AI-powered SaaS solution for logistics businesses.

A feature-rich system to enable companies optimize garbage disposal process.
How we started

When our client reached us, it was an ambitious US-based logistics startup aiming to redesign the way garbage disposal industry works. We’ve started our cooperation with a comprehensive pre-development discovery to shape the vision of the the product.

We focused on three core objectives
Build an AI engine able to seamlessly build optimized routes for drivers based on intra-day triggers and available resources
Create web and mobile applications for managers and drivers that introduce advanced automation and personalization
Shape the system for admins, managers, and drivers to streamline the entire garbage disposal process from planning and optimization to completion
Since 2022
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Why our client chose us

We’ve conducted a comprehensive discovery phase before starting the development process, which enabled us to align our vision and processes. Before entering this project, we’ve already had an opportunity to work with large US-based logistics companies and helped several startups around the world to build their solutions and transform into market leaders.

Aiming to change the way garbage disposal is managed and bring AI capabilities for comprehensive optimization, our client was looking for a team able to bring relevant industry expertise and cover the entire development.


Our client chose us for the combination of logistics industry experience and proven expertise in building strong, future-proof software solutions for startups.

Long-term business objectives

Our client’s ultimate goal is to redesign a garbage disposal process into a truly modern, optimized, and uncertainties-free flow that provides absolute transparency for businesses and drivers.

To secure this vision, we developed a solid software basis that allows for advanced automation, AI-driven features integration, seamless communication, and leaves room for an effortless development and integration of new features focused at user experience, monetization, and marketing.

Partners since 2022
Team Composition
5 Backend engineers, 4 Frontend engineer, 1 Product designers, 3 QA engineer, 1 Project manager
Technology Stack
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What fuels an uncompromised logistics processes optimization

Artificial Intelligence engine for planning and optimization

Our combined team implemented a state-of-the-art AI engine focusing mainly on route building and optimization that saves drivers’ time and effort. It provides accurate coordinate-based drivers’ routes and automatically adjusts and rebuild routes due to intra-day triggers that cause planning changes.

The AI-based route planning system takes into account multiple parameters affecting the process — like available equipment, vehicles, and more. The engine not only suggest optimal route solutions but also provides hints on optimal equipment distribution across the yards.

Rapid all-in-one logistics operations and inventory management

We’ve designed a web application that enables logistics companies specializing in waste disposal to manage every step of the process. Companies can add and manage accesses and rights of account managers, dispatchers, and drivers. Aiming to ensure seamless experience for multiple user types and meet different business specifics, we composed a rich feature stack for web application.

It includes:

  • Automated service price calculations based on service type, vehicle used, waste type, route and more parameters.
  • Ability to integrate with multiple types of accounting systems that businesses may use.
  • Automated client data filling out to save time working with returning customers.
  • Calendar feature to check and manage drivers’ timetable and capacity and plan activities.
  • Inventory management tool to make it easier to manage dumpsides and vehicles.
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party haulers to temporarily increase your logistics capacity.

The web app we created also introduces a dispatch map functionality that allows managers to monitor users and tasks. Combined with a comprehesibe ability to manage companies and subsidiaries, orders, assets, clients and cover pricing, billing, and invoicing in one place, it covers every thing that business requires.

All-in-one mobile application for drivers

Designing the mobile application, we’ve aimed to combine rich functionality for drivers and ability to seamlessly communicate with admins and managers. It allows to check the task type, set status, make and send photos that describe issues preventing a driver from fulfilling the task, and more. Mobile application for drivers is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Driver’s personal profile, calendar, and schedule
  • Ability to mark the start and tasks completion
  • Issue reporting functionality
  • Geo-based navigation
  • Interface in English and Spanish
We created mobile applications for drivers that bring seamless cooperation between the business side and drivers — every stage of the process is clear, the issue reporting and related management activities are extremely straightforward, and drivers of any experience level are able to operate within the system comfortably.
Yulia Kosmina

Yulia Kosmina

Project Manager

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The solution we created introduces a new way of garbage disposal management — a truly optimized in terms of time and resources, leveraraging the opportunities that AI provides, and ensuring seamless cooperation between every team member involved in the process