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Access our travel booking software development expertise to build your travel product from scratch or go through a digital transformation and elevate your business.
Here at Django Stars, we combine cross-market travel industry expertise with all-around tech knowledge to build your products from the ground up, turn your obsolete software into modern ones, or incorporate state-of-the-art technology into your business.

As a travel software development company, we support and help you identify concise, efficient solutions through the entire product lifecycle — from initial discovery and launch to scaling and expansion to new markets.

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Redesign the way people choose, buy, and manage places to live and work

Airline Software
Airline Software

As travel booking software developers, we empower airline businesses to introduce advanced cost-efficiency, enhanced cargo management, and provide an outstanding experience for travellers from booking to airports and flights.

Airline Software
Hospitality Software
Hospitality Software

As a travel software development agency, we design hospitality apps that enable a smooth booking process, ease the process of staff management, and introduce advanced customer data analysis.

Hospitality Software
Hotel Management Apps
Hotel Management Apps

As travel software developers, we equip hotels with custom travel management solutions that work seamlessly with a large number of integrations, process data quickly, and enable advanced personalization.

Hotel Management Apps
Travel APIs
Travel APIs

Our travel applications outsourcing company composes integration sets tailored to your niche specifics, builds custom APIs, and integrates them into your product seamlessly.

Travel APIs
Online Booking Platforms
Online Booking Platforms

As travel booking software developers, we equip our clients with high-load booking solutions that enable cost-effective, rapid scaling, and take advantage of advanced visualization, rich filtering, and personalization capabilities.

Online Booking Platforms
Travel Mobile Apps
Travel Mobile Apps

Providing custom software development for travel agencies, we empower them with portals that enable rich filtering, rapid booking process, and advanced visualizations.

Travel Mobile Apps
Travel Portals
Travel Portals

Providing custom software development for travel businesses, we empower them with portals that enable rich filtering, rapid booking process, and advanced vizualizations. 

Travel Portals
We empower

We empower businesses to redesign travel experiences and win customers

Rich visualization for enhanced user engagement

Shorten the distance between users and your products with our travel software development services — show resorts and hotels on the map, bring 3D view and augmented reality, and create wow effects to turn your visitors into customers instantly.

Custom shopping mechanisms to stand out from the competition

Introduce flexibility that makes a difference — let your customers plan trips long ahead, pay in installments and different currencies, book specific rooms in hotels, and customize their meal plans.

Streamlined booking process to mitigate tension

A slick combo of audience-tailored UX design, solid product performance, and proper integrations set allows users to search, book, and check out faster with no tedious data entry.

Advanced personalization to increase retention

Transform the data you collect on your customers to shape unique experiences — from heating in the hotel room to personalized recommendations on events, activities, and restaurants. Access our travel software development expertise to tailor your services to build a loyal, returning audience.

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What’s in the travel and booking solutions we build?

No matter how heavy the traffic is or how unexpectedly popular your travel website turned out to be, the booking system, filtering, map, and other critical functionalities have to work flawlessly to prevent users from leaving. To help you avoid such risks, we design systems that scale rapidly and enable you to meet changing infrastructure needs effortlessly.
How do we ensure it?
  • Architecture design that allows rapid scaling
  • Cloud environment setup
  • All-around performance testing under high loads
What’s in it for your business?
  • Eliminate risks of losing money due to product downtime
  • Scale smoothly as your product needs it
  • Keep your system performance high with automated testing
Your customers generate a lot of data both inside and outside your system. With our travel software development, we help you capture, process, and turn this data into a solid basis for decision-making. We believe in cost efficiency over quantity, and set you up for data analysis that makes it for your business both short and long-term.
How do we ensure it?
  • Big data sets analysis
  • Data science practices
  • Predictive analytics
What’s in it for your business?
  • Identify and adapt to market changes upfront
  • Introduce rich personalization capabilities
  • Enhance marketing efficiency and conversions
From airports and hotels to dive resorts and small local businesses, we help you build explicit, efficient cooperation with multiple partners, and enhance the process with advanced automation. With integration solutions we introduce, you eliminate human error, get flexible data retrieving and processing, and establish efficient cooperation with businesses of different kinds.
How do we ensure it?
  • Interfaces for multiple types of businesses
  • Custom API solutions for easy integration
  • Advanced templates, access levels, and data flow solutions
What’s in it for your business?
  • Introduce advanced business transparency and analytics
  • Collect data for processing easily
  • Supercharge cooperation with your B2B partners
case study

PADI Travel empowers scuba divers to book liveaboards, resorts, dives, and takes advantage of an enormous number of B2B partners around the world to provide tailored dive experiences.

Starting with the idea, we’ve been there for PADI Travel as a technical partner for more than 10 years to help them achieve uncompromised world leadership.

  • 5M+ products listed
  • 200k+ users
They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. I'm very positive about Django Stars, and I can recommend them without any problem.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel

As a language travel provider focused on helping people to find language schools and courses, Boa Lingua operates in the Swiss market for more than 30 years.

With our travel software development services, the Boa Lingua platform transformed into a modern digital solution that enables users to find and book courses, and get personalized offers.

  • 300+ B2B partners
  • 96% customer satisfaction rating
By working together as a team, we've achieved exceptional results.

Annett Raue

CDO at Boa Lingua

As a comprehensive solution for residential and commercial property rentals and purchases in Qatar, qweeqwee enables users to list and find properties instantly.

Together, we’ve designed an app that complies with Qatar real estate market regulations and ensures an outstanding experience for agents and buyers.

value proposition

The latest tech to elevate the value proposition of your travel business

Location-based features

With location-tailored events suggestions, filtering, guides, and route optimization, travel agencies can tailor the user experiences and provide their customers with a personalized choice of activities.

Such features bring even more benefits for those who have lots of B2B partners across travel destinations as it enables more precise calculations of one’s role in customer acquisition by local businesses.

Who may benefit?
  • Travel and booking platforms
  • Recreational businesses
  • Event businesses
Augmented reality

AR eliminates language barriers and provides tourists with exhaustive information on points of interest, introduces easy navigation whether it’s a music festival or Disneyland, and empowers restaurants to represent their dishes in the most attractive way.

With augmented reality solutions, our travel software development team helps businesses achieve the ultimate level of user experience design.

Who may benefit?
  • Theme parks and excursion businesses
  • Hotels and accommodation businesses
  • Restaurants and cafeteria
Internet of Things

IoT solutions enable advanced personalization: travellers seamlessly control lights and heating in hotel rooms, airports notify travellers when their luggage is near, and luxury segment businesses become even more detail-oriented to tailor their loyal customers’ experiences.

Our IoT travel app development company helps businesses compose proper sets of tech to interlink and turn smart devices and sensors into seamless systems.

Who may benefit?
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses
  • Airports, bus and train stations
  • Luxury-focused travel businesses
Predictive analysis

By processing large volumes of data, predictive analytics solutions enhance recommendations on travel products, improve personalization, and identify anomalies among millions of transactions.

We empower businesses with predictive analytics tools to help them both elevate the user experience and mitigate risks of losses.

Who may benefit?
  • Travel and booking platforms
  • Fraud detection services
  • Airline businesses
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