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We empower you to take advantage with advanced flexibility, shorter development time, and the benefits of cross-platform solutions. Use the opportunity to cooperate with our React Native development agency and take your business to the next level.
Here at Django Stars, we use React Native to design cross-platform solutions that equip businesses with the advantages they actually require. Before composing the tech stack, we dive into your company specifics, identify pain points, and take costs, development time, and scalability into account to come up with solutions that truly empower your business at every stage of its lifecycle. With our React Native app development services, you get a complete, long-standing solution.
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We empower you to build outstanding cross-platform apps

Achieve better cost efficiency
As a React Native development agency, we empower our customers to go through the development faster and save money. We introduce cross-platform mobile app development which, compared to creating native iOS and Android solutions, turns out to be up to 30% cheaper.
Enter the market faster
We take advantage of code reusability between iOS and Android platforms, pre-built components, and the fact that design and engineering teams' load is lower when building a cross-platform React Native app. In such a way, our React Native development services empower our clients to enter the market and start growing the audience earlier.
Release updates seamlessly
As React Native apps support over-the-air updates, you can implement small changes into the existing product seamlessly, with no need to wait for approval from the App Store or Google Play.
Adapt to the market changes easier
React Native is supported by Meta and a large community, which produces timely updates and sets the framework for any changes and trends the market experiences. Thus, the maintenance and improvements implementation with React Native apps are extremely time- and resource-efficient.

What products does React Native suit best?

React Native is supported by Meta, and there’s no wonder Facebook and Instagram use it wisely. The main reason to choose React Native development for your social media app is its advanced flexibility, lightning-fast iterations, and ability to apply a limited set of technologies to achieve a comprehensive user experience.
  • Easy UI development across platforms
  • Seamless maintenance and updates
  • Outstanding start-up performance
React Native empowers e-commerce developers to design complex solutions rapidly, provides them with all the tools they may require, and significantly reduces the amount of work required to design mobile applications for iOS and Android. Some major e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, already use React Native mobile solutions.
  • Rapid development
  • Over-the-air app updates
  • Rich tools and libraries
The core React Native development advantage for fintech startups is the development speed — you can enter the market earlier with a strong MVP, test your ideas, and shape the product effortlessly. Well-established businesses, though, take advantage of the easy data migration and ability to display large amounts of data conveniently even on small screens.
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Easy data migration
React Native allows processing large amounts of map data faster and introduces moderate memory consumption, which ensures better performance across multiple devices and drains less battery. Our React Native mobile app development company, also sets you up for an effortless configure location data tracking in a way that suits your business best.
  • Flexible location tracking options
  • High performance
  • Regular privacy and security patches

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Go beyond mobile solutions

React Native is known for its outstanding capabilities for cross-platform mobile app development. Though, we believe that the technology also contains a decent potential for web and desktop solutions design.

Smooth animations and video playback, lightning-fast performance, and rich libraries are the main reasons to choose React Native. Windows and macOS desktop solutions like Facebook Messenger and Discord take advantage of the native video calling experience, Microsoft Store on Xbox employs React Native for solid performance, and hundreds of businesses choose the technology for code reusability and rapid development.

As a React Native app development company, we strive to cover everything our clients may need — from research and consulting to building web, desktop, and mobile solutions. And we choose React Native for its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and the fact it empowers businesses to enter markets earlier.


Access our React Native expertise to design top-notch location-based apps

We juggle the opportunities that React Native provides to equip businesses with location-based mobile solutions tailored to their users’ cases. With the React Native capabilities, we design applications that provide you with comprehensive control over your solution and empower your team to turn everything you know about your users into a competitive advantage.
Multiple ways to gather geo-data
React Native API

With a native JavaScript API, location data tracking is limited (no background tracking), draining less battery and suits well for apps focused on short-term sessions.

  • Better device battery performance
  • Less precise location data
  • No information on the data provider
Which products may benefit?
  • Weather apps
  • Booking solutions
  • Social media apps
Background geolocation package

With high-precision location tracking (from 0 to 0.6 miles), you can equip your users with real-time information about their rides, navigate through institutions and track data in the background.

  • High data precision
  • Flexible location tracking
  • Store location data on a device
Which products may benefit?
  • Taxi and transportation apps
  • Hospitality solutions
  • Airport navigation apps
Advanced customization

We’ve applied React Native to multiple projects — from food delivery service for the Jordan market to the world-leading booking platform for scuba divers, and every time it turned out to be an efficient cross-platform solution.

With React Native’s advanced customization, you can bridge native code, get permission to access location data effortlessly, display map information easily, and adjust maps to any platform.


case study

case image

Together with PADI Travel, we’ve designed UI-rich location-based iOS and Android solutions that cover all the needs scuba divers might encounter — navigation to resorts and dive centres, location of shops to buy and rent equipment, booking and paying for dive lessons, and more.

  • #1 booking platform for scuba divers in the world
  • 5M+ products across 40 countries
Django Stars' platforms gained over 75K users and made the company one of the leading travel agencies worldwide.

Joel Perrenoud

Chief Product & Digital Officer

case image

We’ve empowered Azyan to build a comprehensive solution across the web and mobile to book food from restaurants. It has a web interface for admins and mobile solutions for drivers and clients, introduces a performant map and advanced route optimization.

For Azyan, we’ve designed multilingual interfaces and optimized user flow that allows clients to order goods in a few clicks and empowers drivers to deliver food with no tiresome navigation or app management.

case image

Straddle introduces a fast and convenient way to manage personal finance via the mobile application, and takes advantage of the rich UI and adaptability that React Native allows. Thanks to rapid development and code reusability, Straddle had a chance to enter the market earlier and start building an audience.

Django Stars provided a full turnkey solution for the mobile from start to production release and further support. We got a real partner who cares about our success.

Roman Zavadsky

Chief Production Officer


Our React Native development team consists exclusively of middle and senior-level specialists. Therefore, when ordering React Native application development from us, you can be sure that your product will be well-shaped and delivered on time.