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The UK’s first digital mortgage lender aims to bring lending 100% online and introduce rapid application and decision-making with advanced automation.
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How we started

Molo Finance partnered with us at the pre-MVP stage: they had a product idea, basic design assets, and minor developments created by their previous vendor. Together, we’ve had to transform it into a fully-functional MVP that demonstrates Molo’s core advantages to investors and users.

In the first stage of the online mortgage platform development, we focused on 3 core objectives:
  • Build an MVP rapidly
  • Get Molo Finance ready for the next investment rounds
  • Enter the market fast to gather feedback and start building an audience
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Since 2017
Team size
14 Engineers

Why Molo chose us

When we started our cooperation in 2017, Molo Finance was not the only one to introduce digitalization to mortgage lending in the UK but it was the first company aimed at a rapid, fully-digital mortgage process.

Molo challenged traditional lenders and banks, and it needed a vendor able to set up advanced processes automation, fast data processing, and ensure full compliance with the UK market regulations. Molo had to enter the market fast to get ahead of the competition and build an audience before large lenders introduce their solutions.

We already had case studies on the development of mortgage banking solutions and experience with UK-based businesses Invotra and Depop, and designed several complex mortgage solutions. With this expertise, our team not only reinforced Molo’s product development but brought the platform’s efficiency to the next level.

Molo Molo

Molo Finance chose us due to our expertise in the mortgage industry, experience in the UK’s market, and ability to build complex products fast.

I’ve worked with other vendors in the past, and the biggest distinction is ownership—the Django team feel a lot of pride in their work and are invested in our company. They really go the extra mile to make sure that we have customers.

Amitabh Ghatak

Amitabh Ghatak

CPO, Molo Finance

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Long-term business objectives

After Molo raised its first funding and was recognized as one of the top fintech startups in the UK, we focused on transforming the MVP into a well-shaped, complete digital mortgage platform.

Equipping Molo with everything it needed to raise hundred-million investments and cover mortgage application volumes, we’ve introduced advanced property valuation, financial and legal maintenance tools, and expense optimization mechanisms.

Our combined efforts brought the Molo mortgage platform to the next level and allowed us to focus on several long-term business objectives:
  • Create an advanced online platform to cover the entire mortgage lending process
  • Become a leading fully-digital online mortgage broker in the UK
  • Expand beyond the BTL mortgage market
Fueling the transformation
During the years of our partnership, Molo transformed from a promising startup into a true market leader.

We empowered Molo Finance solution with several teams to go through the intensive development stages rapidly, reduced our squads when it was time to analyze and optimize, and expanded the team again to help Molo make a step up.

Together, we’ve been through pitches and funding rounds, growth, market changes, and even an epidemic — and now, when Molo is the UK’s digital mortgage market leader, we still work together.

Partners since 2017
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Technology Stack
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What makes Molo Finance a UK digital mortgage market leader.

The streamlined mortgage banking process

Molo shortens the time users spend on a mortgage application, provides them with rapid decisions, and offers more options than most traditional lenders.

We’ve achieved it with a combo of automation and well-shaped integrations set that allows for faster data retrieval, processing, and reduced underwriters’ workload. To mitigate the risk of significant valuation stage cost growth as Molo Finance scales, we implemented custom property and credit valuation tools, so the platform can handle a large number of requests engaging fewer mortgage professionals.

Aiming to ensure a truly rapid and effortless mortgage process for customers and professionals, we also equipped the Molo mortgage platform with legal maintenance tools that allow for faster compliance with the UK real estate industry regulatory requirements.


To retrieve and process financial information securely


To retrieve and process financial information securely


To verify customers’ identity instantly


To assess risks and evaluate properties


To obtain and analyze users’ credit data and prevent fraud

Personalized offers

Molo Finance introduces a flexible, personalized approach that allows to provide customers with multiple product offers differentiated by interest rate, fees, and repayment amount.

Combining automation, predictive analysis, and AI capabilities, we’ve achieved an ability to not only provide customers with real-time lending decisions but offer more mortgage options. Molo platform processes applications and market data, analyzes user information, and comes up with personalized offers.

Employing such a software mechanism, Molo Finance achieves advanced cost-efficiency to provide low-fee mortgages and get additional durability to credit market changes.

Rich offer of products and advanced personalization mechanism is what makes Molo special. Combined with a custom-built credit risk engine managed by business professionals, which equips Molo with flexible control over credit rules, it allows for providing personalized products rapidly.
Soner Ayberk

Soner Ayberk

Team Lead

Every step of the mortgage process — online

Molo aims to bring the entire mortgage process online — users get a number of personalized mortgage offers, avoiding visits to banks, paper documents, and manual reviews.

To ensure such an online-exclusive experience, we focused on speeding up the financial data and valuations processing, sharpened the internal information flow, and implemented KYC, ID verification, and more features to make the process effortless for customers.

Given that financial data and documentation could be hard to deal with for some customers, we’ve been through multiple iterations to shape the user journey and design solutions that enable stressless step-by-step application, data verification, and getting a mortgage.

Custom mortgage calculators
To provide consumers with the approximate result of the possible offers based on internal calculations and personal data provided.
Valuation tools
To handle the growing number of property and credit valuation requests and mitigate the risk of significant valuation stage costs growth.
Legal maintenance tools
To handle UK-specific regulations in the mortgage industry, ease and accelerate requirements compliance process.
Personalization mechanisms
To provide users with custom, relevant and affordable, products based on their financial data and expectations.
ID verification and KYC tools
To reduce the time and effort needed to verify personality and the data needed to provide users with offers.
UK mortgage industry-specific integrations
To allow underwriters to get access to users’ banking operations and do the valuation faster and easier.
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