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Nataliia Peterheria

Operations Manager
Preparing proposals, negotiating with clients, and communicating with the team comprises much of Natalia's work. Natalia's track record includes large clients such as Boa Lingua, PADI Travel, Office Christmas, and Copenhagen Fintech. In particular, her efforts as PM and Scrum Master contributed to the development of Molo from scratch to success. Also of note is her participation in ISO audits, international conferences, and presentations of company products (fintech). And this is far from an exhaustive list. Receiving comprehensive support from Django Stars, Natalia strives to constantly try new approaches or practices and implement them to improve every project’s efficiency.
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Nataliia Peterheria
Latest posts by Nataliia Peterheria
Business is business: if you're negotiating with a software vendor, you want to know their price. And how are you supposed to react when they tell you their software engineer hourly rate? After all, what’s at stake is not only you
/ Operations Manager
10 min read
/ 1453
After the whole world switched to the remote work mode due to the pandemic, the development of software products became a necessity for many businesses. Luckily, now companies don’t always need to spend money and resources on hiri
/ Operations Manager
16 min read
/ 1977
Advances in technology and business are creating new needs and providing resources for the invention of novel solutions in finances and banking. More and more, economic operations are going cashless and streamlining bureaucracy, a
/ Operations Manager
4 min read
/ 2523
Be it economic crises, or uncontrollable epidemics, they influence the world and bring about new rules that challenge communities and businesses to sink or swim. Within only recent years we've faced the spread of SARS, the Zika vi
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 4799
If you think that a breakthrough idea, strict development deadlines, and marketing strategy are all you need to make your product hit the mark - think again. The reality is, on top of fierce competition and demanding customers, 9
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 11114
Fintech startups become a notable player in the UK property market. The UK’s real estate market has always been consistent, solid, and trustworthy. But right now, the country is going through some rough times. The nebulosity aroun
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 3762
Despite being the most common type of collateral used for housing loans, mortgages are still subject to strict regulation and bureaucracy, even in the age of total digitization and process simplification. However, the development
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
/ 14691
The title for this post sounds seemingly impossible. But in our experience, everything can be done if the development team and project manager have deep expertise and, along with the product owner, carefully listen to each other a
/ Operations Manager
15 min read
/ 11469
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