Django Stars is a full-service software development company that delivers complex web and mobile solutions. We are not just good at coding and launching from-scratch projects — our main priority is to identify the pain points of our customers, and to deal with them. We help our customers with the project evaluation, market and competitors research, functionality ideas, and development cost optimization.

Django Stars team cooperates closely with clients from the idea phase of development through launch to ensure that the end product will deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, we do not leave our clients after the project’s release. We continue to support them with the project's upcoming challenges such as maintenance, scalability, market promotion, analytics, and others.

Being founded in 2008, we’ve successfully launched numerous projects and continue to work with our long-term partners. Django Stars works with startups, established businesses, the world’s leading brands and non-profit organizations from the US, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Israel, Singapore, OAE and Australia. Our members have a deep expertise in fintech, travel, healthcare, real estate and transportation industries. Behind the constant success of Django Stars there is a passionate in-house team based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Being founded in 2008, we’ve successfully launched numerous projects and continue to work with our long-term partners.

Our work is challenging, stimulating and we believe that it is important. We are ready to overcome difficulties, operate at higher speeds and just have fun while doing our job.

  • Our Vision

    To become a Service as a Product company

  • Our Mission

    To turn ideas into success

  • 2017 Top Developers Ukraine at
  • 2017 Top Python and Django Developers at

Core Values

Those help us not to forget who we are

  • Develop experience our customers love

    Develop experience our customers love

    We listen carefully, design unique, execute in time. Our processes are transparent. We treat clients as partners and won’t leave them when the project is completed

  • Innovate and invent constantly

    Innovate and invent constantly

    We are here due to passion and desire to make something valuable, to leave a significant trail behind ourselves

  • Nurture the development of talents

    Nurture the development of talents

    We gladly share our knowledge with each other inside our “Home”, while not being shy to come “outdoors” and grab some extras there

  • Continuously execute well

    Continuously execute well

    Stability is a success indicator, while also being a hard-maintaining process. We understand that, and we are ready to keep the bar on the highest level

  • Learn From the Outcomes

    Learn from the outcomes

    We remember our wins and losses. We learn from both to exclude the latter

  • Bring a success and be successful

    Bring a success and be successful

    We deliver solutions that help our clients to achieve success. Successful project is our great reward and best promotion

Django Stars in Numbers

  • 100%

    Depending on the complexity of your project, we can built a minimum viable product in a period starting from 8 weeks.

  • 4.7

    We are being listed as TOP Python Developers by the Clutch research firm, for the few years in a row already.

  • 8/10

    Every eight of ten startups built by Django Stars have turned into successful businesses.

  • 350+

    There are many metrics to measure the success of your project. One of those is the “investments raised”. Our clients have already raised more than $350M.


For awful quotations

How would you insure me that your team would deliver a well designed, well architected, and well executed software?

Django Stars has been delivering complex web and mobile solutions for 9 years already. research firm ranked us as TOP Python and Django developers. We are the in-house company responsible for the result. We’ve already launched numerous successful projects and continue to work with our long-term partners. We like to contribute into Python and Django community and we gladly share our knowledge worldwide through Facebook, Dribbble, Medium, and other resources and projects such as DjangoGirls. We participate regularly in global events and raise our expertise inside the company. You may check our Case Studies to learn how we helped our clients and partners to grow their businesses. We can send you the examples of our code. Also. you are very welcome to visit our HQ in Kiev, so we can talk live and show you how we work.

What's your main expertise?

Our main expertise is the development of complex web and cross-platform mobile apps. We specialize in python, django, react, and angular development. However, that’s not just about coding. Our cross-domain expertise allows us to understand the need of our clients and their end users in a better way. That results in great products being released.

How does your development process look like?

Long story short:

We start with the predevelopment phase, where we clarify and set the requirements, define project tasks, priorities and risks. Then, we create a task backlog in Jira, prioritize all the tasks and provide estimates. We pick up the tasks from the top of the backlog for the upcoming sprint(which usually takes 2 weeks). We send you a commitment letter and wait for your approve or suggestions. At the end of the sprint we show you the result(demo) and receive your feedback. In case of any improvement/change requests we add those as tasks to the backlog to prioritize and estimate those once again. All the billing relies on timelog report which we send you right after the demo. You may change and add tasks and their priority in backlog. However, we do not appreciate the sprint scope changes being made during the sprint. We build your product iteration by iteration providing you with working piece of functionality at the end of each sprint. All the project related documentation is being stored in Wiki.

What is your hourly rate and the minimum project budget to start with?

Our hourly rate is $40, and the minimum project`s budget is $20.000.

What is the minimum team size you are ready to start a new project with?

We are ready to start a new project with a team of:

2 Backend Engineers
1 Frontend Engineer
1 QA Engineer / Scrum Master.

How do you deal with on-site visits? Do you expect visits to your office? Do you send your team members to visit clients during the course of the project?

We do both. We prefer on-site meetings in our office, especially during the pre-development phase. During that phase the team works closely with a customer on the project’s requirements, backlog, priorities setting, and sprint plannings. Also, we don’t hesitate to visit our clients at different stages of the project, if needed.

How do you onboard new projects, and what do you expect from clients in terms of onboarding materials?
  • We start with the introductory call and/or meeting with a potential client to provide all the necessary information about us, clarify client's needs and expectations, obtain main project details to check the possibility of future cooperation
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement and ask you to share with us the most complete information about your project. That might be a brief project overview, technical specification, prototype, a list of main features or any other useful info
  • We prepare a project proposal, begin the investigation process, prepare work breakdown structure, Gantt or PERT charts with the estimation of efforts and costs, continuously communicating with the client to clarify additional questions
  • We sign a contract, form a team, define milestones, set up the environment needed, and start working on your product.

How can i control and monitor all the processes related to my project?

We’ve tried to make all the processes transparent and easy to control. While hiring Django Stars you receive:

In-house dedicated full-services team, driven by Agile process:

  • Iterations with 5-15 day sprints
  • Product and sprint backlogs, regular daily meetings, sprint demo, retrospective, sprint reporting
  • Continuous integration
  • Code reviews
  • Iterative planning and development with continuous review of project plan and customer expectations
  • Risk mitigation process for avoidance of unexpected issues
  • Resource planning process for achieving the constant capacity

Access to our resources (for the full control over the processes):

  • Jira, to check the progress of each task, leave comments and check the time consumption
  • Wiki, to set or add “project requirements”
  • Slack channel, to discuss any project related details with members of the team
  • Github. Direct access to the code
  • Server and the entire environment
  • Skype. We are always glad to hear from you
  • InvisionApp.

Will we have an access to, and own all the source files of the application?

Yes, you will have an access to Github repository starting from the first day of the development. Also, you will get all the IP rights and become the sole owner of everything created during the project: code, designs, etc...

Can I talk to some references?

We are glad to attract your attention and receive your constant reference requests. Those are being a great tool for getting the firsthand info. However, we are being bombarded with the reference requests every day, and we fill a bit embarrassed to provide every requester with direct contacts of our clients. All of them are business people (CEOs, CTOs, VP of Product/Engineering) hardworking on the growth of their businesses. Meanwhile, you may check our profile page on website. is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on the technology, marketing, and digital industries. It provides independent, quantitative, and qualitative analysis on leading services firms, interviews customers directly, gathers the results and organizes them.

Can you make a pilot project for us?

Yes, we can make a test or a pilot project for you to prove our expertise, show you our approach, the quality of our work, and the speed of delivery. We would ask you to pay for the project in case of its successful implementation.

What are the pricing models you work with, and what payment types do you accept?

We prefer to work by Time and Material contract, however in some cases we can offer a Fixed Price one. Mainly, we charge per person, according to hourly rates. We accept wire transfer payments to our bank account. The payments are being made twice a month based on the time reports we provide. The time reports include all the task names and hours spent for each task and should be reviewed and approved by the client. Other forms of payments may be also applied depending on the project type.

Are you ok with signing an NDA?

Yes. We would be happy to sign an NDA in order to get more information about the project.

We Don’t
Use PHP/.Net/Java

We do love Python and truly believe in it awesomeness. We are sure that it’s the best tool to create web applications of any complexity.

Use Django CMS

We build custom complex solutions with the attention to details of our customers' needs.

Deal with 1-man projects

We do not provide our clients with a single person to solve their problems, optimize the performance or complete some certain scope. We are interested in the project based form of cooperation and looking for projects with at least 3 or 4 people in a team.

Share our employees’ CVs

We, as a company, are responsible for the result of our work. We create a team according to your needs that covers all the aspects of your project.

Make estimates by one-link-example

One link is just not enough to provide you with at least a bit accurate estimate. We need more detailed information. That might be a brief project overview, technical specification, prototype, a list of main features or any other useful info.

The way we live

Some days in the office might be hard but never boring

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