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This year, on October 13, Django Stars celebrated its 13 years. And frankly speaking, for a tech company founded in the year of the Global Financial crisis, by two programmers without any business management experience, it’s kind
/ Co-Founder & CEO
6 min read
/ 5668
Suppose you're looking for a dedicated team to develop something really cool. Surely, you’ll have to add new features and make updates over time. But who can be trusted to lay a long-lasting foundation for your building? How do yo
/ Chief Operations Officer
7 min read
/ 2186
The software development process is complicated and, at times, chaotic. To make it less so, all its stages must be well-organized, planned, and agreed upon. Miscommunication, lack of clarity, and missed deadlines will jeopardize a
/ Operations Manager
20 min read
/ 5236
In software development, almost everyone you work with understands the importance of Quality Assurance (QA), but rarely understand the value of engaging QA engineers — especially during early project planning stages. The end resul
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
/ 6711
The title for this post sounds seemingly impossible. But in our experience, everything can be done if the development team and project manager have deep expertise and, along with the product owner, carefully listen to each other a
/ Operations Manager
15 min read
/ 11505
For some people, "work and travel" sounds like an echo from their student years or a sugar-coated trend. Yet, so many others discover the world as a part of their living. They work for companies, travel for months on the job, and
/ Owner & Communications Consultant at Maru Consulting, ex-Director of Communications at Reface, Curator at Projector Institute
14 min read
/ 5450
With globalization gaining momentum, work practices have changed and evolved. Finding the best people for the team has become less of a challenge, since the whole world has been turned into a giant hiring pool. Over the past few y
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 5633
During project planning, communication is often overlooked. Most project plans only consider the actual development – but what about discussing and explaining the tasks at hand? You know how they say, “The truth is born in an argu
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 5376
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