The Saudi Investment Bank

A Saudi Arabia bank that provides in-person and online services, and introduces advanced digitalization to a highly regulated, conservative market.
Saudi Arabia Best Bank 2016
Saudi Arabia's best-performing bank 2021
Branches all over the KSA
How we started
SAIB partnered with us to design a ‘bank in a pocket’ solution and enable their Saudi Arabia customers to get a fully digital experience whenever they transfer money or get a mortgage.

Traditionally, most operations were conducted either by phone or in person, which was inefficient and required designing a digital system from scratch — and that’s why SAIB engaged with us.

We focused on several core goals
Create user flows and UX/UI design
Build a complete mortgage solution structure
Comply with Saudi market-specific regulations
Team size
7 Engineers

Why SAIB chose us

Being one of the Saudi Arabia-leading banks, SAIB considered digital transformation as a way to reinforce its positions, bring operational efficiency to the next level, and introduce a new, much more accessible way to get a mortgage.

SAIB needed a team of product experts able to digitize complex user flows, introduce automation, and dive into the Saudi Arabia market regulations to create a compliant solution. We’ve already designed complex mortgage applications, and our experience with Molo Finance was the reason SAIB chose us.

Our business analyst, tech lead, and project manager spent several weeks with SAIB professionals in Saudi Arabia to establish an efficient cooperation framework and gather information on requirements and market specifics.


SAIB chose us due to our expertise in digital mortgage solutions development.

SAIB team was not considering any other vendors — they wanted to work specifically with a team who designed Molo Finance applications.

Fueling the transformation
We empowered SAIB at the early stages of its transformation and fulfilled the role of both solution developers and consultants. 

Our experts conducted all-around user research, designed multi-layer user flows, created a mobile app concept, and provided SAIB not only with tools and assets to accelerate their development but a solid foundation to scale their digital system.

Together, we’ve been able to rapidly set SAIB up for smooth business development in a way that meets KSA market specifics and governmental requirements.

Partnership from Mar 2019 to Feb 2020
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Technology Stack
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What sets SAIB up for providing a KSA-tailored next-level mortgage experience.

Mortgage portal

Saudi Arabia’s mortgage industry traditionally relies on in-person meetings and implies lots of steps and documentation to process. The lack of process clarity, high time consumption, and an opportunity to attract more customers were the main reasons for SAIB to design an entirely new mortgage process.

We’ve designed a Saudi Arabia-tailored mortgage portal that introduces market-specific color schemes, Hijri and Gregorian calendars, and allows getting initial maximum loan amount estimates with just a national ID and salary certificate.

The portal enables users to apply for mortgage loans, track application progress and document verification status, check past applications, and communicate with bank professionals. We’ve built a ready-to-implement design and architecture of the mortgage portal, that includes:

  • Authorization with Tawtheeq National Authentication System
  • Hosting of all operations and data in Saudi Arabia
  • Shariah-compliant mortgage process based on Islamic principles
  • Initial eligibility decision in 15 minutes
Saudi Arabia-tailored user flows

To help SAIB cover the entire mortgage process within the web and mobile applications, we’ve created comprehensive user flows tailored to Saudi Arabia’s financial market requirements. It guides the applicant through every step of the process in a transparent, easy-to-understand way. The flow includes:

  • Initial and full eligibility questionnaires
  • Document submission and verification
  • Property evaluation
  • Online account opening process
  • Account replenishment
  • Online contract signing
  • SAMA credit advisory
  • Loan booking

Saudi Arabia regulations imply detailed questionnaires to determine the medical eligibility of applicants — and the medical score affects the mortgage offers directly. We’ve designed a smooth journey through the process, and enabled SAIB to incorporate truly time-efficient information gathering.

We’ve also designed documentary and non-documentary ID verification mechanisms, notifications on application review results, and easy document submission features to provide SAIB clients and professionals with additional flexibility all over the process.

Mortgage calculators

For SAIB, we’ve created calculator concepts for both registered and unregistered users and designed a smooth process that allows easy user guidance from the maximum loan amount to the exact deal parameters. Calculator concepts take into account salary, statements, fees, and more data, providing users with a clear understanding of the process and what to expect right away.

These flows clearly navigate applicants across the next steps and documentation to provide — like account statements, VAT forms, and construction licenses — and enable them to manage the process in a way they find efficient.

To ensure the fact SAIB mortgage department digitalization will be truly efficient, we’ve conducted all-around user research, discovered the details of how the process worked before, and transformed the data obtained into user flows, dashboards, and calculators that cover the entire process digitally.
Dmytro Puchkov

Dmytro Puchkov

Product Design Lead

Our cooperation with SAIB resulted in a solid foundation for all-around mortgage process digitalization — from basic calculations to detailed offers and contract signing.

SAIB obtained not only detailed user research and product architecture but comprehensive recommendations on implementation, technology set complying with Saudi Arabia regulations, and complete UX/UI solutions for web and mobile applications.

As product architecture and design experts, we’ve provided SAIB with:
  • Complete mortgage solution structure
  • Server solution to store and process data internally
  • Technology stack recommendations
  • Web and mobile UX/UI design
  • The complete user flow set