What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It

Mar 26, 2024
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What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It
Julia Korsun
Julia Korsun
Head of Marketing

The most critical flaw in every website that collects ratings is typically a surmise in the independence and objectivity of the resource. Some review sites publish only positive reviews and 5-star rankings, which reflects poorly on their reputation. Business owners need rating platforms to collect genuine feedback on their ideas and work, not for always-glowing testimonials. Ergo, if a rating site is trustworthy, all the company reviews it publishes must be full and fair.
The only way to receive honest reviews is to invite unbiased appraisers. If people have no personal interest in a positive review, they are free to contribute with truthful information. Happily, independent services offer fair reviews. Clutch.co is one of them.

What is Clutch.co?

We’re all familiar with labour market research. To find the best people for a particular task, big brands with big budgets usually do their research and evaluation. Clutch does it for everybody else.
Clutch is an independent platform that collects objective feedback from clients about each company registered on the site. They perform in-depth interviews with clients and customers about the quality of their interaction with each Clutch-registered company. Based on the data gathered, the service formulates a fair rating of all the firms. Clutch categorises companies by their geographic location, a field of their expertise and the focus on proven skills.
For outsourcers, Clutch.co solves two problems at once: it collects the feedback about each company, which saves time for company representatives, and it shows all the client input to the visitors, both positive and negative. As a result, the visitor sees not just beautiful testimonials, but the whole picture.
Independent analysts from Clutch handle review collection and analysis. The people who take the feedback have no interest in making it positive or negative. They are interested only in publishing the whole picture. Cheating and fake boosts to company ratings are impossible. Company representatives or people who haven’t interacted with the firm are not allowed to publish a review or change the number of stars in the company’s rating.
Clutch is an excellent place to look for top firms to handle your project. It contains reliable information, analysis data and genuine reviews on hundreds of Advertising & Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Software Development, Web and Mobile App Development, and IT Consulting businesses from all over the world.
Clutch is an ideal solution for businesses and enterprises of any size. If you want to spend less of your budget on due diligence of prospective work partners, visit Clutch and check out their ratings and independent client reviews. You’ll find the perfect team, regardless of the industry of your business.
To find the company for the execution of a specific idea, you can search using several parameters: the region where the company is based, your price range and the company’s field of competence.
Below is a guide that will help you navigate the selection process. We’ll search for an advertising agency as an example to go through the selection process.
1) First, you need to understand what is your purpose in hiring a team.
2) Second, browse the Clutch sitemap and select one of the goals that seem to suit your purpose best.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 1
We’ll focus on Clutch.co advertising offers and browse through all the advertising agencies.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 2
3) We go straight to the standard catalogue, which includes all the agencies. You can sort them according to various parameters.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 3
4) To see the best agencies instantly, we can go to the Leaders Matrix and visualise the information more conviniently.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 4
5) In the Leader’s Matrix, go to the profile of the agency that best matches your needs. (You can find the meaning of each quadrant of the Leader’s Matrix below). Then, contact the agency you prefer via their website or Clutch.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 5
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 6

More About the Leader’s Matrix

The Leader’s Matrix is a Clutch feature that helps you locate the best firms according to their ‘Ability to Deliver’ and ‘Focus.’
Ability to Deliver accounts for the company’s client reviews, past work, market presence, and prestigious awards. If the Ability to Deliver is influential, this might be a team of experts that’s been active in the market for the last couple of years.
Focus refers to a company’s level of specialisation in a given service. Leader’s Matrices divide all the leading companies into four groups: Market Leaders, Proven Leaders, Niche Leaders, and Emerging Leaders.
What Clutch.co Is, And Why You Need It 7
Select the company that suits your task on the interactive graph. Next, explore its profile to find exact information about the firm and its rates. Visit their clients’ reviews section and, if you like what you read, contact the company to start your collaboration!
Clutch.co is responsible for each review it publishes. Because of this, information on the resource always remain objective, no matter what.

How Clutch.co Reviews Work

Clutch collects reviews in two ways: online and over the phone. Usually, phone reviews are used to review projects with a budget of over $25,000. A phone call with Clutch usually takes about 15-20 minutes, during which an analyst collects feedback by asking a client personal questions. Clutch.co records and transcribes all the phone calls. After an analyst finishes the transcription, he edits the interview to make it short and sharp enough to publish. After an issue of the review, the analyst sends the report to the client. The client can request changes to his feedback within the next three days. A phone call allows the reviewer to learn a lot about the client’s experience and hear their tone of voice.
The online review submission process is more straightforward than a phone call and is perfect for projects with a budget under $25,000. Clutch collects online feedback via a review form. Clutch has custom review forms for every industry, and standard forms suitable for any company specialisation. Each company has a unique link in its profile that they can mail to customers to collect reviews. Customers can also evaluate their partnership experience using Clutch’s main report card.
The service encourages everyone to update their reviews if their experience of working with the company significantly changes for better or worse. An update to the original comment is published as an update, not as a new review. The initial annotations will not be discarded or modified in any way, but Clutch will change the star in the firm’s rating.
If a business is not registered on Clutch but matches the categories of the service, Clutch employees will build a profile for the firm and publish the feedback received. If your company is not on Clutch yet, think about creating a profile. The point is, positive reviews on Clutch can bring you tons of clients and reduce your advertising budget. Also, you can easily integrate Clutch reviews into your website.

Clutch.co Alternatives. Who is better?

Clutch is impressive, but some people prefer to research the market using different services. If Clutch.co is not enough for your purposes and you’d like to look elsewhere for your dream team before making a final decision, there are some Clutch.co competitors that are worth your attention.
This company is similar to Clutch but more specific. This service specialises in finding mobile, web and software development teams for your project. Wadline is also transparent and convenient. Its user-friendly design makes the searching process simple and understandable for everyone. Advertising, marketing and design specialists are also present on Wadline, but there are fewer teams and fewer reviews of them.
VenturePact is a complex project that offers not only fair reviews but development and management tools that facilitate collaboration. Milestone management will help you to stay agile; time performance tracking will expedite your accountability, code activity analysis will ensure the transparency of your cooperation, automated code reviews will keep the code clean and working at every stage, etc. The good news: if you like to manage your project from a single place, this is a perfect solution. The bad news: while Clutch offers objective reviews and nothing extra, VenturePact offers everything at once, without focusing on specialisations. This fact affects VenturePact quality of service.
Digitalogy is an entirely free “on-demand” Matchmaking, Product Consulting and Tech sourcing platform concentrated on ensuring the success of software development projects. They offer a compelling value scheme that helps growing companies source and handle their technology needs. They guarantee high-quality performance. But Digitalogy doesn’t collect and analyse reviews, as Clutch team does. They use real reviews from the portfolio and website of each company, so the information here is not as trustworthy as the reviews collected and handled by Clutch.
When all is said and done, Clutch.Co is worth your attention because of the following advantages it offers:

    • Objectivity. Even sponsorship doesn’t add any benefits to a firm’s Clutch rating.
    • Convenience. Clutch’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and select the see which firm that’s best suited to your job.
    • Transparency. The rating system is transparent and convenient for everyone, and you can see why each company’s rating is what it is. Enhancing the score way is impossible. The ranks are generated using complex criteria and analytics by Clutch analysts.
    • The speed of search. You can adjust your search according to your needs, budget and geolocation and find your dream team in the shortest possible time.
  • Receive honest feedback easily. For firms, there is no need to contact the client and analyse their input. Clutch analysts handle this task.

So, if you’re looking for a dream team to do an essential job for you, visit Clutch and find what you’re looking for in a few hours! You can also become a sponsor and support the team for a fair Clutch.co pricing.

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