Soft Activity is an employee monitoring software that works hard. It keeps you aware of everything that happens on your employee’s computer, thanks to the wide spectrum of built-in tools and services. From the live view of remote desktop and programs usage statistics to keystrokes logging and sensitive data security.

Soft Activity deals with large volumes of data and ensures that everything is under your control.

Django Stars can analyze requirements and design a project from scratch, unlike a lot of others who basically just code for you.

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Yuri Martsinovsky

CEO and Co-Founder of Soft Activity






Since Mar 2016


Full cycle software development


To provide an employee monitoring solution that will replace the current desktop version, make it accessible from any device, and decrease the future development costs.

Continue to develop the product, expanding its functionality for better employee activity tracking.


A single page application that includes the following functionality:

  • Сompany-wide stats dashboard to check several top and total metrics, such as activity time, time on the internet, most used websites and applications.
  • Top-used programs reporting tool – a summary view of all the employee’s local activity, with the option to filter by specific people, which shows the most frequently used applications.
  • Top-visited websites reporting tool – a summary view of all the employee’s internet activity–with the option to filter by specific people–which shows the most frequently used websites.
  • Attendance view to monitor the login, logoff times, and other details. It shows the total working time of the employee, the computers he or she worked on, and provides screenshots of the user’s activity.
  • Screenshots monitoring system to check the behaviour of selected user triggered by any new activity, e.g. clicking, typing, opening software, etc.
  • Programs usage logging tool to provide managers with detailed information about the users` activities in programs, including the flow and time duration. By using the search field, managers may apply various filters: by users, applications, and others. It also records all the keystrokes.
  • Internet history logging tool to provide managers with detailed information about the users` internet activity, screenshots, keystroke logs, and more.
  • Emails and messengers monitoring tool to check incoming and outgoing emails. Includes the information about the sender, receiver, all the keystrokes, and attachments.
  • Files logging mechanism to view files copied to external storages, saved, opened, and more.
  • Reporting engine to export the needed data to HTML, PDF, and Excel.

Admin Panel to create accounts for managers/supervisors and assign access to users/groups

Installation package for Windows and Unix based systems to install the web server and database in one click


Soft Activity is a fully functional application that helps companies to monitor their employees’ activity worldwide. It is trusted by such companies as Amiee Lynn, A-Legal, and others. We are continually working on further versions of the product to add new functionality and improve overall customer experience.

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Yuri Martsinovsky

Yuri Martsinovsky

CEO and Co-Founder of Soft Activity


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