Mortgage Software Development Services

Build advanced digital mortgage software apps to bring personalization, generate value faster, and win the competition from traditional lenders.

We combine in-depth knowledge of the US, UK, Swiss, and Saudi Arabian mortgage markets with technical excellence to turn our partners’ visions into mortgage solutions able to generate value for end-users right away.

Their speedy deliveries kept the project moving, and their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. mortgage industry allowed them to offer valuable feedback and suggestions.

Nick Stamos

Founder & CEO of Sindeo


How does your mortgage business benefit from our expertise?

We’ve built start-up and enterprise mortgage origination solutions and provide mortgage application development for the world’s top financial markets, including the US and UK ones. Applying the expertise obtained, our mortgage software development services enable our partners to define a clear, research-based product vision, compose audience-tailored feature sets and turn fast, data-driven decision-making into your competitive advantage.
What’s in it for you?
  • All-around market research and product strategy.
  • Meet local market specifics and tailor your offers to your audience.
  • Precise property valuations based on areas, infrastructure, and more.
Our mortgage software developers do a lot of work before the mortgage systems development to identify your exact needs and design mortgage finance solutions’ architecture that ensures advanced security, is flexible enough to implement more features seamlessly and requires little to nothing effort to support the product. In such a way, our mortgage app development ensures long-standing business durability.
What’s in it for you?
  • Product architecture that eliminates bottlenecks and enables rapid product scaling.
  • Product design tailored to your team’s operational needs and specifics.
  • Tailored integration with open banking solutions and real estate agencies.
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Taking care of mortgage systems’ all-around security, we also pay special attention to compliance with regulations. Our mortgage management software development experts follow the industry's best practices and ensure an easier compliance process by introducing legal maintenance mechanisms and template systems.
What’s in it for you?
  • Ensure a 100% breach-free digital mortgage solution.
  • Protect sensitive data with flexible access systems.
  • Meet GDPR, HMDA, ECOA, and other regulations your product may be subject to

What’s under the hood of mortgage software solutions we build?

Mortgage calculators

  • To empower users to calculate approximate results right away
  • To personalize the user flow
  • To save underwriters’ time and the company’s resources

KYC mechanisms

  • To introduce automated user data verification
  • To increase the efficiency of team efforts regarding users
  • To prevent fraud and money laundering

Property evaluation tools

  • To handle a large number of requests easily
  • To accelerate the mortgage process
  • To prevent an increase in expenses on underwriters’ services

Automated document flow

  • To process applications faster
  • To reduce team effort needed to manage documents
  • To eliminate regulations-related risks

Legal maintenance tools

  • To reduce compliance-related errors
  • To meet local and governmental regulations
  • To automate compliance processes

B2B interfaces

  • To accelerate cooperation with banks and real estate agencies
  • To build partnerships with multiple businesses seamlessly
  • To introduce transparent and data-driven collaboration

Mortgage-specific integrations

To obtain and analyze users’ credit data and prevent fraud
To assess risks, valuate property and rental prices
To manage mortgage payments
To verify the financial data and applicants’ assets
To access property pricing history and do rate-quote calculations
To verify customers’ identity instantly

Build a next-gen mortgage solution and outstand traditional lenders


We empower mortgage businesses to bring flawless services instantly

Automated advisory and primary offers
Enhanced user experience
Users are able to do basic calculations and get initial mortgage offers with no expert help. So, you shorten the distance between users’ first contact with the product and getting a mortgage.
Lower client acquisition costs
With our mortgage industry software development services, businesses enable users to finish the initial stages of the mortgage process on their own, so businesses engage fewer underwriters and spend less money.
Accelerated mortgage applications processing
Streamlined application process
Our mortgage management software development services enable you to implement automated data processing and ID verification, so customers can complete applications and get initial mortgage offers online.
Enhanced team productivity
With routine automation, document management tools, and rapid data retrieval and verification handpicked integration sets, loan officers can execute their tasks faster.
Enhanced business efficiency
Precise property valuations
With comprehensive integrations sets, we help you get and analyze data on areas, infrastructure, buildings, apartments, and property price fluctuations to bring proper valuations.
Advanced offers personalization
We design tools and features that enable providing personalized mortgage offers instantly by matching customers’ requests, their assets, and available properties.
Compliance with regulatory requirements
Local markets’ regulations
We help you design the product in a way your team meets local market requirements in a more time-efficient manner and set you up for smoother certificate obtaining process with templates and automation.
International regulations
From GDPR to highly mortgage-specific regulations, we consider your short- and long-term business plans and help you tune the product so it meets the necessary requirements.

case study

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As the 1st fully digital mortgage lender in the UK, Molo Finance enables users to apply for mortgages online, get personalized offers, and save time and resources. With more than £270M raised in investments, Molo introduces a completely redesigned mortgage management experience.

  • 8 months to fully-fledged MVP
  • £600M mortgage applications submitted in 2021
They built our entire application website, which was quite complex. They’re motivated and want to see us succeed

Amitabh Ghatak

CPO, Molo Finance

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MoneyPark helps its clients find mortgage and insurance options that match their financial situation and provides businesses with a feature-rich platform to take advantage with MoneyPark data, advanced accounting, and more capabilities.

  • #1 mortgage broker in the Swiss market
  • CHF 3.4B an annual mortgage volume
Django Stars not only delivers top-notch performance in programming but - thanks to a great team of smart minds – Django Stars are also a most valuable business partner for us.

Dr. Stefan Heitmann

CEO & Co-founder, Money Park

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Sindeo drives clients through the entire process of getting a mortgage and provides tools-rich mortgage origination software to do calculations, analyze data, and find mortgage options that suit clients’ situations best.

  • $6.5M raised in seed funding
  • Top fintech startup
  • Acquired by Renren
Their speedy deliveries kept the project moving, and their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. mortgage industry allowed them to offer valuable feedback and suggestions.

Nick Stamos

CEO & Co-founder, Sindeo

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Lendage simplifies mortgage searches and provides comprehensive professional help throughout the whole process of searching, getting, and securing a mortgage — quickly and easily.

What they’ve done has been reliable, functional, and effective. I’m extremely satisfied with their work. They’re great at what they do.

Brett Albert

Senior Manager, Lendage

Frequently Asked Questions

The precise development cost may vary depending on your project complexity and exact features you want to include. As a software outsourcing company, we offer highly qualified engineers able to achieve a perfect balance between the development speed and costs.