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The largest platform for language travel in Switzerland offering a wide choice of destinations, schools, and courses across the world.
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Founded in 1989
How we started

Boa Lingua has provided language travel services since 1989, and for years on the market, it has built a broad network of partners worldwide. Boa Lingua reached us in 2019 to modernize their business platform, optimize costs, and provide customer-oriented services.

Together, we’ve conducted a comprehensive discovery phase to identify growth points, build clear expectations, and ensure engineers and business speak the same language.

As a result, we established 2 core objectives:
  • Redesign the UX/UI to improve the usability
  • Build a tailored e-commerce application that unites the functionality of several older systems
5 times winner
of a Best Language School Agency Western Europe
 5 times winner
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10 Engineers

Why Boa Lingua chose us

Boa Lingua offers thousands of dynamically packaged services and supports customers through their entire journey — from filtering to every part of the language school experience. Such operations were distributed among several systems, which Boa Lingua needed to bring together to accelerate operations and trim down the maintenance costs.

With versatile Django expertise and 15 projects in the Swiss market, we were able to start empowering our partners from day one of the pre-development discovery. Boa Lingua also benefitted from our experience with complex e-commerce solutions that include multiple subsystems — like PADI Travel.

Molo Molo

Boa Lingua contacted us due to our Django expertise but chose us for our digital transformation experience and successful background within the Swiss market.

After months of research, Django Stars was the company that stood out. We assigned them a pre-development project phase to get an idea of how they work. The whole team worked very well together.

Annet Raue

Annet Raue

CDO, Boa Lingua

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Long-term business objectives

In less than 2 years of cooperation, we’ve released a fully-fledged MVP that brings Boa Lingua operations and services to a completely new level with an improved user experience, accelerated processes, and enhanced personalization.

Together, we’ve managed to build a system that has a strong potential for integration with multiple services, brings additional flexibility to operations, and provides the best way to navigate the world of language travel.

Today, we help Boa Lingua take the most of their solution and focus on several long-term business objectives:
  • Introduce advanced operational automation
  • Expand Boa Lingua's digital presence on the market
Fueling the transformation

Starting our cooperation right before the pandemic, we’ve built a platform that helped Boa Lingua endure the shrinking of the travel industry and equipped the business with cost-efficient, scalable solutions able to fuel its market leadership for years to come.

As a technical partner for digital transformation, we’ve guided Boa Lingua through the initial analysis and pre-development stage, taken over the technical implementation, and continue empowering them with gradual improvements.

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What empowers Boa Lingua’s continuing growth.

Online booking with a human touch

Boa Lingua combines fast, intuitive filtering and searching across thousands of language courses in dozens of countries with all-around human support. The platform provides comprehensive information on destinations, schools, and courses, allows for calculating trip costs instantly and introduces personalization and expert advisory.

To build such a seamless experience, we’ve recreated functionalities of multiple legacy systems and united them under one platform — hence, students access prices, dates, and course info instantly, and administrators guide them through further steps faster.

With a fully-custom CRM system that allows for operational flexibility, marketing automation, and deeper personalization and PIM that enables dynamic packaging of travel-related products with real-time and personalized pricing, Boa Lingua brings language travel booking to another level.

Data management and standardization

Boa Lingua works with more than 300 schools across the world and processes a lot of data on courses, pricing, availability, and facilities. To standardize the information, provide a better user experience, and equip administrators with a faster workflow, we’ve introduced custom data management tools that enable effortless categorization and multiple access levels.

We’ve also introduced a Master Data Management module for agents that enables them to manage all aspects of any master records — from the structure and attributes to translations.

The Boa Lingua platform makes language travel accessible and convenient — users get clear, well-structured, and comprehensive information on courses and schools while admins and agents benefit from a fast, seamless framework.
Alexander Ryabtsev

Alexander Ryabtsev

Team Leader

Custom booking engine
To enable advanced filtering, ensure personalized booking experience, and provide customers with tailored travel product offers.
Master Data Management module
To enable agents to manage data on a truly deep level — including hierarchy, structure, validation, and more.
Product Information Management module
To accelerate travel-related data management and enhance e-commerce processes across multiple channels.
Custom CRM module
To enable advanced customer information management, automate tasks, and reduce human error.
Content Management System
To manage content across multiple channels and in multiple languages in a way that meets Boa Lingua's needs.
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Starting with our wireframes and business requirements, Django Stars turned our ideas into code.

Once the web application was completed our customers were able to utilize the benefits immediately. So far everything is going smoothly.

They find a solution to every challenge that arises in the course of developments.