A Swiss financial well-being and financial planning solution for broad audience.
How we started

Consolitech is a digital family office that provides comprehensive view and personalized suggestions across personal finance to save time, costs, and achieve financial well-being. Django Stars were referred to the founder of Consolitech as a partner able to empower the company on its MVP development journey by providing guidance and experts.

Started our cooperation in February of 2022, we’ve achieved exceptional results in just few weeks.
We focused on three core goals
Create a backoffice proof of concept
Build a strongly converting landing page
Complete the entire project in up to 8 weeks
Web Development
Team size
6 engineers

Why Consolitech chose us

Consolitech was looking for a company able to jump into the project and quickly deliver a proof of concept and landing page.

They required someone with the experience in the Swiss financial technology market — as the project needed to be implemented fast, Consolitech needed a team that understands the local business environment, and that was one of the main reasons to choose us.


Consolitech chose us because of a great culture match and our experience with financial solutions in the Swiss market.

We selected Django Stars over others because their pricing fitted our budget and they were referred to me. All in all highly recommended

Son T. Nguyen

Son T. Nguyen


Partners from 2022
Team Composition
2 Backend engineers, 1 Frontend engineer, 2 Product designers, 1 QA engineer, 1 Project manager

What empowered Consolitech to effectively attract customers and investors

Backoffice proof-of-concept

To provide investors with a clear picture of functionalities and capabilities of Consolitech web app, we’ve designed a proof of concept backoofice. Considering the fact Consolitech focuses primarily on Swiss market, we implemented it in both Deutsch and English.

It took our team only 6 weeks to design a straightforward user login flow and a backoffice that contains some of product-defining functionalities:

  • Document management solution
  • Tax graphs
  • Financial information vizualization
  • Expenses and incomes dashboard
Product MVP was used for testing with clients and for fundraising. Django Stars provided timely delivery, fast response time, and understood needs. They were a great team, helpful, and supportive
Son T. Nguyen

Son T. Nguyen


Landing page

Our team of designer, developer, and QA engineer created a fully-fledged landing page that allows Consolitech to showcase its core strengths and team members, clearly communicates selling points, and drives conversions.

The landing page we created allows users either to register and proceed to backoffice or subscribe to an email newsletter.

We’ve designed a fully functional proof of concept for Consolitech to enable them to showcase the core advantages of the product idea and attract investors — and we managed to execute the project in only 6 weeks
Serhii Bolilyi

Serhii Bolilyi

Project Manager

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I am the Founder of a financial services company that serves as a digital family office for everyone. Django Stars’ pricing was a great fit for our budget, and they ensured timely delivery and good understanding of needs. They were a great team.