Reinforce your business with software that covers every detail. Our bespoke software development agency can help you create a software product that meets all modern requirements and takes your business to the next level.
Here at Django Stars, we’ve built our entire business around bespoke software development.

We’ve created bespoke software solutions for the UK’s fintech market, guided our Swiss partners through digital transformation, and designed the world’s largest booking platform for scuba divers.

And our bespoke software agency is eager to help you elevate your business too.

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How does your business benefit from our bespoke software solutions?

Enhanced processes and operations

Through the discovery stage, our bespoke software developers dive into your business, analyze processes, and define what your business requires.

We streamline your operations with the use case-tailored solutions and help you set up and tweak the system to achieve maximum efficiency.

Better flexibility and adaptability

We design bespoke software in a way that allows adding specific feature sets and implementing changes effortlessly.

We meticulously tailor our approach, considering your target markets and regulations, to provide you with comprehensive support for compliance as well as bespoke software product development, ensuring a seamless and effective journey.

Smooth scaling and maintenance process

Our deep, all-around analysis of your business, operations, and strategy results in a product architecture that allows you to scale effectively.

With bespoke software architecture, you can expand faster, ensure decent performance, and save money with an efficient infrastructure setup.

Automation-empowered business efficiency

As a bespoke software development agency, we help you reduce manual work, streamline your operations and help you serve your customers faster.

We equip you with advanced automation and customization, so your bespoke software solution always meets your operations and strategy.


How do we build bespoke software tailored to your business specifics?

Pre-development discovery to align your business needs with a software solution

Before we get down to planning, our bespoke development experts team up with your business professionals to conduct an all-around market and competitive research and build a clear understanding of your business operations, funnels, and pipelines.

Then, as bespoke developers, we transform the data obtained into features and solutions that allow you to save up your team’s time, accelerate the information flow, and avoid repetitive tasks with automation

Business-tailored integrations, feature sets, and automation

Based on the discovery, we build feature sets that cover your every operation and allow for rapid data retrieval, processing, and analysis. When it comes to integration sets composition, we pick options that complete your software with fast, resource-efficient solutions.

With handpicked integrations and advanced automation, we help you mitigate risks, reduce human error, and build a solid foundation for your business growth.

Every aspect of development, maintenance, and scaling is covered

As a bespoke software company, we guide you through the entire process — from initial discovery and requirements definition to post-release scaling and expansion to new markets.

Our firm fulfils the role of your technical partner, provides comprehensive advisory bespoke development services, and supports you through your business growth. Rest assured that when developing bespoke software, we will always be there.


Whatever solution your business requires, we’ll get you covered

Build your solution from scratch
We’ll guide you through the research, requirements gathering, planning, and every pre-development step to make sure your business gets exactly what it requires in the short- and long-term perspective.
Modernize your obsolete software
From an in-depth analysis of your current solution to the modernization strategy, our programmers drive you through the software update in a way that doesn’t affect your business performance negatively as changes are implemented.
Conduct a digital transformation
Empower your business with a modern digital system that accelerates your workflow, introduces advanced security practices, and provides you with everything you may need to scale and expand your business effortlessly.
Equip your business with software that fulfils its needs
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We introduce cutting-edge tech solutions to elevate your business

Big Data-powered analytics
To equip our customers with advanced decision-making solutions, we help them take advantage of Big Data analytics to get data-driven insights.
AI and ML-powered tools
As a bespoke software development company, we help our clients optimize their resources and introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance their workflow efficiency, improve user experience, and trim down operational costs.
Advanced automation
We study your processes and transform them into automated operations that shorten the distance between the inquiry and the result and introduce enhanced cost efficiency.
Cloud-based data storage
To achieve maximum data security and keep your maintenance costs as low as it’s possible, our bespoke development agency empowers you to set up fast, resource-efficient cloud storage solutions for your business.
Location and device-tailored experiences
Whether it’s a laptop, mobile phone, or even smartwatch, our bespoke application developers help you provide your users with comprehensive experiences tailored to their location, times of day, and more parameters.
AR and mixed reality features
From e-commerce to travel, our firm empowers businesses to equip their customers with sharp, easy-to-use AR and mixed reality features that enhance user experience and allow businesses to generate more visible value.

case study

case image

Started with building an MVP in only 8 months, together with Molo we’ve created a leading fully-digital mortgage brokerage platform in the United Kingdom.

  • £600M mortgage applications submitted in 2021
  • over £270M in investments
They’re motivated and want to see us succeed, rather than acting purely as an outsourced developer doing daily tasks.

Amitabh Ghatak

CPO of Molo Finance

case image

Together with PADI Travel, we’ve transformed a niche logbook startup into the world’s leading booking platform for scuba divers. Our partnership started in 2012, and we still keep going together.

  • 5M+ products listed
  • 200k+ users
They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. I'm very positive about Django Stars, and I can recommend them without any problem.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel

case image

Over more than a decade of our cooperation, we’ve built a Switzerland-leading mortgage platform that processes large volumes of data and provides customers with comprehensive financial advisory.

  • 80k+ customers
  • CHF 3.4B an annual mortgage volume
I’m very happy with Django Stars. When we agree on something, they always hold up their end of the bargain.

Benjamin Tacquet

CTO of Money Park


The advantages of bespoke software for your business can be very different. For example, it will allow you to improve processes, automate some tasks, scale your business, etc.