risks beforehand.

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We elevate your product development by introducing an all-around CTO consulting

Technical audit and due diligence
Whether we provide CTO consulting services for startups or enterprises, we take a deep dive into the technical side of your product, conduct an audit, get you prepared for due diligence, and develop comprehensive recommendations for improvements. In such a way, we set you up for efficient product development.
Long-term technology strategy
Starting with all-around research, we help you align your business objectives with technical strategy, and compose comprehensive sets of technologies, tools, and integrations. Thus, we empower your product to fulfil the business needs in a long-term perspective.
Advanced risk management
We help you mitigate risks related to market and domain specifics, technology limitations, architecture design, and meeting your short- and long-term business objectives. As your virtual CTO, we help you develop realistic expectations and equip you with clear step-by-step recommendations on how to meet them.
Day-to-day development management
Whether you need to optimize your development routine and enhance your processes or reconsider your current team structure, our CTO consulting services are here to help with change implementation and maintenance. On a day-to-day basis, we take care of team management and documentation to keep your processes sharp and efficient. This is where the value of our CTO consulting services lies.
Compliance with regulations
From GDPR and CCPA to industry-specific standards and government regulations, we get you prepared for compliance procedures and guide you through the entire process. We align the tech part of the project with your business objectives to set you up for effortless compliance with regulatory requirements as your product grows and changes.

We enter at any project stage to empower your business

Pre-development discovery

Before the development, we drive you through the competitor research and help you shape the final concept of how your product will look and work — from technologies, tools and integrations to features and long-term vision.

  • Architecture consulting and design
  • Defining the clear project goals
  • Technology stack composition
  • MVP feature set composition
Project planning

Providing virtual CTO advisory services, we analyze your developments, equip you with a product development strategy, and create clear, realistic timelines and development plans that meet your current resources and needs.

  • Building and optimizing the development plan
  • Architecture audit
  • Setting up the development processes
  • Timelines and resources estimate development
Project pitching

We support you through the various stages of getting investments as a fully-fledged part of your team. That means we prepare the tech side of pitch decks, communicate with investors, and support your business presentations as a CTO.

  • Business and tech parts alignment
  • Technology pitch deck development
  • Tech-related communication with investors
  • Q&A with investors
Product development

We take the control over the development off your shoulders, set up transparent processes and communication, and maintain the project-critical documentation. We also analyze your current routine and provide comprehensive recommendations on its optimization.

  • Composing the team and setting up processes
  • Defining the clear project goals
  • Development routine optimization
  • Day-to-day management of the development process
Scaling and maintenance

When your business grows and requires more power, we enter the project to align your business and tech strategies, define the most efficient ways for your product to scale, and set up continuous and automated scaling processes.

  • Architecture audit and improvement
  • Building a scaling strategy
  • Defining cost-efficient scaling solutions
  • Scaling and maintenance management
Elevate your product development and management processes
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Access our expertise to design exactly the solution your business requires

Full-time CTO consulting services

Entering your project at any stage, we fill in the gaps in your tech expertise and cover all of your technical needs — from roadmaps and infrastructure to team management on a full-time basis.

  • Thorough tech and business consultancy
  • An in-house level capacity of 40 hours per week
  • Better cost-efficiency compared to an in-house CTO
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Part-time CTO advisory services

As a part-time CTO, we complete your technical department with highly-specific expertise. We cover particular areas that require a power-up and establish efficient cooperation with your business and technical departments.

  • Covers less than 100% of CTO work
  • Focuses on particular project parts
  • Leaves room for a full-time CTO
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One-time CTO consulting services

We enter the project for a short period of time to solve specific problems, guide you through product transformation, new features development, or scaling, and provide you with exhaustive recommendations on further development and maintenance.

  • Focuses on achieving specific short-term goals
  • Usually engaged for advanced troubleshooting
  • Covers technical audit and analysis
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Interim CTO advisory services

We enter your project for the short term to maintain your development, set up and tune your processes and support you through the process of hiring and onboarding a new full-time CTO. 

  • Covers CTO role until a full-time CTO is hired
  • Provides CTO consulting and manages routine
  • Helps to hire and onboard a full-time CTO
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case study

case image

As a technical partner of Repositax, a US-based SaaS platform, we’ve designed an advanced solution that automates financial documentation flow and helps businesses deal with tax-related processes faster.

  • $1.6M+ raised in investments
Django Stars is the lead vendor that helps coordinate the other vendors. The application is finished, it works, and it has customers.

Michael McCarthy

CEO & Founder at Repositax Inc.

case image

A German real estate platform Scoperty introduces a highly performant map to search and observe properties across the entire Germany and equips users with advanced features to sell and buy real estate.

As a technical partner, we guide Scoperty through advanced architecture design, market-specific regulations, and empower them to scale in a smooth and cost-effective manner.

  • 35M+ properties listed
They feel fully responsible for our product. They think about the solution, and I think that is really cool for an outside company.

Sebastian Frenzel

CPO of Scoperty

case image

Together with PADI Travel, we’ve transformed a Swiss-born logbook startup Diviac into a world-leading platform for scuba divers that serves more than 200k users worldwide. We’ve been there for them as a full-time technical partner, guiding them through the peculiarities of growth, scaling, and regulation compliance.

  • 5M+ products listed
  • 200k+ users
Diviac Travel which is now PADI Travel is the world's leading Online Travel Agency for Scuba Divers. The main testament of the great work done by Django Stars is the fact that a global leader like PADI acquired it. In addition, PADI has not only kept the Django Stars team after the acquisition, they have now declared it a strategic partner.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


In each case, the cost of CTO services may be different. However, our team is trying to make sure that the services are available to a wide range of startups, regardless of the industry or set of technologies that will be used to create the project.