The US-based tax management platform that accelerates the speed of tax return preparation, document flow, and entity management
Established in 2019
Raised in seed funding
How we started

Repositax was aiming to make it faster and easier for investors and businesses to deal with taxation and establish transparent, rapid data transfer between them. They’ve already had Python-based developments from the previous vendor, and our goal was to bring together those developments and long-term business vision in a tax management platform able to serve LLCs and private investors.

In the first stage of tax document flow automation platform development, we focused on several core objectives:
  • Transform the previous vendor developments into a working product
  • Introduce OCR and automated tax reports filing
  • Ease data transfer and processing for investors, companies, accountants, and auditors
Repositax monitors
and compliance controls
2019 — 2020
Team size
8 Engineers

Why Repositax chose us

When we started our cooperation with this platform to streamline tax processes, Repositax had some project developments in Python and required a team able to transform them into a working product for investors and businesses to ease the taxation process.

We were the second choice of Repositax — initially, they hired a US-based company which turned out to be not a good fit. During the cooperation with another vendor, the CEO and founder of Repositax kept in touch with us and hired us after a year of cooperation with the previous vendor because we had deeper technical expertise in tax software development and more capacities.

The combo of the fact that Repositax developments were Python-based and we’ve already had wide experience across financial and investment projects in the US, UK, and Switzerland conditioned the successful start of our cooperation.


Repositax chose us for our Python & Django expertise and stayed with us for our ability to share responsibility and lead the product development process.

I see the benefit of choosing a vendor that’s focused on Python. Their focus on Python is very apparent in their efficiency and interactions with me. There are no distractions, and they’re very focused on what I need. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, so they’re stable. They’ve been steadily growing since I met them

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy

CEO & Founder, Repositax, Inc.

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Long-term business objectives

In a long run, Repositax aims to serve not only tax preparers and private investors but large organizations that need to gather, process, and share their data in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Building the Repositax platform, we’ve paid special attention to providing a company with the ability to efficiently accumulate and process data, enhanced security, and a smooth document processing system that allows for streamlined complex dependencies and hierarchies management.

Together, we’ve designed a software solution that effectively serves financial and tax experts today and equips Repositax with the ability to expand whenever the business is ready.

We’ve focused on several core goals:
  • Create an advanced tax and financial document sharing software that includes data processing and report creation.
  • Support corporations and large businesses through major deals and accelerate data verification, processing, and transfer between the parties.
  • Provide businesses with streamlined analysis of their performance, key metrics, and precise forecasts.
Fueling the transformation

From a concept aimed to accelerate work with taxation and financial documents for a small group of experts to a scalable, feature-rich digital platform, we’ve guided, developed, and helped Repositax as a technical partner.

The Repositax project involved multiple vendors, including the ones specializing in ML solutions and penetration testing, and we were the development team responsible for coordinating them and bringing the efforts together in one product.

Together, we’ve been able to design a tax management software that empowers tax and finance professionals, businesses, and private investors to get, process, and share data efficiently, and sufficiently simplifies the process of filing tax returns.

Partnership from Mar 2019  to Jun 2020
team Composition

The application is finished, it works, and it has customers. I engage five vendors as my team, and Django Stars brings 80% of the hours and value out of all of my other vendors combined. Django Stars is the lead vendor that helps coordinate the other vendors

Michael McCarthy
CEO & Founder, Repositax, Inc.
Technology Stack
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What empowers Repositax to accelerate tax and financial data processing for US-based businesses.

Advanced documentation management

We’ve designed a complex system aimed to accelerate sharing and processing of financial data for accountants, investors, and businesses. The primary goal of the solution is to transform taxation activities from a tiresome and time-consuming process into a semi-automated one that allows for the fast filing of reports.

The platform empowers professionals with the ability to work with multiple companies under one roof, retrieve and process data from QuickBooks software, take advantage of OCR to accelerate data parsing, and introduce advanced visualization. Repositax also introduces:

  • Tax form templates system to speed up filing out tax documents
  • Company- and year-based financial documents hierarchies to ease accounting
  • Notifications system aimed to help businesses and investors meet tax filing deadlines
  • Permissions of multiple types and levels to ease account management
  • Requesting and sharing documents across organizations to accelerate deals and accounting
Smart report module

To accelerate work with tax documents and reduce the effort required to fill out taxation forms, we’ve created a report module that focuses on LLCs’, Revocable Trusts, and private investors’ needs.

It stores all the tax document templates businesses and private investors may require, and allows for rapid form filing. Using the OCR module, users can retrieve the data needed from their documents and fill out the form they need with it automatically. Accountants can select some document parts and transform them into another tax form with no manual effort, and investors take advantage of smart visualization to identify the state of business matters fast.

The idea behind Repositax is about making it fast and easy to deal with taxation and share the financial information between investors and businesses — and the report system we’ve designed meets it perfectly: routine manual work is replaced with a combination of forms database, OCR, and automated form filing.
Olexander Ryabtsev

Olexander Ryabtsev

Team Leader

OCR-powered visual data processing

Optical character recognition, OCR, is one of the core features of the Repositax product that makes the entire concept of accelerating taxation and financial data processing actually work. We used OCR for retrieving the data from pdf documents that investors and businesses share.

Retrieving the data from hundreds of documents in seconds instead of hours the accountants would spend and introducing smart information selection, the OCR module fuels the entire Repositax system.

Designing this module was also one of the most challenging project parts, which required introducing machine learning algorithms, considering the specifics of software used to generate pdf documents, identifying the ways to speed up the data processing from minutes to seconds, and more.

Business health indication system

While the core audience of the Repositax tax management software platform is rather passive investors that do not employ the hands-on approach, we’ve introduced a business health indication system that focuses on up to 10 key business metrics and brings easy-to-understand visualizations.

It allows one to check data on multiple businesses and investments in a single dashboard and request financial information from companies. Being a secondary feature, this system is extremely useful for those who prefer not to dive into day-to-day asset management.

Business health indication feature we’ve designed is not a gamification functionality but in certain sense, it is close to gamification — it brings additional visibility and allows investors to assess the state of companies quickly without diving into details.
Sergiy Gladkiy

Sergiy Gladkiy

UX/UI designer

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They have a ton of experience in the earlier stages of taking design concepts from a founder’s head and making it a reality. They’ve done the database design, the backend development and design, and the frontend development and design. The application has launched.

They’ve been in business for over 10 years, so they’re stable. They’ve been steadily growing since I met them. I’ve been to their offices and seen the culture of the company. They have a really good culture