A US-based edtech platform to empower instructors and large educational institutions to deliver content and teach data-driven subjects more efficiently.
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Founded in 2015
How we started

Illumidesk partnered with us in February 2022, when they already had a Jupyter Notebook-based platform to help content managers, instructors, and students to teach and learn data-driven subjects more effectively. Though, the technology limitations prevented Illumidesk from growing due to poor scalability and trackability.

Together, we’ve had to transform the existing Illumidesk developments into a scalable, feature-rich platform that takes advantage of bleeding-edge technology.
we focused on several core goals
Redesign the platform architecture
Introduce advanced content management, analytics, and AI-based tools
Ensure advanced scalability and potential for integration with enterprise businesses
Since 2022
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Why Illumidesk chose us

When we started our cooperation in Feb 2022, Illumidesk required a team able to bring their existing platform to another level rather than design it from scratch. They needed a partner who not only has a solid experience across Python and related technologies but is able to dive into the existing architecture and redesign it in a way that business requires.

Illumidesk platform aimed to provide students, instructors, content creators, and admins with the best experience possible — simultaneously.

To make it possible, Illumidesk required a partner not only familiar with the US and global edtech market but the one ready to rapidly introduce bleeding-edge technologies to keep the platform on top of its game. We’ve also been able to demonstrate our expertise during the short discovery phase, after which we become long-term partners.


Illumidesk chose us because of the expertise we showed during the discovery phase — for these few weeks, we’ve aligned our processes and visions and achieved significant results in enhancing product scalability.

We needed somebody with experience of doing that not only with Python but also more common frameworks in the Python ecosystem, such as FastAPI and Django. And, well, I was really happy with the first phase of the project, which was the discovery phase.

Greg Werner

Greg Werner

Founder, Illumidesk

Fueling the transformation

During our cooperation, Illumidesk transformed from a platform with limited functionality and scalability into an advanced solution that empowers instructors to deliver their courses in the most efficient way across multiple student groups.

Today, Illumidesk offers the ability for instructors to create interactive exercises within the course content, and grade assignments either automatically or manually while students can actually run the code, practice, and complete the tasks.

Together, we’ve been able to redesign the Illumidesk platform and introduce the functionalities that make the platform a first choice for large businesses and educational institutions.

Partners since 2022
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Discovery Phase   
Conducted a several-week discovery phase, we’ve been able to come up with solutions to help Illumidesk ensure an ability to grow and scale.

Our core goal during this phase was to analyze the existing architecture and find a way to transform it into one that allows for more efficient scaling and empowers our combined team to turn Illumidesk into a future-proof, complete platform for instructors and students.

Our initial pain points were scale. In order to operate as a true software-as-a-service company, we need to be multi-tenant. When we completed the discovery project with Django Stars, we found that those pain points would be resolved. I was really happy with the discovery phase, and the team was quick to understand our architecture
Greg Werner

Greg Werner

Founder, Illumidesk


What helps Illumidesk outstand the competition in the US edtech market.

A seamless experience for educators and companies

Illumidesk provides instructors with the ultimate toolset to create interactive courses that content exercises, actionable code blocks, non-coding assignments, and more. Illumidesk introduces the ability for educators to design and check assignments, grade them manually or set up auto-grading, and manage assignments across multiple student groups in the fastest way possible.

To make it happen, we’ve designed an assignment editor that allows combining multiple task types in few clicks, introduced LTI and an option to migrate learning data to the Illumidesk platform with ibnb-files instantly, and completed the system with flexible course parameters setup — instructors can juggle multiple grading systems and deadlines — and an AI-based code testing.

Such a combination of simplicity, rich capabilities, and scalability at no loss in convenience allows Illumidesk to empower both mid-sized and large enterprises efficiently from day one and for years to come.

The AI-enhanced assignment design process

To help instructors and content creators build courses faster, we’ve integrated Illumidesk with  ChatGPT — it allows instructors to spend less time covering the assignment code blocks with testing as ChatGPT does it instead of them.

Illumidesk platform allows for easy integration of AI tools for both technical and creative tasks. Instructors can use ChatGPT for autotests design and take advantage of its rich capabilities for assignment description creation, imagery, and publishing while ensuring industry-standard quality. Together, we keep working on making it easier and faster for instructors to take advantage of everything AI tools may offer to the edtech industry.

Some people learn better by listening, and some  people learn better by reading, so AI is going to be the key element to deliver that content in the purpose built way to each student.
Greg Werner

Greg Werner

Founder, Illumidesk

Enhanced administration and data management

Together, we’ve designed elegant interfaces that allow admins to add and manage users across student groups, analyze course and student performance, get comprehensive information about payments, obtain multiple types of reports, and integrate with learning services and products.

Illumidesk empowers administrators and managers with a fast, easy setup, hassle-free data management, and flexibility that makes it especially effective for large organizations with multiple student groups and courses to manage.

Illumidesk works equally well for instructors, content creators, administrators, and users — it’s an all-in-one solution that takes advantage of cutting-edge tech, is extremely easy to interact with, and has a great scaling potential.
Dmytro Sova

Dmytro Sova

Business Analyst

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