We are a team of star geeks with expertise in web and mobile development

Meet the crew

We are different but have something in common: all we are professional, collaborative and open-minded positive thinkers

  • Osipenko

    Roman CTO

  • Vadym

    Vadym Team Leader

  • Upolovnikov

    Dmitry Backend developer

  • Alexandr Bulanov

    Alexandr Team Leader

  • Alex Evtehov

    Alex Product manager

  • Artem Khalygov

    Artem Frontend developer

  • Artur

    Arthur COO

  • Dmitriy Puchkov

    Dmitriy UI Designer

  • Andriy Sokolovskiy

    Andriy Backend developer

  • Valera

    Valera QA Engineer

  • Eugene Bespaly

    Eugene Backend developer

  • Kubrak

    Sergey Backend developer

  • Oleg

    Oleg Backend developer

  • Alexander Vilko

    Alexander Frontend developer

  • Denis Podlesniy

    Denis Backend developer

  • Yakimova

    Maria Backend developer

  • ROman1

    Roman CEO

  • Oleksiy Onishchenko

    Oleksiy Frontend developer

  • Andrii Iushchuk

    Andrii Backend developer

  • Alena

    Alona Frontend developer

  • Tanya Khomenko

    Tanya Office manager

  • Bogdan Tymoshenko

    Bogdan Mobile developer

  • Kabakova

    Tatyana Backend developer

  • Yaroslav Shulika

    Yaroslav Frontend developer

  • Alexander Ryabtsev

    Alexander Backend developer

  • Alexander Gaevsky

    Alexander Team Leader

  • Taras Dihtenko

    Taras Frontend developer

  • Gleb

    Gleb Backend developer

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Why work with us?

We support friendly, healthy and creative environment in our office. We love our work and look for people sharing the attitude. For us development is not just a job - we like to enjoy it!

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