Stand With Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb 24. Russian troops bomb our cities and murder civilians — there could be no excuse for this, and we’ll never forgive it.

But Ukraine will always be a free, independent country.

Django Stars has always stood with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Today, we apply all of our resources, knowledge, and connections to help Ukraine defeat the occupants and protect our people in humanitarian terms.

We all are fighting for sovereign and democratic Ukraine right now — as soldiers, volunteers, and as a business too.

How is the Django Stars team doing?

100% of our team members are either in the EU or West of Ukraine and are able to work safely. Our processes are flexible because we’ve already had to adapt to the war Russia started against Ukraine in 2014, the two years of COVID-19 and the peculiarities of remote work.

That’s why we are able to hire, work on our projects and deliver successfully even amid the full-scale Russian invasion.

DS Deliverу

  • We’ve helped our teams make it to safe places, adapted our processes, and got our work running;
  • 100% of our team is either in EU or Western Ukraine and is able to work safely;
  • Every Django Stars’ team member who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine or Territorial Defense Forces to defend our homeland retains job and compensation;
  • We provide our team members with assistance and coordination on relocation and safety;
  • We work on creating a fully functional branch in Europe and relocating our team to secure the quality and consistency of our delivery to customers.

DS Defense

  • We are a part of the national IT army — our cyber warriors are crushing enemy in the digital realm;
  • Volunteering activities — our volunteers provide our military forces and those in need with equipment, medicines, food, and more;
  • Financial support — both as a company and individuals, we support our army and organizations dealing with humanitarian crisis.
of our pre-war capacities are restored
new hires
new projects
open vacancies (Ukrainians who lost jobs preferred)

How to help Ukraine and Ukrainians?

Save economy
  • Start a business cooperation with Ukrainian companies and promote this move through your network and social media;
  • Keep doing business with your current Ukrainian partners;
  • Quit cooperation with Russian companies as their taxes fuel the occupant’s economy;
  • Employ Ukrainians who made to your country.
You can also
  • Host Ukrainians or help them find accomodation;
  • Appeal to your government to force NATO to close the sky under Ukraine;
  • Provide humanitarian assistance including food and other forms of support.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to Freedom!