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A Swiss investment platform that guides clients through an investment process and provides all-around advisory with a combo of in-person and online methods.
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How we started

As an investment platform, Clear Minds is focused on long-term investments, wide diversification, high discipline, and avoidance of expensive market timing attempts. Providing deeply personalized portfolio proposals, Clear Minds required a digital platform that would fuel their scaling and optimize advisory processes.

We started our cooperation with Clear Minds in 2016, aiming to design an easy-to-use platform that allows users to get guidance, review portfolios frequently, track and compare investment goals, and enable a truly personalized user experience.
We focused on 3 core goals
Build a digital platform that covers investment and advisory from scratch
Bring together an in-person and online advisory
Introduce market and fintech-tailored design solutions
Team size
8 Experts

Why Clear Minds chose us

Clear Minds saw a great benefit of building their platform on Python & Django, and they needed a technical partner with strong expertise with this stack. By 2016, when we started our cooperation, we’d already built a large investment platform Money Park, which indicated the fact we also have solid experience with financial solutions in the Swiss market, so the Clear Minds team needed to spend no additional time describing concepts and onboarding our experts.

One of the core reasons Clear Minds chose us was our dedication to long-term partnerships and our ability to guide our partners from product architecture design to post-release maintenance and scaling.


Clear Minds chose us for our sharp development process and ability to cover the project build-out from scratch to late post-release stages.

We researched the Ukrainian market and went through a due diligence process. They're serious and they do good work. We might stop the sprint-based work, but they will still be engaged with us at a support level.

Patrik Hansson

Patrik Hansson

Product Owner, Clear Minds

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Long-term business objectives

The core value that Clear Minds deliver is deeply personalized portfolio proposal generation, tailored to specific goals and focused on long-term investments and diversification. Though to bring the additional potential for scaling and provide investors with more complete experience, we introduced several features that empower users to use the advice they get right away.

Clear Minds introduces a sharpened digital onboarding process and an extremely time-efficient, scaling-ready combo of online and offline advisory services.

Together, we aimed to design an advisory & investment platform that ensures a seamless investment management experience, and focused our efforts on several long-term objectives:
  • Become an all-in-one advisory solution for Swiss investors
  • Provide personalized digital experience across asset management
  • Empower users to execute the advice they received right on the Clear Minds platform
Fueling the transformation

Over the years of our cooperation, we’ve transformed the Clear Minds platform from a convenient tool for investment advisory into a feature-rich product that introduces accelerated portfolio proposal generation, asset management, portfolio health check, and investment goals analysis.

Today, Clear Minds provides exclusive advisory and investment services, helping its clients achieve their financial goals with regular portfolio optimization and diversification advice, and ensures efficient cooperation with a combo of online and in-person methods.

Partners from 2016 to 2021
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Technology Stack
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What empowers Clear Minds to efficiently combine in-person and online investment advisory

Accelerated investor flow

Clear Minds is a team of financial experts that provides exclusive advisory services, and, to empower it with an ability to scale the business, we’ve designed a time-efficient flow that allows investors to go through basic risk calculations and set and assess savings goals.

During their cooperation with Clear Minds, users also get access to portfolio performance monitoring tools, get detailed statistics, historical data, and investment fund databases. A combination of these tools and expert advisory brings empowers Clear Minds to bring the investment process to another efficiency level.

Enhanced portfolio proposal generation

We’ve designed an engine that allows for faster portfolio proposal generation — it takes into account the investment amount, goals, and the tolerated risk rate that investors set, processes historical data and funds information, and provides personalized recommendations faster.

These recommendations are tuned to meet investors’ exact goals and introduce advanced portfolio diversification.

Advisory and investment on one platform

One of the things that makes Clear Minds special is the fact that it brings together advisory and investment on one platform. To empower investors to execute the investment advice they get, we’ve integrated Clear Minds with Swissquote — the Swiss leader in online banking.

With extensive recommendations, access to portfolio and historical data, and Swissquote integration, investors get a seamless trading experience.

Custom Risk Profile Calculator
To identify the accepted risk level and build an investment strategy basis
Portfolio Proposal Generator
To generate an initial proposal for the investment portfolio based on algorithms, weights, and risk profile
Historical Performance Tools
To provide statistical data analysis of the investments in clients’ portfolios
Asset Management System
To execute investment advice and trade — the interface is integrated with Swissquote
Investment Funds Database
To store information on fund markets, the documents necessary, and recommendations from advisors
Investment Portfolio Healthсheck Tools
To compare the difference between a real portfolio and a savings goal, which includes personalized suggestions on how to achieve savings goals
Integration with Swissquote
To get and display the information about the client's account status
Savings Goal Analyzer
To calculate the probability of goal achievement based on risk profile, initial investment, and saving horizon
Admin Dashboard
To manage the investment fund database, users, algorithms parameters, health check templates, emails, and trading instructions
User Performance
To get investment portfolio performance statistics which is based on initial investment, the state of the client’s account, and more
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