Smile IT

An Australian cloud and cybersecurity service provider that helps companies prepare for CMMI audits and covers their day-to-day IT needs.
How we started

Smile IT helps companies prepare for CMMI and comply with regulatory requirements. To ensure smooth scaling and high operational efficiency, they required a web-based application that allows organizations to define, manage and monitor a real-time operational management framework.

When Smile IT reached us in 2021, they already started the project — the team had comprehensive documentation and some technical developments. Smile IT engaged our team to accelerate the process, bring more all-around expertise, and cover the design and development of the MVP.

We focused on 2 core goals:
  • Transform Smile IT’s developments into a web solution for operational management
  • Build a ready-to-use MVP in 12 weeks
12 weeks
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Why Smile IT chose us

Smile IT already completed 10 out of 20 sprints of the project, and they required a technical partner able to dive into the documentation and solution specifics on the fly. The fact that they had a Django-based project impacted the choice heavily, as we were able to provide a top-tier Django engineering team in just several weeks after the request. We’ve also introduced a cooperation framework we used when designing solutions for our Australian client to ensure the time difference between Brisbane and Kyiv doesn’t affect the cooperation quality.


Smile IT chose us for a combination of our deep Django expertise and well-shaped processes that allowed us to mitigate the risks related to having a 7-hour difference in time zones.

I discovered that there seemed to be a decent supply of developers in Ukraine, and we heard good stories about them. I started searching for Django developers there, and Django Stars came up, along with other vendors. Django Stars appeared to be a lot more professional than other providers.

Glenn Scott

Glenn Scott

General Manager, Smile IT

Fueling the transformation

Despite we had to catch the project on the fly, our combined teams’ efforts resulted in a predictable development process and building out the entire web application MVP in less than 3 months, which met our initial estimates.

With a newly designed web application, Smile IT obtained the ability to reduce the effort needed to guide businesses through their CMMI preparation and got a tool that provides an up-to-date picture of business health and accountability based on agreed risk profiles, process maturity scales, KPIs, and controls.

We’ve equipped Smile IT with a software solution that empowers the company’s growth and scaling capabilities and introduces smooth flow for users and advisors.

Partnership in 2021
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What empowers Smile IT to organize, manage and monitor operations in a growth-oriented framework

To enable Smile IT to operate more efficiently and empower their growth, we’ve created a web application that brings their CMMI consulting process to the next level. The app includes an exception-based dashboard reporting that highlights any business problem areas with ‘drill-through’ functionality to allow examination of the problems at a more granular level.

Within this system, Smile IT professionals receive and analyze documents from client companies, create, assign, and set priorities for tasks, create schedules for activities aimed to help companies prepare for CMMI, and manage the advisory processes.

Together with Smile IT, we’ve designed several solutions that make it significantly easier and faster for client companies and Smile IT experts to cooperate.

  • Risk matrix generation based on the company’s situation, goals, KPIs, and regulatory requirements
  • Task scheduling, notifications system, and reminders
  • Flexible user permissions and roles system
  • Maturity scale rating system
  • Risk likelihood and impacts calculation mechanism
One of the largest challenges for our combined team was the 7-hour difference between Brisbane and Kyiv. We’ve modified our Slack communication and scheduled meeting largely beforehand, and it allowed us to mitigate risks related to blocking the implementation of the solutions.
Iryna Kovbasa

Iryna Kovbasa

Project Manager

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The MVP worked, and it was completed according to our requirements — this was our simplest measure of success. On top of that, Django Stars completed the product ahead of time.

Django Stars were exceptionally professional. They were the best developers I’d worked with in terms of project management. The team was thorough, detailed, and clear in communication. Overall, they were highly responsive.