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Alexander Ryabtsev

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“The backend is like the foundation of the house. Architecture and high-quality code give you the basis for a successful product.”

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Managing Django's settings cover
This article is intended for engineers who use the Django framework. It gives a deep insight into configuring Django project settings, and the pros and cons of different approaches. In the article you will also find recommendations concerning tools, best practices and architectural solutions, all time-tested and proven by successful projects. Table of contents: Managing Django Settings: Issues Setting Configuration: Different Approaches Separate Settings File for Each Environment Environment...
What is Docker and How to Use it With Python (Tutorial)
This is an introductory tutorial on Docker containers. By the end of this article, you will know how to use Docker on your local machine. Along with Python, we are going to run Nginx and Redis containers. Those examples assume that you are familiar with the basic concepts of those technologies. There will be lots of shell examples, so go ahead and open the terminal. Table of Contents What is...
Web frameworks have transformed the world of programming and become vitally important in every development process. Even the smallest unit of an application is comprised of coding, and a web framework simply automates it. You might try browsing different sites, books and articles about it, but find only general and ambiguous information – nothing but endless definitions and difficult terms that make your head spin. Well, it’s time to handle...