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Being passionate about Python & Django, we put all our brain power into every product we create.

Monostack approach pays best when it comes to product development

Django Stars was founded in 2008 by two enthusiasts who believed in the huge potential of the Django framework. Our team grew and our expertise strengthened, our offices changed, and approaches sharpened, but our passion for Django never changed. Every Django developer we hire is really keen on the technology — and we believe that’s the best way to keep creating high-shelf products.

Django Developers

As experienced Django Developers, we know all ins and outs of the technology and are able to handle its specifics no matter if we build a mortgage platform, real estate product or food delivery application.
We’re well aware of how to avoid problems that might come up in the future and how to use Django framework strengths in a most efficient way.
Among last ones:

  • Faster development
  • Good visualization
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Easy scaling
  • High security

Combining a passion for technology and sharp processes to create products that stand out

We never hesitate to apply our technical know-how, but always keep our approaches transparent and easy-to-understand

  • Fintech
  • Transportation
  • Traveltec
  • Proptech
  • Helthcare & Fitness


  • Lending Software
  • Digital Mortgage Products
  • Investment Platforms
  • Accounting Solutions
  • InsurTech
  • RegTech


  • Taxi Applications
  • Food Delivery Solutions
  • Logistics Software
  • Car-sharing Platforms
  • Route Optimization solutions
  • Transportation Management systems


  • Hospitality Software
  • Travel Marketplaces
  • Hotel Management Solutions
  • Airline Software
  • Travel APIs
  • Airline Software Development


  • Real Estate Marketplaces
  • Property Lending Solutions
  • Property Management Apps

Helthcare & Fitness

  • Professional Applications
  • Nutrition Software
  • Activity-tracking Solutions
  • Fitness Logbooks

What’s in our Django expertise for you?

We never stated that Python and Django is better or more efficient than any other technology. We don’t say that it can guarantee better performance or easier maintenance also.

But we do say that our expertise in Python & Django and broad experience make the difference. As experienced Django developers for hire, we use every advantage Django framework has to create even the most complex products efficiently and meet the business needs. Here are some of such advantages:

  • Rapid MVP development
    Django has everything to fulfill needs almost any business may have for the MVP — for example, an ORM layer that handles access to databases and routing and a functional admin panel.
  • High product security
    Well, yes, Django is just a framework, just a tool — it cannot be secure by itself. But it has everything to let professionals create really secure and reliable applications.
  • Scalability
    It’s a common situation when the product’s success turns out to be a headache as you have to meet not only the scaling process but increased hosting costs. It’s not the case when you build your product with the Django framework.

Our Clients Speak

Our clients highlight the same things when working with us — isn’t that a style?

They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. They've also been very responsive. Overall, I'm very positive about Django Stars.
Joel Perrenoud
MD and Board Member of PADI Travel
  • PADI Travel

How do we keep our Django expertise on a high level?

It’s quite common when companies founded by enthusiasts lose their fire and give up their technology spirit and passion in favour of business optimization. While never considering ourselves unique, we do everything to keep our technology knowledge sharp — and, as we believe, even our growth to 100+ engineers hasn't affected the quality of our knowledge.

There are several peculiarities of our company that help us do so.

  • Hiring process specifics
    As we stated above, we’re a monostack company, so our entry level is higher and you got to be really into Python & Django to meet the requirements. We see the talent from the very first meeting and make everything to convince such Django engineers to join us.
  • Average work duration at Django Stars
    It may be not easy to compete for the best Django developers, but when they’re on board, they stay with us for more than 3 years on average — it exceeds the industry average in Ukraine two times!
    There’s no secret for it — when you work with talented people, you always have things to learn and skill to sharpen.
  • Internal knowledge sharing
    Yep, we have such sessions regularly and share our cross-domain knowledge within the team, so our engineers never have their skills rust.

Partner with Us

Django is not the only one significant
The statement above may look strange, but we really think that a high-quality code makes difference only when combined with well-shaped approaches that make development and communication processes easy and comfortable for everyone.
It’s all about the final product
We know exactly what people choose us for — our broad expertise and deep understanding of product development. And yes, sometimes we may seem not really ‘nice’ cause we do not hesitate to express our thoughts and ideas on how to make the product better.
Scaling is essential
Django has everything to provide smooth and easy scaling options, and we strive to ensure your product grows and expands on new markets from the very development start. We believe in things we create, and when millions of users start to load our products, we want those products to be flawless.
Product development far beyond code
We are Django enthusiasts, but we never limit ourselves to coding. Regulations, standards, integrations — we don’t hesitate to offer our help with those things if we see your product and business can benefit from them.

Our Portfolio

We believe that a deep understanding of the technology you have combined with a proper idea can help you create almost anything. Our clients’ products prove it.
United Kingdom
We’ve built a strong MVP in only 8 months together with our client Molo Finance. Molo raised £3.7m in funding and began disrupting the UK market from day one, and transformed into an important player on the British fintech market.

Rapid development, smooth integration with a number of third-party services, a decision engine, document generation tools and the ability to become the UK’s first digital mortgage lender - that’s what our partners got with our Python app development services.
We’ve developed 6 web and 2 mobile apps for our partner — Swiss fintech company Money Park. We’ve also created evaluation interfaces, tools for data analysis and several engines.

Python allows you to enhance product endlessly and be flexible with every new feature. Python libraries and open APIs helped us to develop powerful technology-based advisory platforms that can be seamlessly updated.
Our work has been featured in
One-Stop Borrowing on the Web
How To Find The Best Mortgage Rates And Lenders Online
MoloFinance scores £3.7M seed funding to offer a fully digital mortgage
Seven Big Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

Technologies & Integrations

There are lots of places where Django can bring you, but to make a real difference, you should integrate other technologies and services. We are good at it too.

Anastasiia Yuvchyk
Account Executive, Django Stars
Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered

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    Anastasiia Yuvchyk
    Account Executive, Django Stars
    Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered

      To learn more about how we process your data, visit our Privacy Policy.
      Anastasiia Yuvchyk
      Account Executive, Django Stars
      Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered