Digital Product Design Services

Our digital product design services will help you create user-centered products that are both visually stunning and functionally effective.

Digital product design from ideation to maintenance

As a digital product design agency, we combine data-driven approaches and cross-domain experience to build visually compelling products that drive business growth.

User research
UX Design
Interaction Design
UX/UI Design
Visual Design

User Research

Our digital product design firm conducts qualitative interviews with users to gain insights and identify behavioral patterns. Through workshops and in-depth interviews, we define clear user personas, design customer journey maps, and create hypotheses that we test, shape, and implement.

Our user research helps you roadtest your digital product ideas in real-life scenarios and eliminate weak ideas and concepts early in the project. We identify how different user groups behave when using your product, possible barriers for them, and features to prioritize.

What does our User Research include?



User personas development

Customer Journey map



Prototype testing

They conducted interviews with our internal users, created user personas based on the interviews, wireframes and detailed mocks/designs based on those wireframes. DjangoStars led the build-out of this project end to end for us. The project was delivered on time and looked fantastic.

Vivek Gandhi

Director of Product Management

Y-Combinator - funded medical diagnostics company

What’s in it for you?

product usability

Utilizing user mental models, introducing task completion and user satisfaction analysis, we achieve outstanding product usability across all platforms and devices. We also enable productivity and error measurement to make an interaction with your product more efficient.

Evoke positive
emotional responses

With a set of colour palettes, fonts, visuals, and animations tailored to your audience and domain specifics, we complete your product and help you evoke predictable, positive emotional responses through the whole process of interacting with your product.

Enable device-tailored experience

We research, analyze, and cover exactly the scenarios your audience utilizes your product — be it iPhone or Android during the morning run, a 13-inch MacBook on a business meeting, or a 34-inch widescreen display at home, we ensure a complete experience.


We help businesses solve challenges with our digital product design services

Need to design your product from the ground up?

From initial market and user research to comprehensive UX/UI engineering and shaping your brand identity, we lead and guide you through all the product design development stages. Turnkey design solutions are exactly our specialization.

Get a turnkey design solution

Does your obsolete design prevent your business growth?

We’ll deal with that too. Starting with analysis and identifying what actually works, we help you understand the needs of your audience, and meet them with a sharp, conversion-focused product design that leads users to the bottom of the funnel.

Improve your legacy design

Lack of design expertise during research, prototyping, or other stages?

We have versatile expertise in designing digital products from scratch and empowering our partners during certain stages. So, we’ll drive you through research, UX engineering, visual design, or other stages, and provide you with comprehensive documentation and advisory services.

Fill in the design expertise gaps

Have requirements to formulate?

Capturing ideas, analyzing the developments, doing research, and transforming all of these things into clear, well-documented product development requirements broken down into details — that’s what we do to get our clients’ projects going.

Hire a team of design experts

Our product design process


Initial Research


This stage is dedicated to collecting information about the product, market, and audience and defining the users’ and our clients’ expectations.

We review the documentation, clearly define the target audience, and investigate the domain. The result of the discovery phase is a set of user personas, customer journey maps, and user scenarios.

  • Positive user flow
  • Low or high fidelity wireframe
  • Design concept

Preparation Stage


In this stage, we get everything prepared for the development stage: we define pain points, shape the user flow, develop styles, and approve design solutions.

Starting with the user flow, we move through iterative wireframing and prototyping to end up with a well-shaped design solution that’s ready for implementation.

  • High-level Backlog
  • User flow
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes

Design Development


At this stage, we create final artifacts — full positive and negative user flows, improved wireframes, UI styles, a compliance-verified user interface, and validated graphic solutions.

In a word, we build a solid visual foundation that allows you to get an advantage right away and improve your product gradually as your business evolves and grows.

  • Verified design solutions
  • Mockup
  • Final Prototype



After everything is agreed upon, we finalize our developments and deliver all the design artifacts to customers so the product is easy to maintain or improve.

  • Design specifications
  • UI Kit
  • Design source

case study

case image

Molo is the first fully digital mortgage lender in the UK, that allows users to avoid paperwork, large banks, and speeds up the process.

Our partnership resulted in over £266M Molo raised in seed funding and the status of the UK’s largest digital mortgage lender.

They’re motivated and want to see us succeed. They really go the extra mile to make sure that we have customers.

Amitabh Ghatak

Molo Finance, the UK’s first digital mortgage lender

case image

A Y-Combinator-baked BillionToOne platform provides genetic testing and helps people detect and measure disease at the molecular level.

Our partnership resulted in more efficient cooperation between clinicians and the BillionToOne team, enhanced workflow, and reduced human error.

case image

Starting with a comprehensive discovery phase, we’ve led Boa Lingua through the entire digital transformation to enable it to offer language courses in prestigious schools all over the world efficiently.

After the digital transformation, Boa Lingua receives amazing reviews for its services — over 97% of customers would book with Boa Lingua again.

case image

The Surfacide system eliminates and prevents the spread of deadly pathogens from hospitals, apartments, offices, and restaurants with automated UV-C technology columns.

We’ve re-engineered the existing Portal functionality, improved the system design, maintainability, and user interface. We’ve also implemented new Portal backward compatibility with the Android application and helped to reduce infrastructure costs.

case image

For Darpedia, the largest Arabian networking platform for house design and renovation, we’ve created a tailored design solution that includes European and Arabic layouts.

Today, Darpedia connects homeowners and experts to bring bespoke, outstanding residential property design and renovation solutions.

The platform has launched and received good feedback from its initial users, who have praised the user experience and user interface. Professionals find the profile management system easy to use, and the app and website are neat. The team delivered, communicated well, and provided good advice

Anas Elayyan

Darpedia, Jordan-based Home Design Platform

case image

Danish fintech hub Copenhagen Fintech empowers startups, investors, universities and industry professionals to generate more value and create more fintech products and services.

Our product design agency for hire designed Copenhagen Fintech based on three different services while keeping their individual brand identity and uniting them into a single design solution.

case image

Offering web and mobile solutions, the Timedom platform introduces easy online apartment booking and connects property owners with potential tenants to make the booking process smooth for both sides.

We’ve guided Timedom through the entire process of user research, prototyping, UX and UI engineering, design system creation, product launch and maintenance across platforms.

It was custom design and development, some testing, and maintenance and support. I basically gave them direction and they'd go ahead and build it out for me. They performed very well and consistently exceeded my expectations.

Taras Podgorodetskiy

CEO & Founder
Timedom, the Ukrainian Online Housing Platform

case image

StoryTold is an innovative application with a focus on the improvement of relationships between parents and children, including a new approach that enables you to keep in touch with your kids through storytelling.

For StoryTold, we’ve designed advanced web and mobile apps that include story analysis features, individual communication plans, hints and guidance, visuals, and introduced gamification to make communication truly engaging.

case image

eSoft Planner is a web-based management and scheduling system used by sports and educational facilities across the USA. It allows users to manage scheduling and information, make appointments, input schedules, and rent space simultaneously.

case image

eSoft Planner is a web-based management and scheduling system used by sports and educational facilities across the USA. It allows users to manage scheduling and information, make appointments, input schedules, and rent space simultaneously.

case image

We’ve empowered Saudi Arabian Bank to become the first financial institution to enter a Saudi online mortgage market.

Our team helped SAIB create the full UX/UI design and complete solution structure ready for development and complying with local and institution legal requirements.

Ready to design your next digital product?


At Django Stars, we see design as a way to bring together business, tech, and users. We delve into your domain, market, and audience specifics and transform your idea — no matter how complex it is — into a product that fulfills your customers’ needs efficiently.

We are meticulous and pragmatic — your product has clear goals, and we’re here to help you achieve them. Check out our Behance to see how exactly we do it.

Dmytro Puchkov

UX/UI Engineering Lead at Django Stars