The US-based edtech platform that offers videos from expert tutors and introduces an AI-powered tutorship.
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How we started

Numerade required a mix of team extension and product development services — the platform was already up and running but it experienced technical and search engine performance issues. Also, Numereade was looking for a team able to take over the teaser video distribution functionality development and implementation.

Together, we’ve had to ensure Numerade’s technical readiness for future scaling, new features implementation, and next investment rounds.

We focused on 3 core objectives:
  • Reinforce the Numerade development team and empower it to conduct optimization tasks faster.
  • Help Numerade deal with SEO-related task scope, improve page load time and performance.
  • Set up an automated workflow for teaser video production and distribution.
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2021 — 2022
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5 Engineers

Why Numerade chose us

Numerade required a certain level of flexibility in cooperation with a vendor, outstanding Python & Django expertise, and, what’s crucial for a startup, an ability to think and act as a product development unit rather than do engineering only.

We’ve already had solid background designing edtech solutions as product developers and digital transformation experts, and extensive experience cooperating with US businesses across multiple time zones.


Numerade chose us for our technical expertise and ability to build smooth, flexible cooperation within a 7-hour difference in time zones.


Together, we’ve been able to mix product development and team extension frameworks and empower Numerade’s marketing department with several technical solutions for content distribution and search engine optimization.

Fueling the transformation

Together, we’ve established a flexible approach that allowed us to introduce a mix of product development and team extension frameworks — some of our engineers empowered Numerade team to accelerate routine tasks completion, and some acted as an external engineering unit to create functionalities from scratch.

Despite a 7-hour time difference, we efficiently managed to deliver both parts of the project and help Numerade enhance its marketing in the shortest possible time.

Partners from Sep 2021 to Feb 2022
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What empowers Numerade to get more customers in the US edtech market

Automated video teaser production

Numerade hosts millions of educational videos on its platform instead of YouTube, limiting its promotional abilities. To help Numerade acquire more users, we’ve helped a company to design functionality for video teaser creation and automated distribution on YouTube.

Wrapped as a detached service, a teaser production feature connects to a Numerade system via API, converts video with Amazon powers, and automatically distributes teasers to YouTube. Utilizing a combination of open-source libraries and Amazon services, we’ve been able to deliver a cost-effective, easily manageable solution that covers Numerade marketing needs.

We’ve also designed an automated mechanism that assigns teaser names and introduced smart prioritization to empower Numerade to deliver what audiences require most.

Improved performance across search engines

Numerade engaged our experts to ensure high performance across dozens of pages that weren’t meeting Google’s technical requirements which resulted in lower search ranks.

We’ve extended the Numerade team with several backend engineers to analyze the system state, identify and prioritize issues, design approaches and solutions, and implement them.

An ability to be fast and flexible in your marketing activities is essential for a fast-growing startup like Numerade. We’ve focused on two sides of the project — optimization for search engines and smart teaser video creation and distribution. Our cooperation resulted in enhanced marketing capabilities for Numerade, and it was done in just several months
Sergey Kubrak

Sergey Kubrak

Backend Engineer