Nataliia Peterheria

Nataliia Peterheria

Project Manager / Software Engineer @ Django Stars

“Agile and technology rule the world. By combining them, we create complex digital products that are easy to use.”

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Tasks For a Development Team cover
There’s a saying that goes “Go I know not whither and fetch I know not what” and usually, mostly ironically, this describes a poorly set task – something that we all know too well and had to suffer through more...
Secrets of Effective Work Planning in Scrum cover
Our experiences make us who we are. This guide is a set of personal findings and experiences the development team and I acquired while working on numerous projects. Like many other companies, we work in Scrum. But Scrum just gives...
How to Form a Successful Development Team cover
A good team isn’t something that happens on its own. But why do we need one at all? Don’t good professionals form a good team by default? The thing is, it’s not enough to lock them in a room and...
Creating an Online Mortgage Service: Tips and Insights
Having started its rise in the 2010s, fintech has changed the image of traditional financial services. With online banking, online investing, and online payments already existing, it has been only a matter of time for mortgage and loans to become...

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