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The product rocks when it ensures the best user experience. Here we share our expertise on how to make your app both easy-to-use and attractive.

If your product is out there for a long time, it may get old in terms of its functions, capabilities, and relevance for the user. There’s nothing wrong with that—the world nowadays changes extremely fast, and so do users’ needs al
/ UX/UI Engineer
17 min read
/ 1972
Sometimes, global events transform processes in society and lead to major changes in design, including UI design. An example of such an event is the global COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2019 and continues to this day. Although
/ UX/UI Engineer
9 min read
/ 1935
Let’s say you have an idea for an innovative digital product that the market and users need. Your next step is to attract a team of specialists who can round out the idea so the project can receive the investment it needs for furt
/ UX/UI Engineer
14 min read
/ 1437
In the age of the customer, a product is always designed with the user’s goals, problems, and expectations in mind. The look of the product and its functionality never exist on their own. They’re always based on the target audienc
/ UX/UI Engineer
12 min read
/ 1680
Designing a website, an app, or any other web product takes dedication, organization and planning. Design is an integral part of the overall product creation process, but the work is not isolated from other teams, the client, or e
/ UX/UI Engineer
12 min read
/ 2136
A certain number of UX guidelines apply to both mobile and desktop apps, such as the general requirements for convenience, functionality and content highlighting. But don’t be fooled by these similarities. The number of moments yo
/ UX/UI Engineer
14 min read
/ 14684
A deliberate design system makes your product consistent – from buttons to single-page applications – accelerates the UX/UI design process, and improves team collaboration. In this guide, you’ll learn what a design system is, wha
/ UX/UI Engineer
8 min read
/ 6788
Optimal mobile app design is all about personalized communication, a friendly voice, and intuitive interaction. In other words, it’s a design that doesn’t require users to think much and focuses on emotions, motivations, and needs
/ UX/UI Engineer
13 min read
/ 11569
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