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Access our proptech software development expertise to introduce next-gen visualization, advanced property valuations, and shorten the distance between properties, sellers, and buyers.

At our property management software development services, we believe that technical excellence and advanced security are not enough for creating a successful Proptech solution. What really makes the difference is an all-around real estate industry expertise across your target market.

As your technical partner, we bring our knowledge to drive you through the pre-development discovery and analysis, ensure industry regulations compliance, and handpick a proper integrations combo to set you up for a successful launch.

  • 100%

    GDPR compliance

  • Expertise across

    The UK, US, Swiss, German, Qatar markets

  • 35M+ Properties

    Listed on our Proptech customers' platforms


Redesign the way people choose, buy, and manage places to live and work

Real Estate Marketplaces
Real Estate Marketplaces

Building high-load, performant property marketplaces, our proptech platform developers enable clients to connect agencies, homeowners, and tenants easily, and enhance businesses with advanced personalization.

Real Estate Marketplaces
Real Estate Lending
Real Estate Lending

From advanced calculations and streamlined data processing to easier legal maintenance, our proptech platform development company empower proptech businesses to save time, resources, close deals faster and offer better conditions.

Real Estate Lending
Residential Property Management
Residential Property Management

Through our property management software development services we help agencies, homeowners, and tenants spend less time and effort, automate tiresome processes, and improve property management activities efficiency.

Residential Property Management
Commercial Property Management
Commercial Property Management

From offices to warehouses, we empower our clients to simplify their financial management, bring advanced property valuation, and enhance maintenance activities.

Commercial Property Management
Real Estate Workflow Solutions
Real Estate Workflow Solutions

With our real estate software development services, customers automate their proptech operations, streamline the documentation flow, take advantage of e-signature options, and accomplish tasks faster.

Real Estate Workflow Solutions
Property Acquisition
Property Acquisition

With state-of-the-art acquisition solutions, we introduce routine automation, faster decision-making, and enable our clients to source, manage, and execute property deals seamlessly.

Property Acquisition
Property Investment Solutions
Property Investment Solutions

Identify the most prominent property investment opportunities, enhance calculations, improve operational efficiency, and provide your investors with transparent, clear reports.


Property Investment Solutions
Rental and Leasing Management
Rental and Leasing Management

We help businesses transform burdensome rental and leasing processes into easily manageable operations that take advantage of faster document flow and advanced vizualization.

Rental and Leasing Management
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How does your Proptech business benefit from our expertise?

Enhanced property valuation and calculation processes
By reducing the manual work and designing a smooth information processing, we accelerate your workflow, take the part of routine off your team members’ shoulders, and bring cost-efficiency to the table. As proptech software developers, we empower you to take advantage of automation and help you introduce advanced property valuation practices.
Automate the data retrieval, processing and analysis
Enable customers to do basic mortgage calculations
Valuate property by conditions, construction year, area infrastructure, and more parameters
Save the advisors’ time and money by reducing manual work
Proptech-specific integrations
Based on your exact business needs, market requirements, and long-term strategy, we identify the third-party services your product will get the maximum benefit from. We help you compose the integration sets that enable high cost-efficiency and meet your goals in a long perspective.
To bring advanced analysis, valuations, and data on location and market
To bring advanced analysis, valuations, and data on location and market
To bring advanced analysis, valuations, and data on location and market
To bring advanced analysis, valuations, and data on location and market
To assess risks, valuate property and rental prices
To assess risks, valuate property and rental prices
To access pricing from multiple investors, property pricing history, and do rate-quote calculations
To access pricing from multiple investors, property pricing history, and do rate-quote calculations
Faster and data-driven decision making
Whether deciding on a mortgage application, analysing millions of property listings, or identifying the next steps in your business strategy, you will have well-refined, comprehensive data to empower you. We shorten the way between the moment you need the information and getting ready-to-use data, so you save time and serve your customers better.
We achieve this with automated analytics and reporting, predictive analytics, rich visualization functionalities, and more business intelligence tools we handpick and implement for your business.
Enhanced visualization for better user acquisition and retention
We enable users to access the information about properties, areas, mortgages, sellers’ and buyers' contacts instantly and help our customers take advantage of the latest tech to enhance the user experience. In such a way, we empower businesses to introduce advanced cost-efficiency, save team members’ time, and enable users with exhaustive information in a personalized, goal-driven way.
Location-based functionalities, including AR and IoT, to enhance the user experience
Easy-to-use yet functional tools for users to make basic affordability calculations
Performant map to display properties and info on them so that users can access the data needed effortlessly
Advanced property filtering and rich personalization capabilities

We enable Proptech businesses to make more and save up money

Location-based features to enhance user experience and personalization

Based on the location, your users may receive comprehensive data on the area and infrastructure like healthcare institutions or schools, property rent or purchase costs, and more.

By providing such data and gathering user preferences, proptech businesses engage potential clients better and elevate the conversation.

AI & ML to optimize spending on property maintenance and elevate the security

With advanced custom or SaaS systems that track, analyze, and manage how the energy resources are spent, we bring additional cost efficiency to the residential and commercial property management processes.

Our software development services for proptech also help you enhance the security with computer vision functionalities, so the system can identify potentially unsafe situations either during construction or property utilization, and help you prevent damage.

Cloud-based solutions to streamline residential and commercial properties management

To reduce time and effort spent on communication between homeowners and tenants, ease the lease monitoring process, accelerate rent gathering, and streamline maintenance tasks, we help our clients build advanced cloud-based solutions.

Commercial real estate owners also benefit from property portfolio management tools, enhanced accounting, advanced calculation capabilities, and reduce resources spent.

Routine and analytics automation to reduce operational costs

We dive into our partners’ businesses, identify routine activities, and help them optimize their teams’ efficiency with automation.

In such a way, we empower real estate companies to reduce human effort, mitigate risks, accelerate workflow, and obtain well-structured analytics data faster.


What’s under the hood of our real estate software development?

High-load property search engines
Performant area maps with multiple data layers
Automated property valuation mechanisms
Personalized property recommendations systems
Financial data verification tools
Property affordability calculators
ML-based property management functionalities
Web and mobile apps for real estate owners and tenants
Advanced communication and document management tools
case study

Scoperty is an advanced platform for in-depth property search, valuation, sale and purchase across Germany. Scoperty introduces a highly performant map to observe property data, provides info on real estate that is not currently on sale, and connects homeowners with buyers seamlessly.

They feel fully responsible for our product. They think about the solution, and I think that is really cool for an outside company.

Sebastian Frenzel

CPO of Scoperty

Sindeo redesigns the way people search, shop, and secure mortgages. It introduces portals for users and advisors, accelerates calculations and data processing, and meets a broad range of customers’ financial situations and goals to offer solutions that retail banks are unable to.

Their speedy deliveries kept the project moving, and their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. mortgage industry allowed them to offer valuable feedback and suggestions.

Nick Stamos

CEO & Co-founder of Sindeo

Lendage enables customers to search and get tailored mortgage offers instantly and covers the entire process with streamlined data processing, analysis, and reporting. Providing comprehensive advisory, Lendage takes advantage with multiple proptech-specific integrations to retrieve, verify, and utilize real estate and financial data faster.

They got everything into gear and delivered on a short timeline. We had a successful launch on time. What they’ve done has been reliable, functional, and effective. I’m extremely satisfied with their work.

Brett Albert

Senior Manager of Lendage

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