Changing the mortgage industry by offering an easier path to home ownership.

01 Overview
Their speedy deliveries kept the project moving, and their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. mortgage industry allowed them to offer valuable feedback and suggestions.
Nick Stamos
CEO & Co-founder of Sindeo
United States
Oct 2013 - Jun 2017
Full-cycle Web
Team size
4 - 6
02 Business

To create a new digital mortgage software where technology makes things easier and puts people first; to build and develop a web platform for a financial service that changes the way consumers search, shop for and secure a mortgage.

03 Solution
Mortgage consumer portal
A mobile-friendly web platform used by registered real-estate agents to lead the customer through the loan origination process.
Internal mortgage advisor portal
A customer-facing application with two parts:
1. Customer dashboard — a post-registration portal where customers will:
  • finalize their application;
  • provide necessary information for the credit application;
  • verification and validation process flow (credit profile, income verification, uploading necessary files for the underwriters);
2. Rate-quote — a pre-registration flow, which is a call to action to apply for the program (one of the important parts to engage with the customer).
We developed and implemented
1. Integration with Mortech for rate quote calculations.
2. Ability to upload a wide range of documents to the portal via
3. Verification of assets, incomes and employment through integration with Yodlee and Finconnect.
4. An online credit reporting tool that allows users to create reports based on data provided on Sindeo’s web portal. Implemented by integration with the Mismo service.
5. Bidirectional synchronization with Salesforce — a customer success, marketing, and sales platform to generate, track, and connect leads to the right representative.
6. Created a service that provided a RESTFul API to communicate with Ellie Mae Encompass SDK.
04 Result
The project is a top fintech startup in the US market, a lendIt award finalist for emerging real estate platform. It’s changing the mortgage industry from the ground up by offering homebuyers a straightforward path to homeownership and refinancing.
Lead mortgage broker on
the US market
Raised $6.5 million in total
Featured as a top fintech
in the US market
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05 Technologies
We used
They’ve been very well positioned to deliver our solution since they’d worked on a very similar deployment with some of our counterparts in Switzerland. They’re more than capable of delivering high-quality, tested code, and they’re far less expensive than their American counterparts.